Restore original settings for windows 10

Often, when a computer crashes or gets infected with a virus that is nearly impossible for the user, many people will immediately think of the most powerful method – reinstall the entire operating system via the available ghosts, or Windows installer.

However, from now on, you can forget the feeling of depression when you install the ghost or install a new operating system, because Windows 10 has a pretty useful feature that is bringing the whole system back to the set. Original manufacturer’s original.

And the operation to do this is very simple, just follow the instructions below.

First, open the Settings application in the Start menu, or use Windows + I.


Next, click Update and Security in the Settings interface that appears.
Then, in the Update and Recovery section, click the Recovery option in the options area to the left of the interface, and then click the Get start button of the Reset this PC area.

Recovery interface in Update and Security.
At this point, the Choose an option window will appear and give you the following two options
– Keep my file: Keep all your personal files and delete everything else like the application, and reinstall the original configuration.

– Remove everything: The system will delete everything, including personal files.

If you click Keep my file, the system will display the list of applications you installed and then remove all applications.
However, Windows automatically saves these applications in a folder and leaves the desktop after the restore is complete.


You can refer to the articles below for more information on this issue :

In case you click Remove everything, if your computer has more than one drive, the system will display two other options: Only the drive where Windows is installed (only delete data on the Windows installation drive) and All drivers (erase all drive data).


Next, the system will display two more options, but you should select Just remove my files to be able to quickly restore the operating system.


At this point, the system will display a list of Windows restore jobs that will appear, and then press the Reset button to begin the process.

From now on, the rest of you will just wait a bit for Windows to proceed to restore the manufacturer’s original settings.