How to setup windows 10 by upgrade free

According to information from Microsoft, the company seeks to “trick” Windows users to use the support technology to be able to continue to update and experience the new features available on Windows 10 Anniversary version.

So if you are wondering about the free update to Windows 10 or even the latest update to Windows 10 Anniversary, you can apply the following simple method.

First, visit the “Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies” page to download the update support tool.

Website download tool supports Windows 10 update.
Similar to previous operating system updates, this method can only work on computers that have Windows 7 or 8.1 installed. Therefore, if you are using Windows 8, you must update to Windows 8.1, then update to Windows 10.

Next at the main interface of the page, click Update Now button. At this time, the site will download applications that support upgrades to Windows 10 (Windows 10 Update Assistant).

Once the download is complete, you continue to launch this application, then continue to follow the instructions provided by the application.

The main interface of the Windows 10 Update Assistant application.
From now on, after the update is complete, your device will run the Windows 10 operating system with a digital license provided by Microsoft. Thanks to that, you can reinstall this operating system whenever you want without having to worry about copyright.

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