10 Tips when Traveling by Car with Children

10 Tips when Traveling by Car with Children
It doesn’t matter what age your children are, be they little or teen-agers, when traveling in a car you will still hear the “I have to go to the bathroom”, “I’m hungry!”, “How much longer till we get there?”, “I’m bored!”, or the usual bickering over who is taking up the most space. So how do you make things better so that you can keep your sanity? Here are a few tips when traveling with your children.
Traveling by Car with Children

1.Choose The Appropriate Time In Which To Travel

Are your children early risers or are they night owls? If they like getting up early, then it is best to leave for your trip in the morning hours. If they are hard to wake up or grumpy in the morning but love staying up at night then leave in the afternoon and travel during the night. That way, you catch them at their best and lessen some of the stress.

2.Be Prepared For The Dry Mouths And Growling Stomachs

If you are going to be traveling a very long distance and don’t want to make all those pit-stops to convenience stores or McDonalds then be prepared. Bring along a small cooler that is big enough for all the snacks, sodas or lunchmeat that you will putting into it, but small enough to fit in your car or van. Also, pack a grocery bag with bread and chips. By doing this, you and your children can make sandwiches, eat snacks and drink while still motoring down the highway.

3.Think Occupation

No, not your job. Keeping your children occupied. The busier they are with coloring books and crayons or hand held video games, the less they will be thinking about how much further it is to where they are going. Walkmans, mp3 players or ipods are great for older kids. They can put the ear plugs into their ears and listen to their own brand of music instead of fighting over the car radio. If you have a portable dvd player, this is a wonderful thing on a long journey. You can plug it into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle, pop in a DVD and that’s at least 2 hours of peace and quiet..

4.DVD Player Anyone?

Portable DVD players are a wonderful thing, especially on a long road trip. Let the kids pick out a few DVD’s before leaving home. When they get restless, plug it into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle (or let it run off batteries), pop in a movie and you’ve got peace and quiet for a couple of hours, maybe more.

5.Suitcases For The Long Haul

If you are traveling a distance that requires stopping at a hotel in between your home and your eventual destination, pack one suitcase with a change of clothes for every member of the family. That way, when you make the stop, you are only taking in one bag instead of several different suitcases.

6.Who’s Up For A Picnic?.

If you’ve checked on the weather and found out that it is going to be nice and your family wants to stop at a park or roadside rest stop, make sure to pack a table cloth. You can spread it out on the ground or on top of a picnic table, whichever you prefer. If it’s a park where there are swings and slides, it’s also a good way to let the kids stretch their legs.

7.Never Forget Your Friend The Camera

One of the most important things about taking a family vacation is the memories you will have. And what better way to capture the moments of a vacation than a digital camera? These pictures will bring back great memories when you look at them. You can also upload the pictures onto your computer and send them to family members. Or make a slideshow or music video with them and share it with the extended family.

8.Don’t Forget The People At Home

Another thing to remember while on vacation is to keep the exended family up to date on what you are doing. The best way to do this is to buy postcards from wherever you are at, whether it’s an amusement park or historical landmark. This will show others that you are thinking of them and will let them be a part of your trip, if only at a distance.

9.Don’t Go Too Far

Adults can travel very long distances before they get tired and have to pull over and rest. However, small children and even some teen-agers can’t take being cooped up in a car that long. They get restless, tired and grumpy. It’s best to keep the time in a car to a minimum of 8 hours before stopping for the day or night.

10.Don’t Crush Me!

Don’t pile the car full of so many unnecessary items that you hardly have room for yourself and your kids. If you are driving a car, put everything but the essentials in the trunk. If you are traveling in a van, keep the non-essential things in the very back of the van. If the trunk of your car is not large enough to hold everything, try tying some stuff down on the top.

These tips should make for happier kids, which makes for happier parents, which makes for a pleasant trip. If you’ve tried all of these and the kids are still whining you can always fall back on singing, “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”, or playing games like “Pop-Eye”.

10 Tips when Traveling by Car with Children

3 Travel Tips for a Better Vacation

3 Travel Tips for a Better Vacation

Creating a homey feel any where you are at, can make your stay more pleasant. When you go on vacation, there is no need to feel stressed over items that makes the room or trip seem so daunting. Take a few items that make you happy with you the next time you take a trip.

Travel Tips for Family Trips

Long Car Trips

Find your favorite radio station to listen to while driving to your vacation destination. Comforting and soothing music will help ease the ride in the car. Also for times when you lose the stations, take along your favorite CD’s to listen to.

Dress comfortably for the long car rides so that you are not feeling the stress of the wrong clothing for long periods of sitting. Clothing that binds in the waist, leg, knee, and ankle areas can make sitting uncomfortable and annoying.

Take your favorite snacks along on the trip. Snacks that are hard to find in other areas can help soothe the savage soul. You will be surprised what a nutritious or soothing snack can do for a person while they are away from home. Not only will it help ease the travel moods, it will also help save on the pocket book, especially when kids are involved in traveling.

Motel or Hotel Stays

Take your favorite pillow that you sleep on to get a better nights sleep. Having a pillow that your head rests comfortably on will ensure that you will not wake up with a stiff neck in the morning. Also, if you have a favorite blanket or pair of sheets, take them along too. Just let the room service attendant know not to take the sheets from the bed.

Take your favorite room deodorizer along as well. Hotel and motel rooms often have musty or other odd odors that linger from other guests or from the cleaners used in the room. If you enjoy taking a bath with lit candles and your favorite bubble bath, take them along too. Ending your day with a nice relaxing bath can make your vacation more enjoyable.

Favorite Restaurants

Check the area you will be vacationing at to see if they have your favorite restaurant. If they do, in advance, purchase a couple or so gift cards for the meal. By purchasing gift cards for restaurants and other places you frequent can help in cutting the costs added to your credit cards.

This gift cards can also include McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s or any other fast food restaurant you may stop at on your driving destination. By having a gift card or two of each of your favorite fast food places, you can meet any picky person’s taste. After all being on vacation, is all about doing things out of the norm. So providing each family member with their own favorite place to eat, this will help in deterring the arguing.

The mini comforts of home while away on vacation can make it more enjoyable and memorable. Don’t forget if you are taking pictures with a digital camera, purchase an extra memory card or two and rechargeable batteries and charger. If you are using a regular film style camera, purchase extra film and batteries for the camera.

3 Travel Tips for a Better Vacation

Student Travel Tips

Student Travel Tips

When you’re traveling to a foreign country during spring break or at any other time of the year, be sure you have all required legal documents and ID cards with you. You don’t want to delay your plans by being refused entry into a country. It could be worse, such as being hauled off to spend a night or more in the local lock-up while waiting for your parents to wire bail-out money.

Student Travel Tips

Before embarking on your travels, be certain you have the following in-date and in-effect documents with you.

1. Passport: If you’ve never had one, check with your travel agent or the U.S. State Department on how to secure one. It’s a fairly quick process, and absolutely necessary for travel and your personal protection when outside the United States.

2. Travel visa: Many countries require a visa before you enter at an airport or ship’s dock. A visa is merely an endorsement stamped on your passport booklet by foreign customs officials. You can also get them online before you travel, or at an embassy or consulate of that country.

If you just plan to visit for several days, or volunteer on a short-term project, a regular visa is usually sufficient. However, if you expect to work in a foreign country for several summer break months or longer, you’ll need a special work visa. You can get further information about it online or from the U.S. State Department.

3. Your passport and most other documents require a recent photo. In some offices, you must bring one of your own, or they can shoot and process them when making your document.

4. Your student ID card isn’t a necessity, but you can probably get better fares on airlines, cheaper hotel rooms, restaurant discounts and other benefits. Flash it whenever you believe it can help you keep your travel budget under control.

5. A U.S. driver’s license is necessary if you’ll actually be behind the wheel while in a foreign country. Additionally, if you plan to do some extensive driving or rent a car, you should apply for an international driver’s license before you leave home.

6. Some countries will require you to have up-to-date immunization records. Additionally, if you should fall ill in a foreign country and need to contact an American consulate or embassy for medical help, your immunization record can be helpful.

If you’re planning to do some student traveling abroad, for many health and safety reasons, be sure you take along all essential documents.

Student Travel Tips

Travel Tips for Singles

Travel Tips for Singles

Being that I travel substantially and I always seem to be single during my trips, traveling while single has become something that I just expect to do. This of course isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it really opens me up to have a truly great time. The main thing is that you have to know where to go and what to do in order to truly enjoy your single status. This of course is most successfully done if you have some friends that are also single along for the ride.

Travel Tips for Singles

Probably the most important thing that you can remember about being single and traveling is that you need to know where you are at. By this I mean that if you don’t stop and assess your situation, you could get yourself into a great deal of trouble. This is especially true if you are in a different country. In these countries there are a variety of different laws in regards to women and some of these countries look negatively on Americans hitting on their women. This could cause you to get into a bit of a shuffle if you aren’t careful.

You also need to know where you are at, because there are some ares of the world, where disease is so rampant, that you could get incredibly sick from one of these women if you aren’t very careful. This of course is true in Africa, where AIDs is epidemic and it is also true in Singapore and Malaysia and many other Asian countries where STDs are absolutely out of control.

Another major issue in areas such as Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, and some other countries is the existence of the Shemale. Generally these multiple gendered people are willing to approach you and act as if they are just like any other women, but you’ll soon realize that they have extra parts. This of course can be quite frustrating, especially if you think you’ve found a truly incredible woman. This of course is an issue each and every time the military deploys to these regions. It is as if they make it a goal to mess with Americans if possible.

Finally, you are going to want to make sure that you are alert at all times. This is especially true if you are all alone. Criminals are much more interested in taking advantage of individuals than they are in trying to pick someone off that is in a group. An individual provides much less of a risk than someone that is in a group, so make sure that you take special care, looking around you on a regular basis. You’ll also want to ensure that you stay close to large groups of people. This is especially true at night.

If you take care of yourself and pay attention, you can have an incredible time single while traveling.

Travel Tips for Family Trips

Travel Tips for Family Trips

Traveling with children can be both fun and stressful. There are a few tips that can help alleviate some of the stress and make for a fun-filled trip.

Good preparation is important for any stress-free trip. Let the children get involved in the preparation, and they will be more likely not to complain during the trip. One way to get them involved is to let them pick out some stops or even the destination. Make them find out some interesting facts about their points of interest before leaving. When you arrive, they can be your guide for that location. They will love having some responsibility in the planning process.

Travel Tips for Family Trips

One idea that will make it fun for the children is a travel journal. If they are too young to write, they can draw pictures. If they are old enough to write, they can write about the trip and places visited. I am amazed at what my kids write about our trips. Sometimes they write several pages for one stop. For those trips to Grandma’s house for the holidays, older kids can think of information that they would like to know about some of their older relatives. Then during your visit, they can try to get their questions answered. Maybe they can even type up a biography for a gift when they get back home.

Another creative activity that my kids love is photography or video recording. Children of all ages can capture some great shots when given the opportunity. If you don’t want them to use your expensive camera, buy them a cheap one or a disposable camera. Then when they get home, they will have what they thought was important on the camera. With a little creativity, my kids like to spruce up their journals with their pictures. Maybe, they can make their own scrapbooks.

Finally, there are great electronic devices out there to help pass time. You can take turns picking out a movie for your portable DVD player. If you have multiple Nintendo DS, bring some games that can be played by multiple players. There are some DS games that can be played by up to four people. Also, you won’t have to worry about missing pieces to board games, if you purchase some of the games that are on DS. Some of the great games available are Connect 4, Sorry, Scrabble and Battleship.

So enjoy your next family trip and let your children capture some of their own memories.

Moving abroad is easier than you think

 Moving Abroad Is Easier Than You Think

Living in another country could provide a lower cost of living while also enabling that person to experience another culture. When moving to places like Ecuador, you can enjoy this exotic culture while being surrounded by gorgeous scenery and great weather. Instead of worrying about getting to work in the snow, you will be worried about whether you can spend the entire day or just the morning at the beach before going to work or taking a nap.

moving abroad

A lower cost of living makes it easier to stretch your dollar and help you stay within whatever budget you have. A more valuable dollar makes it possible to live in a spacious home, drive a nice car or even retire early without worrying that you will run out of money.

Before you decide to move to another country, it is important to find a property in an area where you will enjoy living. In some cases, it may be possible to live in a part of the country that is home to other Americans or others who you associate with on a daily basis. This will make the transition to your new home country easier and more enjoyable.

To find out more about living abroad, you can go online to find a real estate agent who can help you. When you find a realtor who you would like to work with, you can find their click here to contact button to schedule a consultation.


The interesting facts about taxi service in the world

The interesting facts about taxi service in the world


Japanese travelers to be aware of when traveling after 12am as most trains and buses were shut down. This led to a surge in demand for taxi use in that period. Especially the 6th and 7th night, if to the train station after 12pm will not be surprised to see the long line waiting taxi customers.
interesting facts about taxi service

Long row of taxis in Japan.

For a space taxi tourists observing only eight panel below the windscreen of the car. The sign means red car space and green signals are passenger cars. Interestingly, when using taxis in Japan you do not need to manually open the door because there was a remote control of the driver.


Visitors to Germany will surely watching intently taxi here because most of them are the cars to Mercedes-Benz E-class. However, the majority of cars are still regular version. Recently appeared the E63 AMG with a taxi sign on the roof as people can not take their eyes because this is the dream of people who are passionate about speed.


London is the city was voted the best taxi service in the world. The black cab of London have featured large cabin, spacious private cabin at the rear, seats reserved for children. Guests also do not have to worry when using taxi here for opening car doors are locked automatically when the driver accelerates or brakes.


For the U.S., people often choose taxi in special occasions or long trips because it’s more expensive than public transport but cheaper than private vehicles. Visitors can catch a taxi in the downtown area or call the taxi company to request pick-up. Normally passengers to tip the driver about 10% – 20% of the taxi.

The weird provision borderline in the world

The weird provision borderline in the world

1.Belgium – Netherlands

Baarle – Nassau is the autonomous regions in the Netherlands have common borders with the municipality of Belgium and Baarle-Hertog two sides are split fairly complex. The boundaries are separated by lines of white crosses painted on the ground, run in zigzag formation across streets, through the house and yard. So the house has been divided in half, one half located in the Netherlands, the other half is on Belgian soil.
weird provision borderline

One person at a time can stand on two country, left leg and his right leg in the Netherlands to Belgium.

2.Paraguay – Argentina – Brazil

These three countries have natural borders created by the intersection of two Iguazu and Parana rivers. “Border Fork” is also to attract more tourists to visit each year by the unique location.
Paraguay - Argentina - Brazil

Borders of the three countries is bisected by two rivers.

3.India – Pakistan

The boundaries between India and Pakistan is the international press dubbed “the most dangerous border”. The two countries have a history of disputes over long, so this should Guoi border illuminated by headlights for security reasons. Headlights are glowing strong that this border can be seen from space.
India - Pakistan

Borderline India – Pakistan seen from above.

4.Russia – U.S.

Borderline Russia – America is the distance between the two Diomede islands in the Bering Strait. Little Diomede Island has a population of 146 people in the U.S. still do not have the Big Diomede in Russia under. The two islands are separated by approximately 4 km, but there are two different time zones. If at Little Diomede is 9 am on Saturday, the Big Diomede is 6am on Sunday. So when people look at Little Diomede to Big Diomede, they do not simply look to another country where they were “looking into tomorrow”.



Lake turns into park fantasy

The lake “as” This park is strange Gruner See (Green Lake) in Styria, located at the foot of snow-capped mountains Hochschwab, Austria.

Winter comes, the water in the lake is only 1-2m high and the area around the lake is people use as a recreational park. At this time, this place became the favorite destination especially for those who like to walk.
Lake turns into park

Lake turns into park fantasy .In winter, it became park.

In spring, the temperature becomes warmer when snow is on the mountain began to melt and flow down into the water below land area. The water level rising so high, submerging entire land around. When the summer, the lake reaches a maximum depth of 12m. Winter Park’s now been replaced by a vast lake filled with blue water.

The lake is also noted particularly blue. Green water lake in part because plants are drowned beneath, partly because the pure water from the snow melt. Relatively cold temperatures in lakes, ranging from 4-8 degrees C. In June, water levels peaked here and is also a time for many divers swimming around a scenic lake. One of the beautiful scenery that many people want to look at the bottom of the lake is the flowers blooming grass, a bench and a bridge along the trail for walking in the winter.

From July every year, the water in the lake and began to pull back the winter, the lake returns to its original size and a beautiful park to appear.

In Alpine villages, Hobbits lurk

No one will believe you are going to Middle Earth. Most visitors arrive in Zurich ready to shop on Bahnhofstrasse and sightsee in the Niederdorf old town. Or they use the Swiss city as a jumping-off point to explore the resorts of St Moritz, Klosters or Davos.

But head southwest, past the misty mountains and jagged peaks that tower over the city of Lucerne and the lake town of Interlaken, and up the deeply cloven valley that winds from Lake Thun into the heart of the Bernese Oberland region – and with a little imagination you could find yourself staring into the verdant Elvish valley of Rivendell or in the middle of a huffing and puffing Hobbit walking party.

Alpine villages

Alpine villages

That’s because the steep-sided cliffs, glacial grottoes and fertile dells of forests and wildflowers were the true inspiration for JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth sagas: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Naturally, the stunning Alpine villages of Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald and Wengen – and the soaring Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau peaks that guard them – are not some sort of hidden secret; travellers have been exploring these valleys since the Berner Oberland Bahn railway opened in 1890. But their role in the creation of Tolkien’s fantastical Middle Earth epic is less known. The author acknowledged as much in the 1950s in a little-known letter to his son, Michael. “From Rivendell to the other side of the Misty Mountains,” he wrote, “the journey… including the glissade down the slithering stones into the pine woods… is based on my adventures in Switzerland in 1911.”

In popular imagination, New Zealand has become the home of dwarves, elves, dragons and 4ft-tall hairy-footed Hobbit burglars since director Sir Peter Jackson used his homeland as the backdrop for his version of Middle Earth in the Academy-Award winning film series. But for JRR Tolkien, it was Switzerland that won his heart.

Traversing the Bernese Oberland on a summer holiday had a profound effect on the 19-year-old author-to-be. Some 57 years later he wistfully remembered the regret at leaving the eternal snows of the Jungfrau and the sharp outline of the pyramid-shaped Silberhorn peak against the dark blue of the sky. They were “the Silvertine of my dreams,” he wrote, referencing one of the peaks that stood above the Dwarven city of Moria in The Lord of the Rings.

For fans of the fantasy series, Switzerland’s ultra-efficient train network makes it easy to shadow Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ footsteps and retrace Tolkien’s journey from the town of Interlaken (seen by Tolkien scholars as inspiration for The Hobbit’s Esgaroth, or Lake-Town) to the moraines beyond the mountain village of Mürren (see Mount Doom in the final part of the Rings’ trilogy).

The hybrid aerial rail and cableway Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren brings hikers up to car-free Mürren and its rotating mountain restaurant Piz Gloria atop the 2,970m Shilthorn. Alternatively, the Wengernalpbahn shuttles visitors up the opposite side of the valley to Kleine Scheidegg for views of the notorious North Face of the Eiger peak – one of hardest professional climbs in the Alps – before connecting to the Jungfraubahn train. Tackling a steep 25% gradient, the cogwheel train tunnels its way through the mountain, past viewing galleries glazed into the side of the peak, to the Jungfraujoch – a narrow col below the Jungfrau itself, on which is built the Sphinx, a three-storey astronomical observation station. At 3,741m, it’s the highest viewing platform and rail station in Europe, and the eagle-eye views of the Bernese Alps let you chart the next stage of Tolkien’s cross-country adventure.

Tolkien and his party of 12 continued across a number of high altitude mountain passes, crossing from Grosse Scheidegg to the town of Meiringen, famous for the nearby Reichenbach Falls, used by one of Tolkien’s literary predecessors, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as the setting for the fictional presumed death of his deer-stalker wearing sleuth Sherlock Holmes in The Final Problem. Finally, Tolkien continued across the 2,165m Grimsel Pass and through upper Valais to the village of Brig, before crossing the Aletsch glacier, the largest in the Alps, into the popular mountain resort of Zermatt.

source : BBC.com