Things to do in Bali Indonesia – Tropical Paradise

Things to do in Bali Indonesia – Tropical Paradise

Among the thousands of islands in Indonesia , Bali emerged as a brilliant diamond . It named ” tropical paradise ” by travelers .

Bali , the beautiful tropical island of Indonesia become one of the most beautiful destinations in Asia. In 2012 the island has welcomed 2.8 million tourists , mostly from European countries . Bali  attracted tourists by the beautiful sea , culture with many festivals and beautiful temple is situated on the sea .
Things to do in Bali Indonesia
Fly with Singapore Airlines , visitors will transit at Changi airport and quickly to Bali , which contained countless new things . In publications travel guides , artistic element is always emphasized when someone introduce about Bali . Their tour guide will take you to reach the world of folk art in Bali . Creative arts are attributes of this beautiful island . Bali has thousands , tens of thousands of temples . All ports are modeled on the iconic Mount god ” Meru” which split in two , opening up devout space inside  .

Tanah Lot temple
In particular , the famous Tanah Lot temple on the sacred and unique . Go here , you will see a temple as separating tidal waters in the morning . Journey will visit followed the Royal Temple , an ancient temple of Mengwi dynasty architectural perfection ; Gunungkawi Kingstombs tomb and temple Tirta Empul spring – where legend has been making water ageless man .
In fact , the immortality is physically distant dream , but retained the youthful emotional not too difficult . Visitors can see this in the course of exploring Bali to Batubulan Cultural Village , a lovely village Barong and Keris dance tradition . Here, you will receive a cool breeze on Kitamani high plateau 1,500 meters above sea level , magnificent panoramic view of the volcano and lake Batur . Watch the scene , mixing feel the wonders of heaven and earth , many things make sense creativity of Balinese art , especially in the village of Mas and Ubud . Here , folk artists use materials of steel , glass , wood , stone , rattan , bamboo … to create thousands of types of items indigenous sexism is very popular with visitors .

Visitors to Bali enjoy surfing , and the Vietnamese often go shopping or beach . The island has hundreds of large and small sandy beach , where appropriate also to relax under the warm sun . On the shore are hundreds , thousands of restaurants, a bar , where you enjoy Chinese food , France , Italy , India … with a special taste . As a Muslim country but Indonesia has relatively liberal lifestyle . Bali received all kinds of visitors to the cultural mix as special , so anyone will find out for themselves what attractive .

Things to do in Bali Indonesia – Tropical Paradise .

SaPa Vietnam in white clouds

SaPa Vietnam in white clouds

SaPa is a highland town, is a famous resort of Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. It contains many hidden wonders of nature, natural landscape with mountain terrain of hills, green forests make up the picture layout harmony with the romantic scenery and attractive landscape land .

SaPa is located on at altitude of 1650 meters  on slopes  Lo Suay Tong . Top of this mountain can be seen in the southeast of SaPa, elevation 2228 meters. From town to look down the valleyyou can see Ngoi Dum in the east and Muong Hoa valley in southwest


SaPa Vietnam

Like a sleepy beautiful girl, SaPa this season is floating in white mist. At an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters, visitors can observe the grandeur of sky and earth.

Sa Pa

Sapa mountain town is steeped in early morning clouds.

Sapa mountain town

Immense terraced fields with endless circle.


In the spring, peach and apricot blossoms are everywhere in Sapa

in Sapa

Phetchaburin, peaceful land in Thailand

End of visit Phra Nakhon park on Khao Wang hill , visitors can relax in the small fishing village of Cha am , which is famous for Santorini park complex .

Phetchaburi is a central province , located about 120 km from Bangkok . This used to have the old car dating from the 8th century by the construction license . So today Phetchaburi also saved a lot of famous ancient ruins .

Park Phra Nakhon Khiri historical view from the high . Photo: flickr

Unlike the famous tourist destinations in Thailand such other Bangkok, Chiang Mai , Pattaya or Phuket , Phetchaburi tourists travel mainly indigenous population . This makes your trip much more attractive than can explore a truly different country Thailand .

Park Phra Nakhon Khiri history as the first place that tourists can visit when you arrive in Phetchaburi . This park was built on Khao Wang hill 92 meters high , located in Muang district includes two main items is the summer palace of King Rama and national museums Khiri Phra Nakkon .

Here you not only admire the ceramic objects crafted name for the king , but also overcome the steep stairs of the museum to the highest areas . From this place visitors can admire the panoramic buildings with special architectural or Thailand ‘s tropical forests along the Myanmar border .

The house

The house with modern architecture . Photo: Panoramio

Leaving Khao Wang , you just had to Cha am , a beautiful small fishing village . Here, tourists can visit Santorini park complex , an entertainment area with a fairly modern architecture was developed based on inspiration from the beautiful island of Santorini and Kaeng Krachan National Park , which is famous for the lush green landscapes , peaceful . After the two -hour walk in the park , visitors can return to the hotel or visit the small local shops to savor khao chae , a famous specialty of this place .

The next destination of travel is Phutchaburi Hua Hin , a resort attractions of Thailand . Hua Hin is located south of Cha am from about 30 minutes drive . If disturbed while in the first choice destination in Hua Hin , the tourists go to Hua Hin train station , one of the oldest and most beautiful station Thailand . Because built under King Rama that is left here is a unique architecture with ancient beauty . This particular station is currently being put to use to serve the needs of people as well as tourists .

Coast Hua Hin is also the ideal location for those who want to enjoy a fresh atmosphere . This coast is about 3 km long with starting point is a narrow fishing port . This is also the location of the statue of the giant Buddha sculptures at the foot of Mount Takiab .

4 delicacies attracted visitors in Fujian

4 delicacies attracted visitors in Fujian

Besides climbing wall dish famous Buddhist tourists to Fujian , China can also enjoy a delicious pasta dish or stewed duck charming allure .

Watch bamboo raft down the mighty Mount Wuyi / Quanzhou , harbor history forgotten in China

Besides admiring the beautiful scenery , visitors should also enjoy special attractive only at this place .

1 . Duck stew Fujian

delicacies attracted visitors

Duck stew Fujian attractive aroma . Photo: mafengwo

Chicken stew is quite unique delicacies at the restaurant ‘s Fujian Province . The reason why this dish to be different than many places because the duck is cooked in its own style of Fujian cuisine , little grease should not make sense for diners sick .

Duck after being washed and then cut into pieces and stewed sauce and special spices . When cooked , the meat has an attractive scent , is eaten with soy sauce mixed with vegetables, garlic and cucumber suitcase .

2 . Fried shrimp Arnica

Arnica shrimp fried crispy crust . Photo: sh.tuniu

Fujian is famous for dishes made ​​from seafood and fried shrimp Arnica is one of them . This is the second dish stewed duck Fujian find many tourists when coming to this land .

Tiger prawns after cleansing spices and rolled through a mixture of salted duck egg yolk puree to the pan then fried . After the shrimp have cooked crust glittering like Arnica and eat the sauce is made ​​from tamarind . ‘s Salty duck eggs , fresh duck meat and sour shrimp sauce really makes me want to eat alone forever .

3 . Pastas

Fujian Noodles more delicious combination of other materials . Photo: mafengwo

Add another famous dish from this ancient land is wheat Fujian . The pasta is quite pale but when processed into other food attracts many customers . Guests can choose from a number of the most popular dishes here like seafood fried noodles or seafood hot pot fish . Pasta is tough and attractive yellow glow will make the customers satisfied .

4 . Buddha climbing wall

Buddha wall jumping is unique dishes of Fujian . Photo: flickr

Buddha climbing wall is not so strange dish with Vietnam but enjoy this dish on its own land is still a pretty interesting experience .

Buddha climbing wall is famous delicacies in Fujian cuisine . The main material includes a lot of proud Marine paints such as shark fin , abalone , deer tendon , mushrooms , cucumbers … and more than 20 other flavorings .

The reason why this dish called Buddha climbing wall for Legend in Tang Dynasty , there is a high rise next to missionary lands . This saved monks in a temple next to the restaurant . Every day since this restaurant emanates a strange scent that does not interfere with the monks mortal nostalgia came climbing over the wall to enjoy unique cuisine that .

Hong Kong reached the top 10 best destination in Asia

Hong Kong is one of the 10 best destinations in Asia Ranked by TripAdvisor travel website with over 50 million passengers to travel in 2013.

Many Hong Kong people admired since you arrived here by airport monumental , busy with connections to over 100 airlines and 180 destinations worldwide. In addition, the Tsing Ma suspension bridge also became the pride of the land port at its center span longer than the Golden Gate bridge in the USA. At night , Hong Kong also attracts visitors with the symphony of light and sound great recurring same laser light beam and the light shines from 45 skyscrapers on both sides of Victoria Bay .
top 10 best destination in Asia

Hong Kong is shimmering in the light show and sound periodically .

Port of origin not only famous for its aromatic hotpot that Poon Choi was one of the first cities in China to become the city of ” Michelin ” in Asia with the stars rated restaurants for fine dining honorable stand hours. Hong Kong also owns the Michelin restaurant with good food cheap under two dollars and density of cafes and restaurants to suit every taste cuisine .

Guests also satisfies passion Kung Fu arriving in Hong Kong – ” cradle ” of the legendary world famous martial arts such as Bruce Lee , Jet Li , Jackie Chan . Families and children are satisfied to have fun when it comes to two world-class park is Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland . Each year , these two parks attract millions of tourists .

Besides, Hong Kong is still maintained from ancient festivals year-round cultural attractions such as Changzhou festival dumplings with dumplings race to climb the giant tower full of fun is ranked top 10 local festivals the world’s most exotic or Tai Hang fire dragon dance with dragons 67 m long , made ​​of straw and covered with tens of thousands of incense sticks are burned to create unique spectacle of fire and smoke …

Hong Kong Disneyland park
Hong Kong Disneyland park attractions with many new games .

Hong Kong also attracted by the shopping district around Victoria Bay . The existence of the flea markets , shopping streets like Ladies Market , east and west Li Yuen Road , Temple Street Night Market … selling fashion items , home appliances and furniture , especially electronics, offers the opportunity purchase price travelers . Next it was expensive retail Causeway Bay ( Ranked by CNN Travel ) with many luxury shops , monumental scale and Nathan streets – where the outlets abound of famous fashion brands in the world . These places would satisfy an interest in luxury goods of all customers. Timing attracted many Hong Kong tourists travel season is also the most ” super ” up to 50 % discount in July , August or Christmas , Lunar New Year .

Hong Kong reached the top 10 best destination in Asia

Gangwon south korea – host of 2018 Winter Olympics

Gangwon south korea – host of 2018 Winter Olympics

Owning beautiful mountains as Seoraksan , Chiaksan , Odaesan and Taebaeksan so in winter, when heavy snow , the mountains of Gangwon Province turned into an exciting skiing paradise .

Winter Olympics as the sports event is organized exclusively for winter sports , is played on ice or snow , such as ice skating , skiing … City of Gangwon Pyeongchang was named is ” ski heaven Asia” and will be key to the city ” 2018 Winter Olympics ” . Pyeongchang more complex ski resort as most modern ski resort with many facilities including Alpensia ski trail all 6 levels to accommodate up to 3,000 people at a time slider .

In addition , it also combines ski jumping tower far unique Ski Jumping Tower – which allows athletes skiers reach speeds of 40km an hour skating or skiing complexes Phoenix Park Ski Resort – one of the top 7 best ski resorts South Korea , where the first elevator system owns catering ski professionals . In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to visit 17 ski slopes ( 4 of these standards by the International Ski Federation ) . The city also owns a modern stadium has a capacity of 60,000 people .

Gangwon south korea

Pyeongchang more complex modern ski resort top .

Gangwon Province is located in eastern Korean peninsula . Here, not only owns the ski runs and a world-class stadium that can accommodate large tourist and athletes have the opportunity to tour the sights . Seorak Mountain Park Gangwon Province is a national park of South Korea , the mountains are formed by alternately arranged ridges 700 unique , 1,708 -meter peak , spanning 4 towns and cities of Gangwon Province .

To explore Seorak mountain , visitors will have more options as mountaineers program 6 hours , 8 hours or 10 hours or services can use the cable car to explore this place . With its unique terrain and beautiful scenery , this place is considered as tourist destinations for mountaineering athletes and sports lovers walking , hiking .

Most tourists are recognized where there are four distinct seasons , tourist season will always feel the beauty and unique scenery was amazed at the wonders of nature bestowed on man . In the spring , Seoraksan of colorful flowers, cool summer with water in blue, cloudless . Autumn, golden leaf tree , crimson create a romantic setting . And in winter the white snow , tourists pleasure watching the snow covered peaks . Because of the rich flora and fauna so in 1981 , UNESCO recognized the park is Mount Seorak ecological conservation areas of the world .

Gangwon south korea – host of 2018 Winter Olympics

Krabi, attractive destinations in southern Thailand

Krabi, attractive destinations in southern Thailand

The serene beaches , not too crowded and still quite natural that pristine Krabi is becoming the new target of many tourists .

Phuket , the largest island in Thailand, which is one of the attractive destinations in the ” land of smiles ” . But city located on the coast opposite the name Andaman Krabi has emerged as a new address for those who intend to choose Thai country retreat .

Located west coast of the peninsula south of Thailand , Krabi has sunny beaches , fine sand , clear blue water and rocks left off . Mangroves and tropical greenery , rivers and hot springs that visitors are always ” busy ” with activities during their stay in Krabi .

Out on the Andaman Sea coast

Boat trip will take you across the wake of the many seams of limestone islets shaped like an egg floating on the ocean . Most of the traditional long boat relatives of people near Krabi will take you to Koh Poda and Chicken Island , an island with a narrow strip of land but chicken necks connecting the body and head. Some day rove below emerald green water , you ‘ll be spoiled watching coral reefs and hundreds of species of colorful fish not unlike Malpes or Fiji .


The island off Krabi is always associated with smooth sand , crystal clear sea and deep blue sky . Photo: Asiajourney – travel .

Soak in the hot waterfall Nam Tok Ron ,

Nam Tok Ron is one of the hot springs at the picturesque Krabi . This is like an outdoor spa with natural rock pools filled with water at a temperature of about 40 ° C. Hot springs and waterfalls situated Nam Tok Ron Krabi city center is only 45 km , suitable for trips or half a day. Admission 90 baht (about $3 ) .

Swimming in the lake of Sa Morakot Emerald

Tropical forest soils low in Thailand is the only biosphere reserve in Khao Pra Bang Songkhram and also the area most biodiversity in southern Thailand . Located deep in the forest canopy as Sa Morakot Emerald with pool between greenery .

After walking through the forest on the supply line in specific reserves , you can comfortably relax muscles in the swimming pool with water temperature around 30 degrees C. Reservoir wide alternating small waterfalls suited families for children to play. Admission price is 200 baht ( $7 ) for adults and 100 baht ( $3.5 ) for children .
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Turin city in Italy

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals

With the quiet temple between ocean and colorful festival , Bali is considered the tourist paradise of Southeast Asia and the world .

The land of temples

Temple is everywhere in Bali , from the great temple has existed for centuries , until the small shrine in the corner , the street , in people’s houses , or schools … In Bali temple were divided into 2 groups , separately temple for each family to worship ancestors and common temple was built by the contributions of people to worship god.

These temples are generally magnificent , is sending all artisans devoted faith , becoming the masterpiece artwork .

bali indonesia

Ancient Architecture of Gunung Kawi temple . Photo: Theglobalgamine .

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals .

Gunung Kawi is a cluster of temples and statues built in the 11th century Tampak Siring village in the northeast town of Ubud , situated on the Pakrisan river . On the way to phrase this temple is the golden terraced fields of rice in nine seasons with the green mountain ridges forming beautiful natural picture .

During the evening hours only quiet streams and singing birds of the forest , about dark gloomy atmosphere makes the spiritual purity of the temple becomes mysterious . Most prominent in this population are 10 pictures of towers , they are hight 7 m  and carved on a cliff , the king Udayana dynasty Anak Wungsu built to honor him and his queen .

Tanh Lot temple

Tanh Lot temple . Photo: Zenpundit

Tanah Lot Temple  also attracts many visitors . The temple full cover on a small island between the four green sea surface waves . Enjoy the sunset at this temple is an elegant pleasures . At sun down diving down , between the immense space of ocean , golden afternoon sun spread harmony on the gorgeous green ocean .

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals .

The featured festival

Every morning in front of any  house in Bali , we are caught Hindu devotees perform rituals are religious praying . They believe that in everyday life the spirit is present everywhere , see everything and give witness of their sincerity . The offerings are something very familiar in everyday life of the people as flowers , rice , salt , bread , fruit .

Saraswasti festival honor Saraswati Goddess – the god of knowledge , music and art . The festival is held in the family , schools and temples in Bali .

Sanur village festival

Bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals . Presentation of gifts in Sanur village festival . Photo: LonelyPlanet .

At this feast all people of Bali and students edit the books , brushed clean of dust then put them in the house or bring temples and schools . All learning areas are clean , ornate to god Saraswati visible and gives good luck .

Located in the northern island of Bali , Sanur village is famous for its dreamy beaches , friendly people and cultures is especially typical of Bali .

In the days of the traditional festivals Sanur , all daily activities of the village virtually stopped, every road , nooks and crannies are colorful decorated to cater for the festival . The flower car parade around the streets of Bali . They are decorated with local products are all kinds of cotton , fruit characters shown in the area under the Hindu religion .

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals .

four seasons at tokyo

Today I will show you four seasons at tokyo

With pure pink of cherry blossoms and brilliant reds of maple leaves ,  Tokyo is attractive place for visitors .

In every season of the year , you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in Tokyo and immersed in the festive special .

1.Spring at tokyo

Unlike Vietnam , Japan in spring is March , April and May  . Spring in here is brilliant by pink , white of cherry and many other beautiful flowers . This season is the opportunity for people to watch blossom and burst into slaves participating in the Spring Festival .

There are many famous blossom to view in Tokyo as Chidorigafuchi moat or  Sumida river . The blossom festivals are also held in all parts of the city , represented by Ueno park .

Spring at tokyo

In addition to view cherry blossoms you can also see other flowers at many points in the city as vibrant chrysanthemums bloom in March , red rhododendron flowers in April and early May is usually fuji and flowers blooming roses .

Spring is also the season of festivals . Go toTokyo in May , visitors have the opportunity to participate in Sanja festival is organized on a large scale ,  estimated 1.5 million visitors visit to here .

four seasons at tokyo .

2.summer at tokyo

Even in the hot months of summer as June , July and August , tourists have many ways to enjoy while they go to Tokyo . Summer is the season of fireworks festival , the Obon dance in vibrant summer nights .

Tokyo has more than 20 fireworks festival is held on weekends in July and August . With its unique and sophisticated fireworks festival always attracts tourists . Not only enjoy spectacular fireworks display , you can also enjoy a variety of food and drinks at the bar mobile .

summer at tokyo

Go to Tokyo this season , you could hardly ignore the great shopping opportunities . This time most of the department stores , shopping centers are super promotional programs , goods decreased from 50-70 % .

four seasons at tokyo .

3.autumn at tokyo

September , October and November  is the tourist season , enjoy season in Japan . It is easily caught red maple leaves on each of streets , squares , on the campus and on the dome of the temple in Tokyo . This is the time of blooming flowers such as chrysanthemum , butterfly flower .

autumn at tokyo

To Tokyo in November , you will also be involved in Tori no ichi festival . The festival is held around the temple in the city to give thanks for a year of peace and wishes for happy things will come next year .

four seasons at tokyo .

4.winter at tokyo

Winter is the time in Tokyo streets become the busiest in years . Especially during Christmas or New Year , everybody cried slaves poured into the street to create a bustling atmosphere . At night , where bright lights and beautifully decorated . Be sure to visit the neighborhood is lit up brightly as Marunochi Naka Dori , Shinjuku Southern Terrace , Harajuku ..

winter at tokyo

On this occasion , the department stores , supermarkets opening promotion attracted numerous buyers .

four seasons at tokyo

halong bay vietnam – wonder of the world

Halong Bay Vietnam – wonder of the world

Halong Bay  is a small bay in the Gulf of Tonkin of East Sea Vietnam , including islands of Halong City, Cam Pha City and a portion of the district Van Don – a province of Quang Ninh.

Halong Bay is a unique heritage because it contains important traces in the formation and development of Earth’s history , the cradle of the ancient Vietnamese residents , while the artwork great shaping of nature with the presence of thousands of islands is diverse , with many interesting caves clustered into a vivid world has just mysterious . Besides, Ha Long Bay is also home to high biodiversity with typical eco- systems along with thousands of plant and animal species are abundant and diverse . It was also associated with cultural values ​​- the heroic history of the Vietnam .

halong bay vietnam

Halong bay vietnam – wonder of the world

Features of Halong Bay is a system of islands and beautiful caves . Island in Ha Long are two types : limestone islands and schist islands , concentrated in two main areas are the southeast of Bai Tu Long Bay and southwestern of Ha Long Bay . This is the oldest image of the terrain tectonic age from 250-280 million years , a result of the campaign raised, lowered repeatedly from a sunken continent ocean . Carxto corrosion process , almost completely weathered to create a unique Ha Long Bay in the world .

halong bay
Halong Bay has  hundreds of islands , each island brings a very different shape vivid : Dau Nguoi island , Dragon island  ,  La Vong  island , Canh Buom island , Trong Mai island , Lu Huong island … Implicit in the heart of the island is beautiful caves in  legends  as Thien Cung cave , Dau Go cave , Sung Sot cave , Trinh Nu cave , Tam Cung cave … It was the palace of the Creator  on the earth . From time immemorial , Ha Long has been great poet Nguyen Trai ethnic dubbed the ” wonders land high up in the sky .”

halong bay vietnam – wonder of the world .