Fix error windows 10 search not working on computer ?

Fixed a bug in the search toolbar in Windows

Method 1: Verify that the Windows Search service is active

First press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box and type “services.msc” in the Open box and press Enter.


On the Services window, scroll down to the bottom of the “Windows Search”


Make sure that the “Windows Search” attribute is active (the status state indicator must be “Running” the StartUp type state must be “Automatic or Automatic (delayed).”) If you do not see these properties yet, Activate it by double-clicking on the “Windows Search” attribute and making the change!

Method 2: Rebuild the search indexes

To “rebuild” the search indexes is quite simple, but Windows 10 may take up to several hours to complete the “Rebuild” process depending on a number of factors.

First open the “Indexing Options” by typing “Indexing Options” into the Start Menu search box or in the Taskbar> Press Enter


Note: If the search feature does not work, open Control Panel in windows

Then on the Control Panel window change View by “Small Icons”> Click “Indexing Options”


On the “Indexing Options” window> Click “Advanced”

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On the “Advanced Options” window> At the “Index Settings” tab> Under “Troubleshooting” you will see the “Rebuild” button> Click the “Rebuild”


You will see a confirmation box with the message “Rebuilding the index might take a long time to complete. Some views and search results may be incomplete until the message is rebuilding.


Press the OK button to let Windows 10 start rebuilding the search index. Windows 10 may take up to a few hours to complete the whole process, but in practice the process takes about a few minutes in most cases.

Method 3: Use the Windows 10 debugger

First open Control Panel> Control Panel view change by Small Icon> Click “Troubleshooting”


On the “Troubleshooting” window> on the left click “View all” to see the list of “Troubleshooting” that exists in Windows 10.


Scroll down and click on “Search and Indexing” to start the “Troubleshooting” debugger.


After the troubleshooting window appears> Click Next


A window pops up asking you “What problems do you notice?” – Select related issues listed by ticking the problem in the window!

Click Next to fix the error. The process of fixing errors can take a few hours to persevere! That’s what you need to do to fix search engine bugs in Windows 10!

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