Military diet substitutions

Shopping List 3 Day Diet with the food list that can be Substituted

Military diet substitutions

Shopping List 3 Day Apple Diet

The whole point of the diet is to lower your calorie intake, so your body burns excess fat. The diet is meant to only be followed for three days, no more. The three day military has worked for some people looking to lose weight in a short period of time. To make loss weight permanent eat a diet with lean protein and lots of fruits and vegetables. Take it easy on the carbohydrates and cut out processed foods. We will talk about Military Diet Substitutions at

Call it the 3 day apple diet or the 3 apples a day diet and it’s roughly the same. The whole idea is that you will eat one medium apple with (and preferable before) each meal.

Given that, you know apples will be on the shopping list!

It doesn’t matter what kind of apple (green, red, sweet, tart), as long as it’s only medium sized (about 2.75 inches in diameter). The other requirement — you must eat the skin of the apple. But you are allowed to slice it or chunk it, as long as the skin stays on

Let’s take a look at what you will need from the grocery store.

Shopping List for Apple Diet

Here’s what you will need for 3 days on this plan; pick up from the grocery store whatever you don’t already have in your kitchen:

9 medium apples, any kind
16 ounces lowfat cottage cheese
small jar peanut butter (will need 3 tablespoons)
Raw Veggies: can include broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, summer squash
Salad greens
Lowfat (not non-fat) salad dressing
16 ounces plain yogurt**
1 package part-skim string cheese (will need 2 servings)
3 medium chicken breasts
Two 3-ounce cans of white tuna packed in water
2 boxes sugar-free jello, any flavor
Small bag of long grain brown rice (will need 1/2 cup cooked)
1 small loaf of rye -or- whole wheat bread
**If you don’t care for plain yogurt, you can substitute an equal amount of lowfat cottage cheese.

A note for the above shopping list for the 3 day apple diet — do not get lowfat peanut butter, fat-free cottage cheese or fat-free string cheese — the diet requires the fat they provide. In the same line, don’t substitute fat-free salad dressing for the low-fat dressing.

You’ll have some leftovers here, especially with the rye bread and brown rice. If you must, you can substitute whole wheat bread for the rye, but do not use white rice in place of the brown.