How to dial PPPoE on the TP-Link device

Set the parameters of the modem
Here I am a new purchase and no change so I will use the default address is


Press Enter and a login window will appear. By default, username and passoword will be admin, then click on Login to start configuration.


Next click Interface Setup and select PVCs Summary


You notice each PVC will have two parameters is VPI and VCI, each operator will have VPI and VCI parameters separately. It is best to contact the provider to inquire about these two parameters.

If no PVC has the VPI and VCI parameters coincide with the requirements of the network provider you can change any parameters of PVC.

In this example we need VPI of 8 and VCI of 35 so we will choose PVC4. Now close this window and set up modem 2 parameters you just watched.



TP-Link installation and configuration instructions can be referenced :

In the Virtual Circuit you choose PVC4, your VPI and VCI will change.

Next at Encapsulation you choose PPPoE / PPPoA

Next, at the PPPoE / PPPoA part you log in with the username and password provided by the network provider. If you do not know these two parameters then please contact the network to provide them again.


Next click Save to save.

Tip: If you want to change the Anderss Modem IP address then click on LAN to change the necessary configuration parameters such as change IP Address for Modem, configure DHCP service, assign fixed DNS to modem. Finally choose Save to save the changed parameters.