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Hair transplant is a method of improving the hair loss disease, alopecia very safe and effective. The doctor will implant the healthy hair follicles on the scalp with hair loss regrow hair more healthy and more beautiful thick. Once done you can living and working normally, but for optimum performance, you should pay attention to regulations on care as directed by your doctor:

+ 1- 2 days after the first hair transplant these areas but still slightly swollen in the first weeks that you have to keep the area clean and dry.

+ These hair follicles will fall out after the implants about 2-4 weeks and will grow back completely after 3 months.

+ 2nd day after surgery you will be changing the dressing area and the transplanted hairs will be corrected hair follicles loose or flaking off the implant site.

hair transplant before and after 10

Implementation schedule doctor’s re

+ You will be a day dressing changes.

+ Only shampoo after 5-7 days and must be dried immediately after washing.

+ Avoid the sun and environmental exposure to dirt, not hygienic

+ Strictly doctor’s scheduled visit.

Currently Kangnam Hospital are applying cosmetic hair transplant technology using biological tissue to treat hair loss for customers. This technology is implemented by the method of taking the hair follicles from areas implanted into bald head. The doctor will perform a piece of leather cut hair follicles contain alive in his head, then perform the operation broken down into individual follicular units under a microscope, each unit contains about 1, 2 or 3 depending on hair follicles regional transplant. Implanted region will be prepared by making the cavity, taking the newly separated follicle transplant them into tiny incisions have been prepared in that bald by dedicated tools.


With this method, after a while you’ll quickly get new hair thick, beautiful, strong, natural, more hair loss and baldness is no longer available. Each hair follicle is implanted, very precise, meticulous, strong and healthy nourished from deep inside so the effect will be long-term maintenance.

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