Lake turns into park fantasy

The lake “as” This park is strange Gruner See (Green Lake) in Styria, located at the foot of snow-capped mountains Hochschwab, Austria.

Winter comes, the water in the lake is only 1-2m high and the area around the lake is people use as a recreational park. At this time, this place became the favorite destination especially for those who like to walk.
Lake turns into park

Lake turns into park fantasy .In winter, it became park.

In spring, the temperature becomes warmer when snow is on the mountain began to melt and flow down into the water below land area. The water level rising so high, submerging entire land around. When the summer, the lake reaches a maximum depth of 12m. Winter Park’s now been replaced by a vast lake filled with blue water.

The lake is also noted particularly blue. Green water lake in part because plants are drowned beneath, partly because the pure water from the snow melt. Relatively cold temperatures in lakes, ranging from 4-8 degrees C. In June, water levels peaked here and is also a time for many divers swimming around a scenic lake. One of the beautiful scenery that many people want to look at the bottom of the lake is the flowers blooming grass, a bench and a bridge along the trail for walking in the winter.

From July every year, the water in the lake and began to pull back the winter, the lake returns to its original size and a beautiful park to appear.

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