How to Use Ccleaner To Fix Errors and Cleanup Windows PC

How to Use CCleaner For Beginners

Ccleaner is a free system optimization app which can be used to delete unused files and speed up your PC. It can delete temporary stuff from other applications and clean internet history from browsers. It has an inbuilt registry cleaner which finds and fixes all the registry errors. I will guide you how to use CCleaner to fix errors and cleanup Windows PC.

How to Use CCleaner To Fix Errors and Cleanup Windows PC

Ccleaner has a simple interface and easy-to-use. First of all, you need to download and install CCleaner on your computer. You can also learn more a few ways to activate the CCleaner Professional 2016 check this site out.

How to Use Ccleaner To Fix Errors and Cleanup Windows PC
How to Use Ccleaner To Fix Errors and Cleanup Windows PC

As you can see in above screenshot CCleaner has five sections in the left-hand sidebar

  • Cleaner – It mainly deletes temporary files from the system. It also deletes all the browsing details from browsers of your computer.
  • Tools – You can manage installed and applications programs on your computer. You can uninstall any program directly from the Ccleaner interface. Also, deletes any unwanted system restore points and programs in the startup list.
  • Options – Allows you to choose your preferences for running CCleaner.
  • Registry – It checks and fixes issues, if any, inside your system registry.
  • Upgrade – You can upgrade to the latest version of CCleaner here.

Running and Analyzing CCleaner

To run Ccleaner, click on “Run Cleaner” button.

You can also click “Analyze” button. It will give you details of files which are going to be removed first.

Fixing Registry Issues

Select Registry option on the left side and click on “Scan for Issues”. It will find all the errors and old entries in the system registry.

After you scan for problems, you can take a backup and then fix the registry problems using the software.

This method you can use this app to cleanup Windows PC and fix any issues. You could also use it quickly uninstall Windows programs.