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1 . Burns

Burns caused by many factors : the table is hot , potty motorcycles , gas cylinder explosion , fire , boiling water , steam , electrical , chemical activity , radiation …

When burned , it should be observed carefully and according to the management of human resources . It should be noted in the complex case , to calmly consider in a general way to best help victims and avoid becoming a victim yourself . Ensure scene safety and emergency victims , especially when the cause is burns from chemical , radioactive , explosive …

Then proceed to aid in priority order . If victims have airway problems , spinal cord injuries , bleeding must take place before treatment . Where the victim conscious , need rapid rehydration drink .

Management of wounds quickly , gently avoiding pain to the victim . How to treat burns position depends on the cause .

For example, heat burns are the most common type , accounting for 60 to 75 % of burns , caused by fire , boiling water , hot exposed animals . Aid work should be conducted following sequential steps :

Step 1 : Remove the cause as soon as possible burns like fire , burning to undress or infused boiling water, separating the victim from hot objects …

Step 2 : Use water to cool the burn is only valid for 30 minutes after the first burn should be soaked quickly into the body burns with cool water . This measure is simple but quite important in the initial burns first aid . If the body can not soak in cool water , can be used to flush or cool packs to cool the burns , conduct approximately 15 to 20 minutes . If the winter to keep warm other parts of the body .

Step 3 : Take the victim to the medical facility for treatment.

Note: The skin tends to retain heat for injuries become more severe . Therefore important principles in the management of burns is cooling even burned skin .

Do not use cold water or ice packs to burn , no blisters hurt because of the risk of infection later , no cream or lubricant to the burn . If burning eyes , no eye injury . No need to try to remove foreign bodies from the burn .

To prevent accidents burns , Do Ngoc Chanh doctors advised the family to arrange the items in the kitchen such as water mains , soup , hot rice in safe places to avoid the risk of fire, explosion , electric shock ; management activities using chemicals , detergents, industrial chemicals regulations , safe , out of reach of children and do not let children play furniture , chemicals may cause burns .
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2 . Wound bleeding

Often caused by accidents , traffic accidents , domestic accidents , sharp objects pierced into the skin , software , broken bone pierced the skin ripped off , software , torn , broken blood vessels , crushed limbs …

When this common injury following signs : skin tearing or bruising , software , bleeding from wounds to the skin … Body Signs : sweating, chills , pale skin . Wound bleeding if blood loss leads to shock / shock , unconsciousness , death .

If you experience bleeding wound without foreign body , aid was conducted as follows :

– Wear rubber gloves , plastic wrap or replace items ( to avoid the spread of infectious diseases from patient if any ) .

– Use gauze , clean cloth , pressing directly on the wound to stop the bleeding and hold .

– Ice pressed directly in the wound.

– Page high vacuum , heated to prevent shock .

– Support the victim lying ( to the low ) to reduce blood flow to the wound.

– Check the details after the tape .

– If the blood is still flowing through the ice , the ice absorption overlap with other bands .

For bleeding wounds with foreign bodies is handled by the following guidelines :

– No virus harness .

– Wear gloves .

– Squeeze the wound edge .

– Insert tape , gauze and tape around the fixed harness ( no ice cover over the harness ) .

– Quickly move the victim to the nearest medical facility .

With this kind of crushing wounds , cuts aid spending is conducted as follows :

– Garo hemostasis ( tightly wrapped ) 3-5 cm from the wound .

– Twist garo slowly until blood flowed out .

– For the first victims are low , high vacuum .

– Keep the victim warm .

– Clear recognition garo hours . Just 15 minutes to loosen garo a few seconds .

– Give the victims to the hospital ( for victims lying , not transported by motorbike ) .

In the process of aid should not : do garo ( tight spiral ) if the wound is not crushed or severed , bleeding , not to transport the victim to the medical facility at the spot so ago to aid limited damage . In some unforeseen circumstances , the victim should be transported away from the scene when the scene is not safe , not arbitrarily withdraw foreign bodies in the wound out.
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3 . Sprains , dislocations

Due to an accident at work , activities , transportation , sports … , department signs of injury , such as pain , difficulty moving , swelling , edema , bruising , deformity .

Steps sprained aid as follows:

– Restrict movement sprains place .

– Ice , the light pressure sprain .

– Ice the injury

– After the band asked the victim not numb the extremities to adjust the opening match of the tape . Need to observe whether the expenditures are not pale . If there is more liquid bandage .

– The movement after less pain . Severe cases need to go to hospital for treatment.

For dislocated accident :

– No movement joints dislocated .

– Cold packs to the injured part .

– Fixed joints are joints that pose false position .

– Dislocations can manually fixed area by hand column on the human body , using the body as a pole .

– Fixed support materials for hands .

– Take victim to hospital

It should be noted : Do not hot oil massage and chiropractic should not try .
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