keukenhof gardens in netherlands

keukenhof gardens in netherlands – paradise of all flowers

Located between the  Hillegom and Lisse , Amsterdam , flower park is considered the largest Keukenhof is opened in this March .
Coming to Holland , land of tulips , it is not only admire the famous sights such as the Royal Palace , the Rotterdam port , the countryside areas Zaanse Schans , blooming yacht on the river Amstel … but also be enjoy the amazing beauty of hundreds of flowers at Keukenhof Park .

Only open 2 months , approximately from mid- March to mid- May , but Keukenhof each year attracts more than 700,000 visitors from around the world . The establishment of the largest flower park  began in 1949  by mayor of Lisse at the time and purpose of the exhibition is devoted to the florists throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

keukenhof gardens in netherlands

You can go for a walk in the park by bicycle in the fresh and fragrant . Photo: Natali .

With a campus of about 32 hectares , the park was named ” European Garden ” This is place where people plant flowers around seven million annual temperate . At this point , you will feel like you are lost in the paradise of color and scent .

keukenhof gardens in netherlands

In the sun’s warm like honey pouring down spring flower garden , a stroll in the colorful park will bring you strange feeling relaxed . Besides paths winding through the murmuring streams , the gravel crunched every step White … swans are swimming delight , her surfing on the waves softly , love overseas reflected in the deep blue waters .

keukenhof flowers

In the keukenhof they sells many varieties of flowers tuylip .

In the perfumed scent of thousands of creatures , you can walk over 15 kilometers in road of flowers in the park to relax . It’s here again there are benches for people to stop and enjoy the early spring sunshine sweet . You can also enjoy the scenery with a bike stroll around the fields colorful tulips . In the spring scenery , hundreds of tourists to pose in natural gardens large , small kids playing and lots of picnic party was taking place throughout the park .

keukenhof gardens in netherlands


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