Grüner See – green lake austria

Grüner See – green lake austria

Grüner See, means ” green lake ” , is a lake in Styria , Austria , near the town Tragoss , located at the foot of snow-capped mountains Hochschwab .

During winter , the lake is only about 1 – 2m deep and the surrounding area was used as a park . This is a favorite spot for people who love  hiking . But when the temperature starts to rise in the spring , ice and snow on the mountain began to melt and run down to the basin below ground . Rising lake water engulfed the entire area including the park . During summer , the lake reaches a maximum depth of about 12m , the lake is the most beautiful view at this time .

green lake austria

Green lake austria .

Green lake austria has  especially green as  name of it , because grass and leaves on the bottom of the tank , and by the melting of snow , water, ice crystals form very clear . The temperature of the lake is quite cold at 4-8 ° C , but this is still a popular location for scuba divers to observe the green pastures beside the lake in the region , especially in June when the water is at the highest level . The flowers are often grown on land can also see flourishing underwater . One can even see the bench , a bridge and walking trails .
Lake water began to recede in the winter , the lake water is returned to its original level and returned to the park for the hiking .

Grüner See – green lake austria .

Grüner See – green lake austria
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