four seasons at tokyo

Today I will show you four seasons at tokyo

With pure pink of cherry blossoms and brilliant reds of maple leaves ,  Tokyo is attractive place for visitors .

In every season of the year , you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in Tokyo and immersed in the festive special .

1.Spring at tokyo

Unlike Vietnam , Japan in spring is March , April and May  . Spring in here is brilliant by pink , white of cherry and many other beautiful flowers . This season is the opportunity for people to watch blossom and burst into slaves participating in the Spring Festival .

There are many famous blossom to view in Tokyo as Chidorigafuchi moat or  Sumida river . The blossom festivals are also held in all parts of the city , represented by Ueno park .

Spring at tokyo

In addition to view cherry blossoms you can also see other flowers at many points in the city as vibrant chrysanthemums bloom in March , red rhododendron flowers in April and early May is usually fuji and flowers blooming roses .

Spring is also the season of festivals . Go toTokyo in May , visitors have the opportunity to participate in Sanja festival is organized on a large scale ,  estimated 1.5 million visitors visit to here .

four seasons at tokyo .

2.summer at tokyo

Even in the hot months of summer as June , July and August , tourists have many ways to enjoy while they go to Tokyo . Summer is the season of fireworks festival , the Obon dance in vibrant summer nights .

Tokyo has more than 20 fireworks festival is held on weekends in July and August . With its unique and sophisticated fireworks festival always attracts tourists . Not only enjoy spectacular fireworks display , you can also enjoy a variety of food and drinks at the bar mobile .

summer at tokyo

Go to Tokyo this season , you could hardly ignore the great shopping opportunities . This time most of the department stores , shopping centers are super promotional programs , goods decreased from 50-70 % .

four seasons at tokyo .

3.autumn at tokyo

September , October and November  is the tourist season , enjoy season in Japan . It is easily caught red maple leaves on each of streets , squares , on the campus and on the dome of the temple in Tokyo . This is the time of blooming flowers such as chrysanthemum , butterfly flower .

autumn at tokyo

To Tokyo in November , you will also be involved in Tori no ichi festival . The festival is held around the temple in the city to give thanks for a year of peace and wishes for happy things will come next year .

four seasons at tokyo .

4.winter at tokyo

Winter is the time in Tokyo streets become the busiest in years . Especially during Christmas or New Year , everybody cried slaves poured into the street to create a bustling atmosphere . At night , where bright lights and beautifully decorated . Be sure to visit the neighborhood is lit up brightly as Marunochi Naka Dori , Shinjuku Southern Terrace , Harajuku ..

winter at tokyo

On this occasion , the department stores , supermarkets opening promotion attracted numerous buyers .

four seasons at tokyo

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