How to extract RAR file on windows ?

Download the installation file and follow the steps below :

In the directory containing the archive, right click on the archive and select one of the three options

  • Exctract here: Most often selected, the archive will be decompressed at the uncompressed directory
  • Extract file …: The compressed file will be unpacked with some additional options
  • Extract to Folder: The compressed file will be extracted to a folder of the same name as the compressed file. This option is preferable in cases where the compressed files are not in a directory that is compressed directly; if you extract it normally, the file will create the most files in the current directory more difficult to manage.


  • Normally you will select Extract here … An extracted window will be displayed with the unpacking process



  • After waiting for winrar to finish extracting a folder will be displayed, you just go to the decompression folder to get the file or click on the setup to install.
  • In case you choose Extract file … you will have the option to change the directory, replace the file …


  • Also for the software you need to install does not necessarily unzip that can open directly with winrar then click on Setup.exe or similar files to install games, software. Winrar will automatically extract temporary to drive C so the installation of software will take place normally without having to create new resource consuming directory.


  • Extract with split file


  • For game files, software heavy on the host limit the size of the compressed files are usually divided into part1.rar, part2.rar, part3.rar … You have to download all the The part about and just click on one of the file part chooses to extract the same


  • Winrar will automatically extract and merge the compressed files together, you do not have to click on the other files extracted.


  • And the result is a decompressed directory with all parts added together


  • If you use 7zip to extract the same, but the function of 7zip is reduced as the image below and also have more options than winrar.


The above is the basic guide to help you extract the file, hoping to help you get acquainted with the computer

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