Install icloud for windows simple and quickly

This article will teach you how to install and use the new version of Apple iCloud on a computer running Windows. Please read the reference.

First, to install iCloud, you need to visit this site to download the iCloud for Windows installation package.


Once downloaded, you proceed with the installation as usual.


Once installed, you will need to sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID.


Successfully logged in, an iCloud content dialog will automatically send operation data to the Apple server that will appear. You should click on Do not send to disagree.


ICloud will now scan and display your data on the iCloud server to the Windows version. Here we will see a yellow message informing you that iCloud has detected an installed version of Outlook on Windows, do not you care about it.


Click the Options … in the Photos to select the folder synchronization and synchronization folder path between iCloud and computer. You can also reposition the image syncing folder if you like by clicking the Change … option in the iCloud Photos location section.


In addition, iClound will display the quick access icon on iCloud Photos in the drive window of File Explorer.


And a small icon in the system tray for users to access more easily.


In addition, iCloud on Windows also offers users bookmarks syncing features on popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. To use, click the Options … in the Bookmarks and check the name of the browser that you want to sync.


In case you want to sync Google Chrome with iCloud, you need to install an extension called iCloud Bookmarks, which is released by Apple.


To track information about your storage space on iCloud, click the Storage option in the main view. At this time, iCloud will perform statistics and display the iCloud Storage window with information about the components that are using your iCloud storage space.


Also here you can buy more storage space for your iCloud account by clicking the Buy More Storage option …


In addition to the basic options, iCloud on Windows adds access dictionaries to other tools in the iCloud suite, including Calendar, Contacts, Keynote, …


And when you click on one of the shortcuts, the web browser opens and automatically accesses the website, but you need to sign in with your Apple ID to continue.


Once logged in, you can use other iCloud’s online services with ease.


That’s all, hopefully the article will help you.

If you want more information you can refer to the link below :