Install windows 10 quickly with CD

First you insert the CD / DVD or USB drive to install Windows 10 on your computer, then restart the computer and then access the BIOS by pressing the DEL key hand quickly, F8, F10 or go .. access to fast boot mode like this:


+ Step 1:

At first interface you select the language, time format …

Language to install: Select the computer language
Time and currency format: Format of time.
Keyboard and input method: Choose keyboard input methods.
Then click Next to continue.


Click Install now to begin the installation.


+ Step 2: If the license key, you can enter here and click Next, even if there is no, or you want to import later, click Skip shown below.


+ Step 3: Read the terms of Microsoft, MS to regulate the terms of use and you choose I accept the license terms and click Next to agree.


+ Step 4: There are two options for you:

Upprede: That is if you are using Windows XP license, you can click on it to upgrade to Windows 7.
Custom (advanced): The custom installation, usually we would choose this line.
Here you are installing new guide should be select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)


+ Step 5: Choose the partition on which you intend to install Windows 10 from the beginning> click Next. (You divide your hard drive faster if you forget in preparation.)


+ Step 6: Wait …… The installation process begins, fast or slow speed depends heavily on your PC configuration.


After finishing the process of copying and installing the system requires you to reset the machine to continue. You click Restart Now


+ Step 7: The process of establishing ongoing systems you please wait a few minutes.


+ Step 8: Here, Microsoft continued to make up a window asking you to enter a license key on, you tap the option to enter the following Do this later.


+ Step 9: Next, select Use Express settings to select and use the default settings of Windows 10, or you can select Customize Settings to set according to individual needs offline.


=> Here you select the Use express settings to default settings.


+ Step 9: This step, if you have an existing Microsoft account, you can enter and multiply always in Sign in to sign. And if not, you click Skip this stop to login later.

=> Do not want her here, so I’ll log is selected Skip this step.


+ Step 10: If you select the Local Account account, a dialog box will appear as shown below. Simply enter your username and password into the computer => click Next to continue.


+ Step 11: OK! Go to this step, you probably leave you to Windows automatically do the rest of it.


+ Step 12: Appears login screen, you enter the password that you have set earlier here and press Enter to access the desktop.


+ Step 13: The installation process of Windows is done, now you can explore all the features on Windows 10 through Windows 10 Serie using her.


Finish the installation!

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