best free museums in usa

best free museums in usa

The United States renowned for the great museums in the world and a few of them for free tickets to visit .

best free museums in usa .

Smithsonian Museums , Washington DC

American Capital is expensive standard of living , except to the museum costs . The Smithsonian exhibition themes of history, science and art ready to welcome visitors at any certain age . With a total of 13 museums in the system , visitors can touch step in the natural world at the Museum of Natural History ( Natural History Museum ) or the paintings of Picasso at the Art Museum ( Art Museum) .

best free museums in usa

The aircraft in aviation museums – the space of the Smithsonian system . Photo: Smithsonian Institution .

best free museums in usa .

Cleveland Art Museum , Cleveland , Ohio

World-class museum was founded in 1913 from the always open to welcome visitors from all over to explore the artwork was brought from Egypt , Europe , Asia … You can admire the paintings paintings by Picasso , Van Gogh , Monet , and Degas Linnell . Besides artifacts , sculpture , glass blowing is the most beautiful objects in the CAM ( abbreviated name of the Cleveland Art Museum) .

Cleveland Art Museum

The painting ” Noah : The Eve of the Deluge ” by artist John Linnell painting hanging in a museum in 1848 . Photo: .

best free museums in usa .

Museum of Contemporary Photography , Chicago , Illinois

Chicago City is a destination worthy of those who love photography. Beautiful scenery , the impressive architecture , friendly people and of course indispensable Museum of Contemporary Photography ( Museum of Contemporary Photography ) .

Located on the campus of Columbia College Chicago and was founded in 1984 , is leading photography museums in the Midwest region . The exhibited works by the authors are students , researchers , professionals and teachers perform . You’ll also be able to learn the development of technology over time through the camera lens .


Those who love photography can hardly leave the steps from Museum of Contemporary Photography . Photo: Richard / Flickr .

best free museums in usa .

Toledo Art Museum Glass Pavilion , Toledo , Ohio

Founded more than a century now , in 1901 , Toledo Museum of Art ( Toledo Art Museum) are the known world by the precious collection . More than 30,000 works of art symbolizes America and Europe , including paintings , glass art history , artifacts of Greek , Roman , Egyptian , Asian , Africa … is a science exhibition and rich aesthetic .

In addition, the activity of the Glass Pavilion ( the Toledo Art Museum , which opened in 2006) introduced the art of glass material with approximately 5,000 artifacts from the ancient to the present . Glass Pavilion itself by Travel + Leisure magazine awarded ” Best Museum – Best Museum ” in 2007 .


The work of glass artist Ginny Ruffner 1990 ” Beauty as Drama ” in the Glass Pavilion . Photo: Hanneorla / Flickr .

best free museums in usa .

J. Paul Getty Museum , Los Angeles , California

For those who love the greenery of the elegant gardens , art and architecture , this is the place for you . Building architecture gives a more delicate works of art the world’s most perfect and the work itself is also a work . Visitors to the museum will be paintings , sculpture , decorative and photographs from Europe and America to attract ecstasy . The museum’s collection was purchased or gifts from around the world .

Do not forget to book a table and enjoy a meal sold at the museum’s restaurant , where guests will be immersed in the dense atmosphere of arts in every corner .


Paul Getty Museum is the museum of architecture strangely . Photo: Mariotticarlo.itj .

best free museums in usa .

Jane Addams Hull – House , Chicago , Illinois

Jane Addams was born in Cedarville , Illinois in 1860 . After graduating from Rockford Female Seminary in 1881 , she was with Ellen Gates Starr founded the Hull – House social office at 1889 West Chicago . Her life until he died in 1935 before the days work is tireless in her writing and her efforts for peace . Visit the museum , those who care about social justice would totally agree that women can do extraordinary things . After being restored and embellished , the second floor is the museum artifacts ever more openly as Addams ‘s bedroom , diaries , photographs and a Nobel Peace Prize .


Jane Addams house has now been corrected and additional artifacts on display . Photo: wikipedia .

The Wheelwright Museum of the American India , Santa Fe , New Mexico

If you are interested in understanding the history and interested in the formation and development of the country as well as the natives , which is offering a lot of information , especially about the Navajo people . From basket weaving , pottery and paintings by Navajo artists are made ​​to a formal arrangement . Can you come here often if conditions change by the museum displays works constantly . Founded in 1937 by Mary Cabot Wheelwright said , came from Boston and Hastiin klah , a singer and pharmacist Navajo , The Wheelwright Museum of the American India is a destination not to be missed when you come to Santa Fe , the state New Mexico .

best free museums in usa .

clown festival mexico

clown festival mexico

Hundreds of clowns from throughout Latin America flock to Mexico to participate in the festival for the clown is held here every year .

These days filled Mexico City colors and incredibly fun when hundreds of happy clown parade  in 18th  international  festival clown . This festival is like meeting for those who bring laughter to everyone .

Clown festival mexico

Clown festival mexico .The clown face brings laughter to all around the world .

Also known as the ” festival of laughter ” and the Association of Latin American countries are  founder , this year the festival attracts clowns from countries like Peru , Nicaragua , Costa Rica and the United States .

Pingo clown said : ” This year we welcome the 18th festival with more than 500 clowns from 12 countries have flocked to it . Annually , we discuss together  experience how to become a true clown . ”

Attending the festival , the clown will learn more skills , experience and trend updates .

These clowns will attend workshops to hone experiences , through which they will be updated with new costumes and best as shoes , makeup , wigs and amusing way for audience , especially children .

” We are a collective solidarity without borders and racial discrimination . Thing we want to do is always for the best affection for children around the world,”  Torrejita clown  said .


Each clown brings his own definition of hometown to Clown festival mexico .

Pompin clowns same point : ” To train ourselves better , just have to work every day . Fortunately , we are well trained and do not suffer too much pressure as the other job .”

The clown is very important in lives and culture of Mexico . They usually perform on the street and make a few pesos each day . Festival for the clown is held annually in part to find who supports for the entertainment industry . Each year thousands of trained clowns and professional in Mexico estimates that more than 10,000 clowns .
Clown festival mexico.

Lawrence, grasshoppers in the lavender bush

For many travelers , like Lawrence grasshopper green notes of pineapple and smooth lavender want , see life from a dense bush calm and curious .

Retorted the patter of raindrops falling on the car window hastily , while two all forever push the lever a cloudy afternoon . Inside the car window , purple lavender bundles located in the wheel gentle , fragrant silence his throne .


Lawrence is the sixth largest city of the state of Kansas with the lovely lavender farm like that . Do not hide the excitement in his eyes seemed to know at that moment , lavender is in season and everything will happen very quickly within two weeks . On the first day of the season just blooming lavender , some young girl crept from flowers to the branches unripe cotton turned dark purple tinged pink .

Those who go see lavender in a sunny day certainly would not know what had interesting nose on a flowering branch , sleepy smell fragrant smell of the earth rushing up with the rain coming thunderstorm .

And instead of the purple flower petals dotted with black and white stripes of a beautiful butterfly haughty , people will be happy to pleasure the children chased the grasshoppers uncle quietly hiding in dusty lavender blue .

In a moment that felt like grasshoppers green notes of pineapple and smooth lavender want , see life from a dense bush calm and curious . Wind , clouds and lavender , the world ‘s only about that stuff .

In the evening , about the night sky suddenly lit lights on the kickball field . The kickball game in Lawrence Sunday night like a carnival , people carry on their shoulders the bucket of cold beer , and do not forget to go all the dogs to tow . The baby stands trifle boisterous beer gulping sound , voice chat , smoke smell wafting up in the air tube lights illuminate the courtyard below .

Everything in the stands every game kickball overly excited until drunk or too tired audience cheered because , although nobody focused on the game . In fact , take a look at kickball just an excuse for the young people in Lawrence have public outdoor courtyard for dating, drinking beer comfortable , showing off tattoos , screaming , releasing smoke …

Much awaited moment when the game is close to ending . It is at the local youth celebrate by standing up and singing the U.S. National Anthem crashed car keys into beer . If you have the opportunity to participate in such an evening in Lawrence , you should definitely look up and practice for a circuits by the end of beer before the song ends .

In a town with the placement of the baby together, you will not be surprised if you recognize yourself sitting on the sidelines, kickball match is a group of beautiful girls bisexuality and homosexuality . In the state of Kansas , Lawrence is not known tourist place . But the interesting secrets of this city lies in the parallel bars lovable eccentric . On 8th Street , Sand Bar can be sold for $ 2 a cocktail accompanied by a shark picture tubes contain alcohol .

While the restaurant yelling : ” Shark ! Shark ! Shark ! ” ( Shark ! Sharks ) , the slope drinking wine from a shark mouth on blue glass and red looking liquid has been spilled out like a shark attack . That’s when visitors realize why there are three bars on the ceiling shark effigy gasped as threatening to break down the floor .

As well past midnight , while Lawrence has pillow to sleep , visitors step on the deserted brick paved walkway between the town center , wondering why people have crammed between urban and crowded noisy America ?

* Kickball : A sport similar to baseball , but instead of using sticks to beat , the foot playing soccer . Ball used in the game is kickball rubber ball about the size of football . Kickball was born in America in the twentieth century .

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

As a picture perfect natural colors , Lake Atitlan is also handed a place to heal every disease, referred to as the high-handed witch of Guatemala .

Guatemala is home to the most developed civilizations of pre- Colombian America . The country has more than 40% of the indigenous population . Owning many world cultural heritage , it was made ​​of additional incentives Lake Atitlan . They handed this is where everyone can heal illness , should be such as high witch ‘s hands Guatemala . Lake was created from the mouth of the giant volcanic eruption 84,000 years ago .
Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala .

German explorer Alexander von Humboldt had uttered this is the most beautiful lake in the world . Or Aldous Huxley, British writer wrote about Atitlan : ” For me , the picturesque Lake Atitlan . It’s really good on everything . ”

Atitlan is considered to be the deepest lake in Central America , about 340 meters , an area of ​​130 km ² and is bounded south by three large volcanoes ( San Pedro , Atitlan and Tolimanet ) .
Santiago Atitlan and Panajachel is the second largest tourist city on the lake , there are also a range of bars , restaurants and hotels , many towns and villages rich e clocks hamlet nestled on the green .

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala .

Residents majority speak Spanish , and they are very hospitable , welcoming visitors with a friendly smile as he knew from long ago. The Maya lived here mainly because of agriculture, they planted corn , coffee , fishing and tourism .

Besides beautiful scenery , the lake waters during glittering like crystal . Here, visitors can participate in kayaking , parasailing or scuba diving to explore the flora and fauna and all the wild beauty of the lake . The adventurous visitors can try their best to climb up one of the three volcanoes around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala .


You can also visit Santiago , is a small city on the other side of San Pedro volcano . It has an old church built 16th century , preserved many ancient sculptures . On the bas-relief of the church , visitors can see the presence of the shaman , a form of Mayan beliefs .

Most attractions in Lake Atitlan is a trip to the village of 12, 12 apostles of Jesus . San Juan is a small village near San Pedro , where visitors can leisurely stroll and chat with locals , meet the talented artisans of the famous San Juan ethnic or enjoy sweet Sololá scale in crowded bazaars and colorful .

San Marco Village also attract visitors by peace . As a center for meditation, healing and strange things , it also has a kind of celestial travel with paranormal activity began on the fifteenth day of each month . Each day has a showers in the early afternoon so the water reservoir is always full and pure .

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States

If you intend to travel in the U.S. , you should not ignore the state beautiful landscape below.

1 . State of California

most beautiful states

California is known as the most beautiful states in the U.S. by the great beauty of the beaches , the picturesque vineyards and majestic landscape of mountains , forests , lakes , parks , desert … Besides , California also addresses many tourist attractions such as Hollywood , Disneyland , Yosemite national Park , Napa valley and San Francisco Bay .

2 . Montana State

Montana StateMontana – land of unspoiled landscape and blue sky – is one of the most beautiful states in America . The address where tourism is popular in Glacier National Park , Lawis & Clark Trail , Yellowstone , Big ski resort Ski or rocky mountains west of Montana .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

3 .   Alaska State

Alaska State

Reaching out of the Arctic Ocean , Alaska is the state with the largest area in the United States . Alaska is a great combination of endless snow-capped mountains and river systems and lakes, diverse wildlife , rich . It is also regarded as a paradise for lovers of adventure and a place to admire the beautiful scenery in the world .

4 . Utah State
Utah State

Utah is known as the state with the incredible beauty of the natural wonders . Here, visitors will admire the beauty of Arches National Park , Canyonlands National Park and Stone Mountain Basin – home to the best ski resort in the United States .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

5 . Arizona State

Arizona State

Arizona State is where a lot of the most frequent visitors to the United States . It has stunning views of the canyon , forest , lake and river valleys weird .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

6 . Hawaii


Hawaii is known for its unique culture as well as the abundance of fauna and flora and the natural landscape . This is the only U.S. state made ​​up of islands and there are many great sanctuaries National Monument Papahanaumokuakea , Haleakala National Park , National Park Hawaii Volcanoes … The place attracts many visitors especially Pearl Harbor , Maui , Big Island and Kauai .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

7 . State of Colorado

Owning a series of scenic spots in the national parks , ski resorts , the wildlife conservation … , Colorado is in the top 10 of America’s most beautiful state . Colorado has the natural beauty of the landscapes and the diversity , the richness of nature. From the stunning beauty of the rocky mountains to the Colorado River gorge deep in the address are attracting tourists to come here .

8 . Michigan State

Michigan State

Michigan State luckier than other states in the U.S. because there are many large lakes and natural beauty. The scenic highlights may be mentioned here that Pictured Rocks , Mackinac Island , the wildlife preserve Isle Royale , Sleeping Bear sand dunes …

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

9 . State of Oregon
Oregon State

Oregon is one of the states in the American popular culture and landscape . Besides the beauty of Steens Mountain , Crater Lake National Park , famous places in this state is the coast of Oregon , Columbia Historic Highway Lake and Cascade Lake Highway . Oregon is such a great gift that ” mother nature ” bestowed on American soil .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

10 . Florida State

Florida State
The state of Florida is located in the southernmost point of the U.S. . It has a harmonious blend of blue beaches , colorful cities , romantic light , balmy weather and the sweet Latin tunes .

With beautiful Miami beaches such as Venice of America and the entertainment world’s most famous – Disney World , Florida is always an ideal destination for tourists . The highlight here is the gorgeous beaches , vibrant life of people and a lot of hidden outback interesting things for you to discover .

Top 10 most beautiful state of  United States .