Coney Island

Coney Island – Tourist Attractions Are Abound for the Whole Family

Coney Island had been a big part of the sticky dreams of children and teenagers alike before the coming of the likes of Disneyland and other technological monsters such as the Video Game. After so many years, it still has retained its charm, and no visit to New York would be complete without having set foot on the renowned boardwalks of the Coney Island.

Named so because it was once run over with an exploding population of bunnies, Coney Island, after being developed into a theme park, attracts a different species which crowds its island now. The Boardwalk holds delights such as the Astroland Amusement Park, the Wonder Wheel Park, the New York Aquarium and the Coney Island Museum. The boardwalk itself is open all year round, while some of the attractions are seasonal, such as the New York Aquarium that opens only summer has ended, and the Coney Island Museum that opens only on weekends. In summer, Astroland and the Wonder Wheel Park are open to feed the summer crowd some thrilling fun.

Coney Island

Astroland and the Wonder Wheel are the two amusement parks of Coney Island. Astroland plays host to wonders sch as the Astroflume, the Break Dancers, the Astroland Carousel, Dante’s Inferno and the Astrotower. For the more daring, the infamous Cyclone ride is available in all its wooden glory at Astroland. That’s right, a wooden roller coaster ride. Feel the rickety fear of riding on that one. The Wonder Wheel Park on the other hand offers the Wonder Wheel, the red, white and blue wheel of Coney Island. Or you could try the Spook-A-Rama, if you feel that you need scares of the spiritual variety. Other rides include the Thunderbolt and the Supershot, which each has the height requirements of 4’8″ and 5’2″ respectively.

For the kids, Astroland has come kiddy rides to keep them busy. On the other hand, you could head for the milder attractions available on Coney Island.

The New York Aquarium provides an educational opportunity, allowing visitors to learn about marine ecology and unique sea creatures. You can watch these fishes while staying perfectly dry in the New York Aquarium.

The Coney Island Museum holds in its quarters artifacts of the good old days. If you missed Coney Island in all its glory before the advent of computer technology, here you can practically swim in the nostalgia of Coney Island as it was years ago. With the cleanest rest rooms in Coney Island, and a place to keep out of the sun, the New York Museum is the perfect place to bring the kids to cool them down, while their parents get some time to relax and see something for once. Once the kids get bored, they could always be brought out to the theme parks to pacify them again.

So, if you happen to be in New York any time in the Summer, be sure to drop by at Coney Island. You’ll be charmed by the islands tradition of fun, and the refusal to give up that tradition nor to die off in the face of the age of technological giants. The rides stand as a testament to this, and while weather and the years will wear them away, the spirit of the Coney Island Boardwalk will endure.

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