Monuments of the ancient Greeks in Turkey

Monuments of the ancient Greeks in Turkey .

The country is Troy culture and long history . Upon arriving here , visitors will not be out before the surprise of thousands of years old from the time of ancient Greece are still present next to modern buildings .
ancient Greeks in Turkey

Trojan – Canakkale

Those who love the legend of Greek mythology are not unaware of the drama revolves around famous Trojan War . The horse into Troy as a symbol of wisdom in battle has attracted millions of tourists each year visit Canakkale . According to the ancient Greek historian , a Trojan is formed from the twelfth century BC . The historian has a different interpretation of the Trojan War that the prosperity and wealth which is the source of conflicts and disputes . At that time , the city of Troy is located right next to a sea port with lots of passing ships . Trade sales make up the rich lands of Troy and more solidly built with a certain round .

Today, when tourists visit the ancient ruins of Troy , will be witnessed solid 9 rounds , though has gone through the events of history , and the anecdotal stories of people with excitement as had happened yesterday. Two Trojan horse , a horse at the ancient ruins of the Trojan horse and a new Hollywood film crew donated this land will be rewarding for those who love and want to admire the unique symbol .

City of Ephesus – Kusadasi

The fluctuations in the Earth’s geological make receding sea , plus the damage to the Trojan War began to wane . Seaport Kusadasi began to emerge as a convenient trade . As a result, the city of Ephesus was built gradually and become more prosperous in the first century BC . Ephesus is a symbol not only of the time of the economic , but also a center of culture, religion and education . The remaining works typical of today include : Atermis temple , one of the seven wonders of the ancient world , ancient Celsus Library with a collection of thousands of books everywhere reserved for the nobility ; Maria’s house , where historians believe is where Mary lived her last days … but only restored 15% of documented fact , but what remains the world do not from impressed by the grandeur , prosperity ruled the empire from time immemorial have built for this land .

City Hierapolis – Pamukkale

Hierapolis was built right next to the ” Cotton Castle ” also known as ” Cotton Castle ” Pamukkale province . Pamukkale is famous for hot spring formed ” terraces ” limestone by the accumulation of minerals and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. Besides , this is the only place on earth you can see snow at 40 degrees C. ” Natural Pearl ” Cotton Castle at Pamukkale ever set foot Cleopatra and soak in the mineral-rich hot springs source because it is very good for health and medical uses .