interesting facts about saturn you may not know

Today I will show you interesting facts about saturn

Situated between Jupiter and Uranus , Saturn from the Sun of 1.43 billion kilometers – or ten times the distance from Earth to the Sun.

According to scientists , Saturn is a cold and windy place . The temperature at the top of the cloud up to -139 degrees Celsius and go swept across its equator with speed 500m/s . Saturn is the 6th planet in the solar system , it wide 890 million miles and is the 2nd largest planet , after Jupiter. Beneath the deep atmosphere is a layer of metallic hydrogen .

interesting facts about saturn

interesting facts about saturn you may not know .

Seen from Earth , Saturn has pale yellow and it is one of the brightest celestial bodies in the night sky . Material on this planet mainly hydrogen so it has lighter than Earth 8 times . The dense atmosphere on Saturn causes the air pressure closed to the ground rising , turning hydrogen into liquid . The more in depth in the center , compressed liquid hydrogen into hydrogen metals ( metallic hydrogen ) , conductivity and magnetic agents created on this planet . The deepest part of Saturn’s center is small stone which has temperatures to 15,000 degrees C . Saturn are discovered in 1610 by the astronomer Galileo , by one of the first telescope of humanity that he had produced . The belt is composed of rock , ice and freezing air .

If we are present on Saturn , the second largest planet solar system , then maybe at night , we needn’t to have … lights . A large number of 35 satellites of the planet ‘s light enough to pick up the sun and reflecting it to the ground brilliant . According to the latest scientific surveys , in the Saturn’s satellite , only Titan has surrounded the atmosphere . What ‘s more interesting is that there are many factors to prove what took place on Titan is the image of our Earth from primeval time .

interesting facts about saturn you may not know .

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