Fix error windows 10 black screen on computer ?

Update patches occasionally cause another nasty bug. Security company Prevx reported a “black screen” error when Windows users updated a patch from Microsoft. However, the “big man” completely denied the information from Prevx.

Users of the Windows operating system are very confused by many sources of information. It is important to note that black screens do not just come from Windows 10 but on most versions of Windows 2000 back. Therefore, you should not rush to remove Windows 10, instead of doing some simple processing that Prevx instructions if the error every black when using:

  • Restart PC, login to the system and wait … black screen appears. However, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, Task Manager window appears (or select Start Task Manager if using Windows 7).
  • In the Task Manager window select the Application tab, click “New Task” and type the command line :

“C: \ Program Files \ Internet Explorer \ iexplore.exe” “”

This command will open the Internet Explorer browser window and download the Prevx Blackscreen Fix tool. If you encounter the error message due to the wrong path, do not find the file to execute the browser, you need to click the “Browse” button to find and then select OK. After the browser finishes loading, you execute Blackscreen Fix to fix the black screen error. Restart your computer to complete the repair process.

Microsoft recommends that users seek free support from Microsoft’s technical community and staff

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