interesting facts about ancient greece you should know

interesting facts about ancient greece you should know

With good weather , many islands and an abundance of picturesque coastline makes Greece became the destination of thousands of tourists from all over the world . There are one of the largest Christian church and one of the areas best resorts in Europe – all this is typical of the Greek nation , making Greece became an attractive destination attracting tourists from around the world .

interesting facts about ancient greece

The main center of tourism in the country is Athens , one of the oldest cities in the world . Athens has 250 museums , galleries and modern temples . Acropolis – an architectural history so large and complex , with many historical monuments and myths, are regarded as a symbol of Athens , and the pride of the people of Athens .

“The navel of the earth” , the ancient city – Delphi , located at the foot of Mount Parnassus – the pearl of the historical heritage in Greece . The ancient Greeks said that Delphi was the center of the world .In legend , Zeus sent two eagles from around the world fly around the world , we flew to Delphi and met here , because here it is assumed that the center of the world . Delphi is described on ancient maps and determined this is the ” navel of the earth . ”

interesting facts about ancient greece you should know

interesting facts about ancient greece you should know

Delphi has  Apollo temple  , there is the legendary prophet of Delphi , and the famous Castalian stream , which according to legend it can heal and rejuvenate . Here you can also hear the natural phenomenon ” of Delphi echo ” – it just whispers emanating around , and gradually became louder and louder , until it reaches the level of greatest sound .

Thessaly is considered the residence of the ancient gods and the convergence of heaven and earth . Mount Olympus – highest mountain in Greece and the second highest in Europe .

In Thessaly there is a unique relic of the Middle Ages – it is a complex of Meteora monasteries . Meteora – one of the largest monasteries in Greece , known for its unique location on the cliff top . Meteor ( in Greek ) means ” floating in the air . ”

Meteora monasteries

Meteora monasteries – is one of the wonders of the artificial world .

On the island of Crete could probably go to the maze – the fabled palace associated with the legend of the Minotaur , Ariadne , Theseus and King Minos . And also can visit the cave of Zeus , the Greeks believed that the gods of Mount Olympus were born there .

Also on the island of Rhodes , along with the ancient landscapes – a symbol of the island – is the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes column – one of the wonders of the world , the Palace of the Grand Masters , the stadium on the hill of Monte Smith , which usually takes place the Olympic Games , is home to the valley of the butterflies . In the valley of millions of butterflies fly here during the breeding season .

interesting facts about ancient greece you should know .

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