Climbing in Geneva

Climbing in Geneva

From downtown Geneva , number 8 bus going south towards the city ‘s main Douane Veyrier first door takes you to the foothills Saleve . Dubbed the ” balcony of Geneva ” , this mountain 1,308 meters high . This place is a haven for nature lovers and for avoiding the bustling urban place .

Mount Saleve is where you can admire the Mont Blanc range Apls and majestic peaks in the distance with clouds and snow -covered regularly .

Climbing picnic

The first thing to remember when deciding to climb this mountain which is inside his passport . Though not regularly checked , but the administration, you ‘re moving in a border area between Switzerland and France , where activity check identity documents or luggage are quite strict . Also, footwear and clothing should facilitate climbing weather in Geneva mainly cold .

Number 8 bus will run about 45 minutes takes you from downtown Geneva to the foothills with fares Saleve 2.5 Swiss francs (about 60,000 ) . Walk from the bus stop to the entrance Saleve mountain picnic area , visitors will use the cable from the foot up to halfway up the mountain , round-trip fare is 13 francs ( more than 300,000 ) for adults . This cable system will re-open from January 4/2014 after closing time to upgrade .

Saleve cliff tops towards Veyrier is planned regional archeology , after many explorers discovered the fossilized horse bone , caribou , partridge , flint , carved wood pieces in the cave as well as the stone tomb at Mount Saleve . Tourists have the opportunity just to admire the cliffs from the cable car as it slowly moved up or down each time .

Paragraph halfway up the mountain , where a cable car stop is not just a restaurant , a large lawn for visitors but also the base point for people to play the model aircraft or parachute jump from the top to the bottom of the city .

Remaining distance to the summit is for those who love to conquer climbing steep trails winding rocky nghoeo with his feet . There are also other trails suitable for mountain bike if you want to experience and explore the wider area of the mountains .

Climbing in Geneva .

keukenhof gardens in netherlands

keukenhof gardens in netherlands – paradise of all flowers

Located between the  Hillegom and Lisse , Amsterdam , flower park is considered the largest Keukenhof is opened in this March .
Coming to Holland , land of tulips , it is not only admire the famous sights such as the Royal Palace , the Rotterdam port , the countryside areas Zaanse Schans , blooming yacht on the river Amstel … but also be enjoy the amazing beauty of hundreds of flowers at Keukenhof Park .

Only open 2 months , approximately from mid- March to mid- May , but Keukenhof each year attracts more than 700,000 visitors from around the world . The establishment of the largest flower park  began in 1949  by mayor of Lisse at the time and purpose of the exhibition is devoted to the florists throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

keukenhof gardens in netherlands

You can go for a walk in the park by bicycle in the fresh and fragrant . Photo: Natali .

With a campus of about 32 hectares , the park was named ” European Garden ” This is place where people plant flowers around seven million annual temperate . At this point , you will feel like you are lost in the paradise of color and scent .

keukenhof gardens in netherlands

In the sun’s warm like honey pouring down spring flower garden , a stroll in the colorful park will bring you strange feeling relaxed . Besides paths winding through the murmuring streams , the gravel crunched every step White … swans are swimming delight , her surfing on the waves softly , love overseas reflected in the deep blue waters .

keukenhof flowers

In the keukenhof they sells many varieties of flowers tuylip .

In the perfumed scent of thousands of creatures , you can walk over 15 kilometers in road of flowers in the park to relax . It’s here again there are benches for people to stop and enjoy the early spring sunshine sweet . You can also enjoy the scenery with a bike stroll around the fields colorful tulips . In the spring scenery , hundreds of tourists to pose in natural gardens large , small kids playing and lots of picnic party was taking place throughout the park .

keukenhof gardens in netherlands


interesting facts about ancient greece you should know

interesting facts about ancient greece you should know

With good weather , many islands and an abundance of picturesque coastline makes Greece became the destination of thousands of tourists from all over the world . There are one of the largest Christian church and one of the areas best resorts in Europe – all this is typical of the Greek nation , making Greece became an attractive destination attracting tourists from around the world .

interesting facts about ancient greece

The main center of tourism in the country is Athens , one of the oldest cities in the world . Athens has 250 museums , galleries and modern temples . Acropolis – an architectural history so large and complex , with many historical monuments and myths, are regarded as a symbol of Athens , and the pride of the people of Athens .

“The navel of the earth” , the ancient city – Delphi , located at the foot of Mount Parnassus – the pearl of the historical heritage in Greece . The ancient Greeks said that Delphi was the center of the world .In legend , Zeus sent two eagles from around the world fly around the world , we flew to Delphi and met here , because here it is assumed that the center of the world . Delphi is described on ancient maps and determined this is the ” navel of the earth . ”

interesting facts about ancient greece you should know

interesting facts about ancient greece you should know

Delphi has  Apollo temple  , there is the legendary prophet of Delphi , and the famous Castalian stream , which according to legend it can heal and rejuvenate . Here you can also hear the natural phenomenon ” of Delphi echo ” – it just whispers emanating around , and gradually became louder and louder , until it reaches the level of greatest sound .

Thessaly is considered the residence of the ancient gods and the convergence of heaven and earth . Mount Olympus – highest mountain in Greece and the second highest in Europe .

In Thessaly there is a unique relic of the Middle Ages – it is a complex of Meteora monasteries . Meteora – one of the largest monasteries in Greece , known for its unique location on the cliff top . Meteor ( in Greek ) means ” floating in the air . ”

Meteora monasteries

Meteora monasteries – is one of the wonders of the artificial world .

On the island of Crete could probably go to the maze – the fabled palace associated with the legend of the Minotaur , Ariadne , Theseus and King Minos . And also can visit the cave of Zeus , the Greeks believed that the gods of Mount Olympus were born there .

Also on the island of Rhodes , along with the ancient landscapes – a symbol of the island – is the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes column – one of the wonders of the world , the Palace of the Grand Masters , the stadium on the hill of Monte Smith , which usually takes place the Olympic Games , is home to the valley of the butterflies . In the valley of millions of butterflies fly here during the breeding season .

interesting facts about ancient greece you should know .

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interesting facts about france

interesting facts about japan

10 interesting facts about france

Today I will show you 10 interesting facts about france

French is the official language in many countries such as Canada , Ivory Coast , Monaco , Congo …
– ” salut ” in French means implies ” hello ” and ” goodbye ”
– French is the official language of England for 300 years and is the mother tongue of 75 million people around the world.
– French is the official language of the UN Commission .
– 34% of French can speak English .
– Approximately 6-11 million Americans can speak French .

10 interesting facts about france .

2.Love and life
– You are illegal to kiss on railway tracks
– French Kiss is known as kiss of soul .
– France is one of the leading countries where people has high life in the world .
– France men has the lowest obesity rates in the European Union countries while French women have higher obesity rates second behind Denmark .

3.Culture and Tourism
– France is a country with the largest ski World .
– France is also the country receiving the largest number of tourists world , approximately 75 million people each year .
– The first declaration of human rights of France was declared in 1789 .
– France ‘s colonial rule nations second largest in the world , accounting for 8.6% of the territory in the world .
– The famous French invention include heat balloons , submarines and sky diving .
 10 interesting facts about france .
4.Paris – City of Love

interesting facts about france
– Approximately 20% of French live in Paris .
– Paris was named the capital of the world of light , to talk about the genius who came from Paris .
– Once every 7 years , the Eiffel Tower is repainted once .
– The oldest bridge of the city of Pont Neuf Paris called – which means new bridge .
– Location of foreign tourists visit the most is not the Eiffel Tower ( 5.5 million) , or county Louvre ( 5 million) that is Disneyland Paris ( 13 million people ) .

10 interesting facts about france .

5.The other interesting thing
– France is the second largest film producer in the world .
– French croissants are made essentially for the first time in Australia .
– Health Minister of France had declared milk as the national French food .
– France is a country of 28 World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO .
– In France , it is illegal if you take pictures of the police or their vehicles .
– France is the country won more Nobel Prize in literature in the world.
– April Fool’s Day originated in France in 1564 .
– Statue of Liberty is a well-known buildings in France and was awarded the United States in 1886 .

10 interesting facts about france .
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interesting facts about ancient greece

interesting facts about japan

Travel to Liverpool city

Travel to Liverpool city

Liverpool is not just the team name in England tradition but also the cultural city of Europe with pride 800 year history .

Early 19th century , Liverpool was known to be a major port and a city rich from the slave trade . When Albert port flourished , new businesses have sprung up across the city including breweries and garment factories . At that time , the city became the center of many vital industries .

After decades , the big boss disappearing from Liverpool for cheap labor attractive appearance elsewhere . The city gradually fell into recession , the most visible are the plants and abandoned factories .

Travel to Liverpool city

Travel to Liverpool city  . Photo: gohistoric .

In recent years , Liverpool been up by a wave of new investment . Albert port city reborn and become an important tourist destination of the country. The visitors do not just come here to visit the home of the legendary band The Beatles and the famous football field , but also to witness the industrial heritage of the world .

Sitting on a boat down the River Mersey , you will easily recognize the old buildings on both sides of the river , a testament to the industrial development phase of Liverpool . Some buildings have been converted into apartments , offices or art galleries .

Merseyside Maritime Museum give visitors a true sense of the vital role of ports in the historical development of the city. Museum not only exhibits highlighting the ups and downs of the period but also port documents and artifacts about the tragic story of the Titanic .

Port city Liverpool

Travel to Liverpool city . Royal Liver Building with ancient architecture makes beauty of Port city Liverpool . Photo: everystockphoto .

Alternatively, Cunard Building was built in 1917 just as a reminder of the glory days of the city. The building is always there with beauty ‘s surface , interior marble facade and large , luxurious .

Along with Cunard , Royal Liver Building is also seen as a symbol of the city with architectural splendor voluminous and has been recognized by UNESCO . It is the pride of the people of the city because it was one of the first buildings in the world built entirely of reinforced concrete . The building height to 90 meters and is the tallest building in Europe until 1934.

Two buildings mentioned above , we can not ignore the Port of Liverpool Building . All three buildings that form the charm of the Pier Head terminal , said visitors to the Three Graces of Liverpool .

Travel to Liverpool city .

Grüner See – green lake austria

Grüner See – green lake austria

Grüner See, means ” green lake ” , is a lake in Styria , Austria , near the town Tragoss , located at the foot of snow-capped mountains Hochschwab .

During winter , the lake is only about 1 – 2m deep and the surrounding area was used as a park . This is a favorite spot for people who love  hiking . But when the temperature starts to rise in the spring , ice and snow on the mountain began to melt and run down to the basin below ground . Rising lake water engulfed the entire area including the park . During summer , the lake reaches a maximum depth of about 12m , the lake is the most beautiful view at this time .

green lake austria

Green lake austria .

Green lake austria has  especially green as  name of it , because grass and leaves on the bottom of the tank , and by the melting of snow , water, ice crystals form very clear . The temperature of the lake is quite cold at 4-8 ° C , but this is still a popular location for scuba divers to observe the green pastures beside the lake in the region , especially in June when the water is at the highest level . The flowers are often grown on land can also see flourishing underwater . One can even see the bench , a bridge and walking trails .
Lake water began to recede in the winter , the lake water is returned to its original level and returned to the park for the hiking .

Grüner See – green lake austria .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter

The winter months are a great time to admire the interesting moments and beautiful of Europe . It is Christmas time and the air New Year’s Eve flooded roads . Winter travel in Europe, you have the opportunity to place the hotel is surprisingly cheap prices , and destinations in Europe to bring an indescribable charm .

These are 7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Rudesheim , Germany

places to visit in europe

Rüdesheim is a small town located at the foot of the mountain Niederwald Rhein River with about 11,000 residents . Though small, Rüdesheim is one of the famous tourist city in the world . Not only is this delicious wine in the famous city wearing a very ancient beauty but also because of the scenic beauty of the picturesque Taunus mountains romantic connection with the Rhein river gave the land a rare beauty .

If you visit this place in December will have the opportunity to admire the sparkling town lights and Christmas filled the air , spreading Dosselgasse main road of the town – which will be filled with music on the street .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Skye Island , Scotland

Isle of Skye recent National Geographic magazine has been voted the 4th beautiful islands in the world . The island is favored by incredible scenery , pristine wilderness scenery and a tranquil atmosphere . In winter , you can find a quiet space for yourself , enjoy the crisp winter weather , pristine landscapes and cozy fireplace peacefully . Wild scene on the island in winter are perfect conditions for photography enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor activities .

Skye Island

Isle of Skye was formed 64 million years ago by volcanic activity of the volcano . Fog shrouded island year round , so it is also known as the ” island mist ” . Skye is the 2nd largest island in Scotland after Lewis and Harris Islands . The natural world is wild on the island of Skye , showing the beauty characteristic of Scotland . The ideal time to come Skye is from May to September when the weather becomes quite stable . This time , the trip will bring eco- tourists a lot of fun .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Wengen village , Switzerland

The village is situated on the stunning Swiss Alps will bring visitors feeling very peaceful and relaxing , where tourists never encounter traffic jam scene crowded or dusty car exhaust pollution , by cars blocked off from the village for hundreds of years . Wengen is a village surrounded by a parking lot and walking trails connecting to the mountain by cable car and railway Jungfau . Village overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley , and many restaurants have beautiful views across the valley .


In winter , you’ll find romantic village with houses made ​​of wood surrounded by trees , white snow peaks . The local people are trying to preserve original features inherent in the Swiss culture of this village .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

The ancient city – Cesky Krumlov , Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov City from the 18th century to now, there is little change . Many visitors choose Český Krumlov accommodation as there is just to enjoy the architecture and culture , to be released into beautiful nature and can participate in sports activities such as boating along the River Vltava kajak .


In winter , visitors can visit the Cultural Heritage sites of UNESCO world along the cobblestone path winding sheets .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Annecy , France

Annecy is a beautiful city in southeastern France. Conceived in 50 BC by the Romans , Annecy is crucial trade gateway linking the regions of France, Italy and Switzerland . Today, Annecy became the center of culture and tourism of the region is famous .

With the canal flows around , enveloping the city , Annecy is the EU ‘s known as the Venice of France . In the city of Venice was named the most similar to the original Annecy .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Ghent , Belgium

This beautiful Belgian town often overlooked by most popular sites ” neighbors ” – better known Bruges , however , in winter , Ghent is a perfect shelter .

Visitors can come to visit exciting Christmas market in Ghent from 23/11 to 6/12 to admire and shop at the colorful stalls . Also, you can visit the Church of St. Nicholas from the 13th century , beautiful church St . Bavo , and climb the castle tower Belfort Graventeen to enjoy the refreshing feeling to be able to look at the whole city . In addition, visitors can walk wandering along the canals , the cobbled streets to explore the cozy restaurants and shops where you can enjoy the local culinary delights .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Rättvik , Sweden

Rattvik , Sweden – iVIVU.comRattvik located on the shores of Lake Siljan Dalarna in central and tourists can travel around the lake , visit the pretty village , lovely nearby .

This area is famous for horses made ​​of wood and painted red , handmade lace , traditional Swedish clothing and other Scandinavian handicrafts . Located on either side of the narrow street is the old wooden houses and a variety of interesting shops . At Christmas time , you can reside in one of the wooden buildings here and enjoy gingerbread Christmas , cozy fireplace and participate in recreational activities such as dance and learn the traditional dances folk of the locals .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .
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6 most interesting places in Sweden

6 most interesting places in Sweden

If you are planning to visit Sweden with beautiful nature and ancient cultures , the six places below are the points you should not ignore .

1 . Kalmar Castle

Kamar Castle is a tower built in 1180 to protect land from pirates . Then become a fortress under King Magnus Ladulas and is considered the most modern Swedish time. There is also a ceremony of signing joint agreements and foreign policy between Sweden , Denmark and Norway in 1937.

most interesting places in Sweden

Now the castle is beautiful and glorious to become a symbol of romantic coastal city of Kalmar . Here, you will feel like you are back in time to sit on the throne of the king and the royal family tried to live according to Western style .
most interesting places in Sweden

Panorama Kalmar castle , a symbol of the country’s famous Swedish .

6 most interesting places in Sweden .

2 . Citadel Visby

Recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage , Visby have typical urban structures to medieval cathedral in the center , a commercial transaction system , houses, barns , and a wall system solidly by 3.4 km long limestone wrap around .

Gates in the north , east and south are from the cliff path to the harbor , giving the landscape Visby distinctive look . It is the gravel road paved , wide or narrow may unexpectedly . The best way to explore the beauty Visby is enjoying great cuisine at the restaurants , pubs , antique coffee stretches on the ancient cobblestone streets , square stone , or sitting on horseback and car horses roamed a few miles away .

Citadel Visby
Visby , a thousand year old capital of Gotland , the island ‘s largest and most beautiful Sweden .
6 most interesting places in Sweden .

3 . Royal Palace Drottningholm

Built in the 17th century by the architect’s prototype Nicodemus Tessin , Drottningholm Palace is the home of the Swedish royal family since 1981 and is one of the three world heritage in Stockholm . In the living palace of the kings , churches , theaters and a large garden . Drottningholm Palace is truly a monumental architectural ensemble , blending many styles of architecture and luxurious interiors through the ages , is worthy of the impressive history of Sweden .
Royal Palace Drottningholm


With a mix of architectural styles , different interiors through the ages , Drottningholm is the impressive architectural history of the Swedish nation .

6 most interesting places in Sweden .

4 . Old Town Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is one of the largest medieval town and is the best preserved in Europe , and is one of the most attractive places of Stockholm . This is where Stockholm was founded officially in 1252 .
Old Town Gamla Stan


Gamla Stan and Riddarholmen island is like a living museum for pedestrians with loads of fascinating attractions , restaurants , cafes , bars and shops . Gamla Stan special attraction for tourists passionate about crafts and fine art , antiques and souvenirs .6 most interesting places in Sweden

The winding narrow streets and quaint houses painted in many different shades of gold is characteristic of the ancient city of Gamla Stan . The mural paintings from the Middle Ages can be seen on the facade of the house , and in the winter sun on snow , the neighborhood is as beautiful as a painting .

All around this old town has many beautiful churches and museums .
6 most interesting places in Sweden .
5 . Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm , the second largest island in the Baltic Sea consists of 14 islands connected by 50 bridges on Lake Malaren , with nearly 30,000 large and small islands . Visit Stockholm , you will definitely enjoy wandering around the maze of narrow alleys of Gamla Stan .
Stockholm Archipelago

Located in the crowded streets are scattered pebble stone buildings from the 17-18 century . The houses are painted in bright pastel preserved almost intact . The scenery blue sea between narrow rows of apartments that visitors to stroll in Gamla Stan just wanted to stop every now and then took a picture .

Gamla Stan , one of the famous destinations of the Stockholm archipelago is like ” Venice of Northern Europe ” .

6 . Lund Cathedral

In the city center , buildings cathedral was built from 1103 became the symbol of Lund long , and is also the meeting point of the city people . Ancient beauty but equally exquisite church than thousand years old have created the architectural features here. In Lund the mystical wonders of the ancient architecture , the pure tranquility of the campus filled with green color of leaves . All blended to create a city of Lund colorful sparkling as in the world of fairy tales .


Wishes on love bridge in prague

Wishes on love bridge in prague

Let people love to beautiful Charles Bridge and the most romantic in the Czech Republic to pray for luck and happiness .

Built in 1357 in Gothic architecture , Charles is a stone bridge connecting the old town Staré Město ( Old Town ) and Mala Strana district on the other side of the Vltava River , Prague . The position of the bridge before it was sunk Judith River after a flood in 1342 .

Charles Bridge was later built to replace and become the sole pedestrian crossing the Vltava line . Originally called the Stone Bridge or the Prague , in 1870 it changed its name to the name of the emperor Charles IV Charles .
love bridge in prague

Charles Bridge is one of the oldest stone bridge in Europe . Photo: discoverczech .

Wishes on love bridge in prague .

Along the bridge are 30 statues erected in the church office from the 17th century . This is the connection between Gothic style and Baroque art . But the most beautiful , the most famous bridge is the statue of St. John Nepomuk .

The vicar of St. Nepomuk was under the reign of King Wenceslas IV . As he has caught vicar because she had wanted to know how the confession . Of course it did not disclose Nepomuk tortured to death and thrown into the river Vltava .

Nepomuk Statue

Nepomuk Statue particularly attracted the attention of visitors . Photo: flickr .

Wishes on love bridge in prague .

If you come from the Old Town Square , the statue will be in 8th place your right hand side . Or you can easily identify with more yellow ball at the foot of the statue . According to legend , if the hand rub bronze plaque at the base of the statue , you will have much luck and am sure you will return to Prague in one day .

Also, a few meters of the Old Town Square with yellow cross marks the sanctuary Nepomuk was thrown into the river Vltava . Cross did not stand out too much , so you have to look carefully if you want to find it , and do not forget to touch the crucifix and prays . It is believed that if done so , your wish will come true within a year .

A street artist
Wishes on love bridge in prague .

A street artist is immersed in the music . Photo: Flickriver .

The best time for you to walk here early in the morning by the time the bridge is not too crowded . A romantic walk through the streets filled with light at night is a bad idea .

Here, you will encounter the souvenir stalls , street artists are queer men , singing , drawing . If you want you can make yourself a sketch done in just ten minutes on the bridge .

wedding photography

Wishes on love bridge in prague .
It’s not hard to catch the  wedding photography on Charles Bridge . Photo: flickr .

Bridge is beautiful and the most romantic , so if the opportunity came to Prague , do not forget the people you love or companion to Charles and touching the object once Nepomuk church to pray for good luck , happiness and appointments estimates back together.

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

Mermaid statue at the pier just pick Langelinie 100th birthday age is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the capital, Copenhagen , Denmark

Inaugurated on 23 / 8/1913 , Mermaid statue ( The Little Mermaid or Den lille havfrue in Danish ) is a gift from Carl Jacobsen ( son of the founder of the famous Carlsberg brewery ) for Museum of Copenhagen city  .

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen . Mermaid sitting on a ledge at the dock Langelinie . Photo: flickr

The statue is made ​​of bronze and granite , and was inspired by the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen about a mermaid gave up everything to be with the prince young and handsome face land . Each morning and evening you are swimming up from the depths of the sea water and sat on a rock , looking towards the coast longing to see hope will be their prince .

Carl Jacobsen was ” in love ” mermaid character after watching the play ballet based on the fairy tale of the same name at the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen .

Captivated by the fairy tales and ballet , Carl Jacobsen ordering sculptor Edvard Eriksen mermaid statue .

The sculpture was inspired by actress Ellen Price , who starred in The Little Mermaid ballet at the Royal Opera House in 1909 .

Carl Jacobsen as the favorite actress Ellen invited Price to make molds for the statue . However, by Ellen Price refused to do nude modeling so Eriksen based on body sculpting his wife Eline Eriksen .

Mermaid statue

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen . Mermaid statue has become a symbol of Copenhagen and the Danish nation . Photo: visitcopenhagen

The destructive

Mermaid statue has repeatedly become victims of the vandalism. The statue has twice lost the head , took one arm amputated , and many times covered in spilled paint .

After each destroyed , the statue will be repaired and restored , so the mermaid can still sit in his old position on the water and welcome visitors to the Copenhagen harbor .

Today, the Little Mermaid statue is one of the tourist attractions in Copenhagen the most attractive and has become a symbol of the country’s capital Copenhagen and Denmark.

The story of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen .