The Intrigue of France

The country of France is a wondrous place to experience. It is a country that boasts of fine cuisine and a language that is amazing to behold. There are a number of attractions that enhance the country. It is not a surprise that many choose to live there and spend time visiting.

The Intrigue of France

A Long History
The history of France goes back many years. While historians may disagree at how long ago it was when the area was first settled, there are still remnants of the Roman Empire in specific places in the country. Roman aqueducts, coins, roads and other types of architecture can still be found in the country or in an assortment of museums. After Rome fell, king and queens oversaw the country for hundreds of years until the French Revolution. After this, France has been part of two devastating world wars that the world will never forget. France boasts of numerous characters that are unforgettable and larger than life. People like Louis XIII, Louis Pasteur, Claude Monet, Napoleon and Marie Antoinette have all played a part in making France great and memorable in the history of the country. One of the benefits of being in France is that citizens and visitors have the opportunity to travel to many palaces, buildings and homes to look at where these individuals once lived.

Amazing Cuisine
The cuisine of France has been a featured highlight for people who want to get to know France itself. Baguettes, crepe suzette, ratatouille and so many other dishes are memorable and delicious. Books, television shows and movies have highlighted French cooking. Numerous eating establishments feature French dining. While the food itself is exquisite, one cannot overlook the beverages that are available. When experiencing a wonderful meal in a café, a red or white wine can make a meal close to perfection. There are plenty of vineyards in France that provide a wide selection of wines that will thrill both experienced and inexperienced wine tasters. Coffee lovers will enjoy authentic French roasts that brew coffee to ecstasy.

Time does not permit to talk about the warm beaches, scenic mountains or deep valleys that give France a unique flair. Whether people are citizens, France travel specialists or tourists who want to experience the open country, France has plenty of things to see and do. The biggest challenge can be finding what to do first.

A Guide to Nightlife in Brussels

A Guide to Nightlife in Brussels

After a whole day touring Brussels, Belgium what most visitors like to do is kick back and relax with a drink or dance the night away, depending on the age and inclination of the visitor. The nightlife in Brussels is high quality, though it may lack variety. Like all European countries, there are pubs on every corner where you can enjoy a draft of beer. Yet, for those who want to do more than bar hop, Brussels offers so much more.

A Guide to Nightlife in Brussels

The nightlife in Brussels is all about the bars, clubs and the discos. You can find anything from bars that boast the 40’s oldies to techno music that is upbeat and hip. So here is a guide to the nightlife in Brussels that will help you choose the best routine for your visit.

Brussels boasts cocktails bars of all type and variety from the traditional to the unique. Tourists can enjoy dinner shows, cabarets, theaters, and puppet theaters of the traditional variety, jazz clubs and even opera and ballet.

If you like a casual and relaxed atmosphere where dress code is low on the priority list and fun is high, then opt to go to Lower City, Brussels. There are a lot of private nightclubs that offer a nights membership and while ultra casual attire is not allowed, semi-formal to casual is accepted. This area is hip and upbeat and ideal for those who are still in the throes of youth!

One bar that usually boasts hosting the youthful intelligentsia of Brussels is “The Kafka” where the conversation can seem ethereal. The interior is musty and great with an ambience that is ancient, while still entertaining. This is a place to relax when the night is coming to an end. Other more formal clubs include The Fuse located in the Marolles district. Le Soleil, is a little bar great for the quieter crowd that likes to drink and chat.

For something different you can opt for the Théâtre de Toone VII where you can watch puppet shows while drinking. Jazz clubs are popular in Brussels with the live music scene taking dominance. Jazz clubs like L’Archiduc and Sounds Jazz Club, are two of the popular ones while the Ancienne Belgique wil have everything from Rock to Jazz to the Electro. The Chez Maman offers the glitter and dazzle of feathers in a great cabaret experience. While the DJ bar, with an underground experience in open air, is the Le Gazon, where DJ’s play anything from eletro to acid house.

If you have had enough of the bar and club scene, opt for the Goupil le Fol which is a converted junk shop where you can sit on sofas in a quiet, serene environment and sip on unique wines. The nightlife in Brussels has a lot to offer it just depends on who you ask and what you are looking for, look in the right places and you can have a blast of a time…your way.

What to Know Before You Travel to Europe

What to Know Before You Travel to Europe

You’ve booked your flights, purchased new luggage and may have learned a few phrases in Spanish, French or Italian. But don’t pack your bags for Europe until you read the article below. You may know the dollar-to-Euro conversion rate and 70 different pasta types, but here are seven lesser-known tips to make the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime European vacation.

Travel to Europe

Make sure your carry-on bag fits European overhead bin requirements. Most Europe-to-Europe flights require that your carry-on bag be no larger than 45 cubic inches, or the total width multiplied by the height multiplied by the depth of your bag. For most carry-on bags sold in the United States, this means most 21-, 21.5- and 22-inch-high suitcases are okay, as long as their total cubic inches do not exceed 45 inches. If you’re flying an American airline to and from Europe only, follow that airline’s carry-on baggage requirements.

Bring good walking shoes. This does not mean bring along the most comfortable flats you have or loads of pairs of flip-flops; instead, purchase shoes with sturdy arch support, and break them in before you go. If you’re looking for something more fashionable than athletic shoes, check out Merrill, Clarks, Born and Chaco for sturdy sandals that conform to your foot.

Purchase a Europe outlet adaptor. It’s a running gag in multiple movies: well-meaning characters try to plug American appliances into European outlets and short-circuit the entire building. Don’t let this happen to you ‘” purchase an American-to-European outlet plug adapter, available from multiple retailers online.

Obtain a European driver’s license. If you have a AAA membership, a driver’s license good for dozens of countries will only cost you $10 to $15 ‘” simply visit the AAA site or your local AAA office to find out how. You will need two passport pictures, which you can get from drugstores authorized in taking passport pictures.

Switch your cell phone service to an international plan. Usually, you can’t do this online. Instead, call your wireless provider’s customer service number the day before you leave to have your plan switched to an international plan, and then change it back when you return from Europe. You will only be charged a prorated rate ‘” just for the time you used the service.

Decide on your cash vs. credit card split. Most places in Europe take Visa, MasterCard and even American Express, so you don’t have to worry about converting dollars to Euros. How much cash you bring is up to you, but keep in mind that every dollar is worth about 1.4 Euros (as of July 2011). Check the currency conversion here. Make your daily cash budget for Europe and give yourself 10 to 15 percent extra for emergencies.

Make copies of credit cards, itineraries and important phone numbers. Leave the credit card numbers and itineraries with a trusted family member, such as a parent, in case you need to verify anything while you’re away from home . Write down phone numbers for credit card companies and that trusted family member and keep them in several different places ‘” in your suitcase, in your wallet and in a spouse’s suitcase, as well as the hotel room/cruise room’s safe. If your cards and cell phone are stolen, you’ll have the phone numbers handy to call and cancel them.

What to Know Before You Travel to Europe

Travel Tips for France

Travel Tips for France

If you are among the lucky people who are planning a trip to Paris or the French Riviera this summer, you may want to keep in mind the cultural and rudimentary differences between your culture and that of the French. Fashion and dining schedules are unique in France, but so are the basics, such as language, money and electricity. The following tips may help new travelers in navigating French terrain.

Before booking your flight and hotel, remember that a passport is required to travel to France. A passport is only good for up to a ninety day stay. If your trip is going to last over ninety days, you will need a visa to stay in the country.

Travel Tips for France

In popular tourist cities, such as Paris, Nice, and Cannes, English is widely spoken, but French is the country’s official language, and learning basic phrases like Hello (Bonjour) and Thank You (Merci) will go a long way. Shopkeepers don’t mind speaking your language if you make an effort to speak theirs.

The currency of France is the Euro, which is the currency of the European union. This makes transactions easier when hopping between European countries. If you pop over to neighboring Switzerland though, be forewarned, they are still using the Swiss Franc.

The weather in France is very similar to that of the United States, colder in winter, warmer in summer, but the changes in temperature tend to be milder than those in the U.S. Averages between forty-five and sixty degrees are common in the Spring and Fall, between sixty and eighty degrees during the summer, and in the thirty to forty-five degree range during the winter months. Even during the summer, it never hurts to pack a light jacket for chilly nights, and, keep in mind when planning your wardrobe, some religious sites do not permit people to enter who are wearing shorts or shirts without sleeves.

Like in the U.S., tipping is expected and at the discretion of the guest. Often, hotels and restaurants that cater to tourists will include a fifteen percent service charge, but if it is not included, around fifteen percent is customary.

When packing, don’t pack that hairdryer unless you are also packing a converter. France runs on 220 volts. In the United States, our electricity runs on 120 volts. You can find some decent converters at hardware stores, or a universal one that can be adapted for any country, is available at Brookstone.

Though visiting another country can be a culture shock, these very basic tips will get you a comfortable start in France.

Travel Tips for France

Experience I have when I travel to Germany

Experience I have when I travel to Germany

The day before I left for my business trip to Munich, I found myself walking the aisles of Wal-mart looking for items I may need for my trip. My eyes had wondered down to my cart to review what I had picked out, as I was wondering what else I would need. No matter how many things I had added to my cart, I did not feel like I was ready for my long trip to Germany. I continued shopping for a little bit longer until I felt a little bit better and decided I would check out and go home to start packing.

Travel Experience to Germany

This was the preface of my long journey to come. The next morning I woke up early and decided to pack a carry on bag I could take with me just in case my luggage was lost, as I was planning to stay in Germany for 10 days. This may of been the best thing I did, as when I got off the plane in Munich I had lost my luggage and the only thing I had was my carry on. As I watched my fellow colleagues gather their bags in the baggage claim, I began to get anxious that I did not see my bag yet. When it was all said and done, my luggage was gone and all I had was a few pairs of clothes to last me 10 days in Germany.

I walked over to the help desk to file a missing baggage claim with the “nice” gentleman who was working the desk and he smiled at me and said some things in German which I did not understand. He did not know the English Language so trying to communicate with him was extremely difficult, but he was very patient with me. After filing the claim with him we jumped in the train to go from the Munich airport to the city of Munich. Luckily before I left home I had some US cash converted into Euros.

About an hour later we arrived at the train station in Munich, and from there we walked to our hotel. Before we left home we called the hotel to reserve four rooms for our stay there. When we arrived at the hotel we got in line to check into our rooms. When I got to the front of the line I pulled my reservation papers out and showed the rep and stuck out my hand to receive the key. The rep there pushed some buttons on her computer and said to me “This room was never reserved.” in broken English. At first I was confused, then I got angry about it. After talking to her and my colleagues we had no choice to but to share rooms. It was a complete nightmare as the guy who I roomed up with snored all night long. During the night I had to remove my blankets from my bed and bring them over to the hallway by the door of the hotel room to sleep, and even that did not help out much.

I started to think to myself after these chain of events that this was a business trip from hell. I had all of my belongings stuck in limbo somewhere between the United States and Germany and worse off, I did not have my own room. The next day in Munich we spent walking around the city and visiting the older castles and churches. The sites were amazing and the food was exquisite. When we finished up our day we headed back to the hotel and I checked with the chick in desk to see if my luggage had arrived. They told me to hold on a moment, that they would check. They came out of the backroom dragging my luggage and I sighed a sigh of relief.

Now that I had my luggage back, things were starting to look up for me. There was much more to the story than that, but that was my first experience out of the country which will last in my memory forever. If there is anything you can take from this story, it would be to always pack a carry on with extra clothes in case your luggage gets lost. The other thing to take with you is to always verify your reservations before traveling abroad. I was just lucky that the one colleague I traveled with verified his, else we would be sleeping outside in beautiful Munich.

Experience I have when I travel to Germany

Top Places to Visit in Portland, Maine

Top Places to Visit in Portland, Maine

Speaking from personal experiences, Portland, Maine isn’t that bad at all. Many tourists complain about Portland not being a friendly city to tourists. They also think that Portland’s parking is terrible, the city is expensive and the cops will give you a ticket for no reason. Well, for sure the city is expensive. If your concept of being terrible is based on not finding interesting places to visit, you are wrong. There are a lot of things you can do and places to visit while you are visiting Maine.

Victoria Mansion, known as the Morse-Libby House
If you’re fond of history, Victorian Mansion is the right place to visit. The house is one of the finest examples of residential designs during the pre-Civil War era. However, the cost of the tour is high for some people, but it’s worth the visit. The house is in tact from its original state. Is nice to see the paintings and carvings. If you really want to know what was like to be a wealthy person in the late 1800s, this house is must on your checklist.

Top Places to Visit in Portland

Portland Observatory
Again, anyone interested in history and architecture would love this place. The Portland Observatory is an 80-foot tall wood tower built in the 19th century. Once visitors get to the top, they would see Mt Washington from one side and lots of incredible views of the ocean from the other. Exploring this old tower can take people up to 40 minutes. Don’t bring your kids, too dull for kids, but interesting for
history lovers.

Portland Museum of Art
The museum is considered to be smaller for some tourists, the museum is full of works by European masters such as Picasso and Renoir. There are also famous works by American such as Winslow Homer and Robert Indiana. Don’t let the size full you. There is a gift store and a secure locker room for you to leave your belongings.

Discover Europe fall

Glamorous Paris, Luxembourg attractive, beautiful … Black Forest, the romantic scenery of autumn Europe will give visitors unforgettable moments. We discover Europe fall now .

Sonata Paris

Autumn Paris is legendary moments, always gentle, deep, blend in shades of brown, yellow, orange, red. Every hardwood spiraling down the street rustling leaves fall to test different aging pavement, occasionally echoed softly fluted anthem. Visitors can leisurely walk on the sidewalks, paved roads remain persistent through the centuries led to Trocadéro Square, to see the doves flying above.

Discover Europe fall

Come to Paris, tourists can admire the gentle river Seine sparkling gold key appointment of the Convention on the eternal love Pont des Arts bridge, under the shadow of the ancient church of Notre Dame. Fall here brings a dreamy beauty and nostalgia government wander down streets in the pale afternoon sun. City of Light is now immersed in fall colors and romantic privacy. Remove skin of a beautiful autumn day Paris makes people forget the chaos, busy but love songs immersed in nature.

Luxembourg – Heart Fall

Known as the “green heart” of Europe, and the tiny Duchy of Luxembourg Europe’s most beautiful wearing the gorgeous dress collection. Visitors can walk the famous Freedom Avenue ancient buildings look more contemplative time, wandering Guillaume II square and sat sipping coffee, watching the cityscape. This beautiful city is small enough for a road you travel across the bridge into downtown Adolphe.

Discover Europe fall . Charm of the European autumn air.
Adolphe Bridge arcs across the valley opens Pétrusse unique spectacle for tourists. In the fall, Pétrusse like three yellow scarf, red and blue transverse Luxembourg city. Lambert tranquil park filled with yellow leaves just waiting to fall, the whole garden is filled with noble colors. Leaving the park, visitors will come to the famous fortress Casemates with 27 km long tunnel deep underground 40m. It offers fully furnished house and room for large gatherings … In 1994, Casemates has been recognized  as World Heritage by Unesco .

Black Forest – pure natural looks

Black Forest Black Forest southwest of Germany, bordering Switzerland’s pristine forests contain many features mysterious, attracting millions of visitors each year. The forest is located between a pristine valley mixed temperate forests many stories, and many species – rich vegetation. According path is the path to the fairy forest rustling leaves. A dreamy beauty of pure nature on the luscious green grass waiting to welcome the sun’s rays pass through the forest canopy. If you bring binoculars, you can observe many species of birds nest on the trunk, the herds graze leisurely remember … Enjoy the forest from above, you’ll see yet satisfied with the vegetation piled up cover different valleys make up the beautiful array of colors, bright spaces.

Black Forest

Chocolate factory in Switzerland

Chocolate factory in Switzerland

Cailler is one of the Swiss chocolate manufacturer is the largest and oldest brands in the chocolate business. Cailler started production in 1819 and 1898 in Vevey in Broc. It is the first invented the idea of ​​chocolate bars.

Chocolate factory in Switzerland

Famous Chocolate Factory in Switzerland. Photo: Internet.

Here visitors will learn about the history of chocolate, how they were formed in Europe, and how the Swiss can create scrumptious chocolate products.

The tour begins with a 20 minute program animated movies available in French, English, German, Spanish and Chinese. Each group was divided into about 4 minutes apart. Guests will be taken on a guided secret elevator leading downstairs of the villa, where the story of chocolate begins so. This really is a very interesting tour and rewarding for both adults and children.

Chocolate factory

This is one of those places make the most delicious chocolate candy bar in the world. Photo: Internet.

Then visitors are free to explore the rest of the plant. Here, you can see every grain pattern that Swiss chocolate used to make the product and see the production line through a transparent layer of protective glass. End of the tour, visitors will be led through a room showcasing chocolate to last a long time. Especially as you can delight in tasting here.

In addition, visitors can also participate in chocolate making classes are held daily on a schedule available.

Sold in supermarkets Cailler products you can comfortably buy the most scrumptious chocolate products as gifts for loved ones at home for the famous brands like Femina, Ambassador, Frigor. Prices listed here and is nearly equal to the supermarket, dealer. Outside plant is a small cafe where children play, paint the whole house together enjoying some snacks or chocolate products.

Ticket prices and opening hours

Open daily from 10am to 5pm.

The tour finally accepted before the closing time. Our factory is open year round and closed only on Christmas Day and New Year’s.

Admission fee is CHF10 (about 240,000) for adults, children under 16 are free. The facilities here are really friendly, they are also fully equipped for wheelchair users.

Means to move

Cailler Chocolate is located in a small town near Gruyères and Broc Bulle, in the state of Fribourg in western Switzerland. The domestic tourists often choose to come here by car, takes about 30 minutes from Fribourg or Montreux, Lausanne, Bern 45 minutes, and 90 minutes from Geneva airport.

Foreign tourists can take the train to Montreux and buy tickets special train named “Chocolate Train”. This train prior to the chocolate factory also stopped at Shelf-stable cheese factory, Gruyères castle, so the visitors can combine this tour together in the same day.

5 most beautiful lakes in Euro

5 most beautiful lakes in Euro

1.Lake Orta , Italy

Lake Orta is situated in the north of Italy with a length of nearly 13 km , width 1.5 km . Lake is located in the foothills of Mottarone and is considered the most romantic of the spring because of clouds , fog very romantic . In the opinion of HouseTrip , Orta is considered as ” the Godfather of the lake in Europe ” by pure beauty extremely elegant but also seductive . Lake north of town travel Omegna . This is a village of charming architecture , colorful and great cuisine , is the ideal place dating couples or couples bridegroom to the bride on their honeymoon .

Also, when visiting Lake Orta tourists can take a boat to the island to visit a lake located between the natural landscape . This is one of the many tourist activities when users visit .

beautiful lakes in Euro

Orta lake view from afar .

2 .LakeSaimaa , Finland

Saimma Lake area of ​​about 4,400 km2 , is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest in Europe . Lake has beautiful scenery , is like a painting . Visitors often travel in Saimma largest lake in the summer because they can unleash swimming , fishing and boating lake admire .

LakeSaimaa , Finland

Saimaa lake formed by the melting of ice at the end of Ice Age . The main city is located lakeside Lappeenranta , Imatra , Savonlinna , Mikkeli , Varkaus and Joensuu . Vuoksi River flowing river from Lake Saimaa to Lake Ladoga . There are islands scattered over a large area of ​​the lake , and the narrow canals divide the lake into sections , each section has its own name .

3.Lake Saimaa .

Lake Annecy is the third largest lake in France , was formed 18,000 years ago from glacial melt water . The lake has an area of ​​approximately 27km2 .

Lake Annecy is a favorite destination of tourists with boat hire services around the clock . Besides, this is also the destination of enthusiasts of water sports . Will not have anything more interesting to walk around the lake , breathe fresh air , watching the blue lake water and the clouds daydreaming , water , wind .

Country of pure lake is also famous thanks to conservation efforts , pollution control authorities and local people . This is also where clean water supply for 130,000 people in the region .

4.Lake Annecy .

Lake Constance is known as one of the most interesting lakes in Europe because it is located in three countries Germany , Austria , Switzerland . Although located in three countries , Telegraph page assessment of the stage situated in Germany ‘s lakes have beautiful scenery and more prominent . This is a place where tourists and local people liked to bathe , swim and play sports .
Lake Constance .

5.Lake Beld , Slovenia

Located near the town of Bled in Slovenia northwest with stunning beauty picturesque lakes Beld is one of the most attractive destinations for Slovenia . The lake has a length of 2.1 km , 1.3km wide and more than a beautiful glacial lake formed by Ice Age . Majestic mountains and lush jungles that surround the lake as the charming Beld . Visitors can walk around the edge of the lake , horseback riding , biking and boating to visit the lake . Serene , airy space here will surely give you the really nice moments .

5 most beautiful lakes in Euro

Turin city in Italy

Turin city in Italy

Located in Piedmont , northwest Italy and among the small hill leading to the Alps , Turin has a temperate climate with cold winters and dry . This may not be ideal climate for travelers who want to experience the weather of the Mediterranean region , but it also leaves Turin became the land of the living masters of cuisine with specialties like cheese , wine , truffles , and chocolate cae . The combination of good food and wine with the cold of winter has created a cuisine increasingly popular with both local residents and tourists .

For those who have a passion for horsepower Turin is the birthplace of the Fiat car . Turin is also the home of two of the most famous teams in Europe as Juventus and Torino , playing in Serie A.

Turin city in Italy
Cathedral Church of Saint John the Baptist .

Shroud of Turin , a relic of the most famous Christian , contemporary bar set in Saint John the Baptist – one of the many great churches in Turin . When lost in the beautiful city here , tourists have a deep understanding of architecture will find bold mark of Baroque art style on the square as well as the architecture , has created characterizes the city .

With diverse cultures and characteristics , as any visitor to Turin would have amused with the style and atmosphere of the ancient city was odd building from hundreds of years ago .

Top 5 tourist attractions in the Turin city

– Cathedral of Turin / Turin Cathedral

– Egizio Museum / Museo Egizio – Egyptian Museum

– Valentino Park / Parco del Valentino

– Building Mole Antonelliana

– Piazza San Carlo

Culinary traditions of Turin

– Agnolotti : pasta stuffed with beef and mixed vegetables

– Torta alle nocciole : traditional chestnut cake

– Batsua : Fried Pork Leg


Turin is home to the shops, fashion stores beautifully. Be careful of what want to buy, because you will not get change to pay when buying toys at stores in Italy.