Nashville – music capital of the U.S

Nashville – music capital of the us

” Welcome to Nashville , you can take luggage bins and  guitar in conveyor ” the words of the hostess when you are landing in the state capital of Tennessee , USA .
As the state capital of east Tennessee Central America , Nashville is the center of the music industry and nickname ” Music City – the city of music ” also stems from that .

Nashville has over 125 places to play blues , rock , jazz and country ( country music ) . Looking for a place to listen to music in just a matter of  your hobby . Music is everywhere , you will be able to hear the songs emanating from speakers placed at the intersection or street side cafes .

Nashville has songwriter community is the largest and it’s unique place where you can drop ” music ” from the top down rather than ” time ball ” during the Eve as other cities .
There are many places to play music at Neshville . Photo: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

You can begin your exploration of Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame and museum has the same name , where it ‘s kept many mementos like country music album , video clip , clothes performances by singers from the green shoes of Carl Perkins ‘s Versace gown Faith Hill , Taylor Swift guitar or a shiny Cadillac of Elvis Presley . Also Music City ‘s Walk of Fame – Avenue for famous music artists are worth to visit and allow you to come closer to the singer , his favorite musician .

Also known as the ” House of thousands of hits ” , a visit to RCA Studio B can be make you know more about  Nashville . Located in the heart of ” Music Road ” ( 16th Avenue South and 17th ) , Studio B has recorded approximately 40 million singles each sold over 35,000 songs and over 200 Elvis songs Founded in 1957 , this studio to work the first day after Elvis died in 1977. coincidentally An amazingly .

Newest Museum in the city ‘s  ” Johnny Cash “ – musician , singer , actor and famous authors have great influence on American music in the 20th century . One of the precious artifacts is the marriage registration of June and Johnny , a portion of the wall of Hendersonville family had been destroyed by fire , a tin cup from Folsom Prison where Johnny Cash recorded albums and songs written tunes before he finally died .

Nashville 2

Wall portrays legendary singer songwriter – Johnny Cash . Photo: Cynthia Dial

Lower Broadway is district where entertainment of Nashville focus here . They are opened from 10am to 3am the next morning . You will feel the atmosphere of music ” dense ” surrounding streets . This step is where legends like Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson began his career . Nowadays , a lot of musical talent also seek opportunities to shine from Lower Broadway .

After wandering tired , you can stay at the Bluebird Café , close to Lower Broadway . From opening day in 1982, Bluebird has become Nashville ‘s treasures . Rich history in space , cafe is always ” mecca ” inspire so many musicians . Faith Hill and Kathy Mattea was trained on the stage this nice little cozy , plus singer -songwriter Taylor Swift also revealed 15 years old talent from here .

Most attractive destination city may include Grand Ole Opry . Many of the show from the young singer Carrie Underwood sang the country music legend Tammy Wynette with ” Stand by Your Man ” and Vince Gill … has left an unforgettable impression in the audience . In 1974, the theater Orpy moved from the old location to the current location Ryman and still exciting every night .

In addition to music , Nashville is still a lot of fun waiting for you to discover . The city was founded on Christmas Day 1779 . Near the highest point of the city – on Capitol Hill , you will be able to find one of the most wonderful place to stay , 5 star hotel Hermitage . Opened in 1910 , ” million dollar hotel ” luxurious Persian rug use , marble Sienna ( Italy ) on paved entrance and a glass ceiling in very artistic .

when you travel to Hawaii , the words you should remember

when you travel to Hawaii , the words you should remember

Located in the heart of the tropical Pacific , Hawaii is an archipelago made ​​up of 132 small islands 2,450 km long pearl chain from southeast to northwest of the Pacific Ocean . This is considered a tourist paradise of the world .

Besides its favorable geographical location , Hawaii tourist attraction also by the multicultural ethnicity . In addition to the U.S. , Hawaii is also home to many people in Asia such as Japan , Korea , China , Philippines . Therefore , the language ” compensation ” in this place is very well developed and sometimes not knowing if we would hardly be able to chat with the natives .

And here are some common vocabulary in Hawaii .

1 . Aloha

Aloha is one of the most famous words in Hawaii . It carries many meanings as greetings , love , peace , thanks, bye … Aloha with different meanings can be distinguished only in context .

travel to Hawaii

Aloha is a word commonly used and popular in Hawaii .

2 . Mahalo

Mahalo means thank . You will see from day to appear regularly on the trash can lid in Hawaii , but it does not mean Mahalo junk .

3 . Kokua

From this mean help / support . When to Hawaii , the phrase you will hear the most is ” Mahalo for your kokua ” (Thanks for your help ) .

4 . Mauka & Makai

Mauka Makai means that there is a sea mountain . These two words will be used when the natives directions for visitors .

6 . Poke ( POH – KEH )

This is a typical dish in Hawaii – raw fish salad (usually tuna ) mixed with garlic , onions, tomatoes …

7 . Pono

This word means fair , ethical or appropriate .

8 . Haole

Since this means that only those foreigners , often as whites . Sometimes this word brings offense but depending on the circumstances .

9 . Howzit

When someone tells you ” Howzit ” , which means ” How are you ? Healthy no ” . This is a social greeting in Hawaii .

10 . Ohana

Ohana means family with extended meaning , often used in the workplace or place of people to express feelings of love .

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High roller, a new experience in Las Vegas

High roller, a new experience in Las Vegas

If you are stopped in Las Vegas and about half an hour not knowing what to do , High Roller will be the perfect solution to experience a different perspective on the ” gambling capital of the world ” .

High roller Las Vegas , America ‘s latest work has just been added to the list of fun activities at the city’s southern Nevada . Singapore Flyer marginally better at ” Lion Island ” nearly 3 meters , this giant wheels currently holds the record for height ( 167.6 m ) with 28 cabins with each cabin can accommodate 40 passengers .

This means that 1,120 people can simultaneously watch the Las Vegas landscape below . ” Brother ,” The London Eye in the capital of England High Roller lower than about 30 m and seem to give back to the famous High Roller .

High roller

High Roller panorama of the night is right behind the hotel casino Harris . Photo: USA Today .

Caesars Entertainment Corporation, currently spinning wheel cycle management estimates there will be about 4 million visitors in its first year and put into operation . Began operations in late March , the High Roller quickly become eye attraction as well as eagerness of people . Las Vegas on the already sparkling night but now even more impressive when 2,000 LED lights that are lit wheels stand out more on the horizon .

High Roller can be shown by monochromatic light or change color over time . They also plan to change color depending on holidays and events .

Pair of roller wheels with a diameter of over 2 m per axis , the largest ever . 28 cabins have fixed outer shell , which is nested inside a spherical lens with the ability to rotate around its axis . 3,650 tons of steel and 112 strands ( each strand approximately 70 m ) was used to create the High Roller .

Average journey lasts 30 minutes and you will be able to see 360 degrees below Las Vegas . You would think that 40 people in a cabin will be quite tight but the area of ​​20,9 square meters of fully allows all passengers to enjoy the scenery and record the memorable moments .

Price was once on the High Roller $ 24.95 for the day and $ 34.95 a night . Also a ticket or three days ( and $ 44.95 respectively from $ 54.95 ) you can let up anytime High Roller (1 ) .

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9 interesting facts about mexico

Today I will show you 9 interesting facts about mexico

interesting facts about mexico
1.On the picture is the Tarahumara Sierra Madre natives in traditional costumes of the Easter ceremonies , religious unity with Christians . During the ceremony lasted ten days, people will dance and perform a symbolic battle between good and evil . Finally , effigies of Judas , will be burned .

Mexico – the country of discovery !

2.Everyyear, in January, the white cowboy hat of Mexico traveled together to a mountain in the center of the country. This journey , in honor of Jesus Christ , will end at the foot of his statue hight 20 meters on Mount Cubilete , in the state of Guanajuato .

white cowboy

9  interesting facts about mexico .

3.Chichen Itza Pyramid of Maya – peoples of the Yucatan Peninsula, was built in the hight mountains touch the clouds . Only about one recent decades , the understanding of one of the brilliant civilization and the most mysterious was learn , especially through Doomsday event last 2012 .

Chichen Itza Pyramid

4. Palm Beach in Cancun – the name of it speaks of the features of this landscape : green palm trees stretched across the white sand beach . This is the familiar address of the tourist Mexico, where traveler’s ships regularly take visitors arrived .

Palm Beach in Cancun

Palm Beach in Cancun

Mexico – the country of discovery !

5.In a traditional dance , the dancers of the Mariachi wear colorful dress and begin dance steps , the percussive foot or zaptateado . And the men will approach them from behind . The woman can extract skirt fanned out to keep a distance with people that she does not want to talk .

traditional dance

traditional dance of Mexico

Mexico – the country of discovery !

6.This is the backdrop for thousands of people crowded in Mexico City bullring to bet on the performance of the matador and vaqueros , euphemistically called cowboys . One of the most attractive bullfighting will start from Spain in March , to Lima in November and ended the year in this Central American country .


9 interesting facts about mexico

Mexico – the country of discovery !

7.Located among acres of Chihuahuan desert burning persists for the snorkeler ‘s paradise – the hand diving without air tanks . Lake Cuatro Cienegas ( quarter mile ) which is an aquatic dress , a protected area between a strange biological drylands . Blue waters , clear here is paradise for many aquatic species of Mexico .


8.On the picture is the colorful flamingos are gearing up to fly . We often ‘ run ‘ through the shallow water before soaring to the marsh wetlands in the Yucatan Peninsula , along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico . This beautiful species of birds reside everywhere , which is usually wet areas and warm .


9. This is a geckos , it has name “ iguana ” . This species is the largest reptile America and has nearly 20 years old , an impressive figure . Photo was taken in Cozumel , an island east of the Yucatan Peninsula .


6 best places to travel in the usa

Today I will show you 6 best places to travel in the usa

1.Florida Keys

best places to travel in the usa

Blue  waters of the Florida Keys .

Florida Keys is a winding coast of Florida and tropical peninsula connected to the mainland by a series of bridges . The bridge was the most spectacular Seven Mile Bridge , often appearing in movies such as True Lies, The Fast and the Furious 2 . In addition, visitors can also move the highway U.S. Highway 1 that runs from Key Largo to reach the island.

2.Las Vegas

Las Vegas

” City Lights ” Las Vegas is not just for celebrities , professionals ” throwing money out the window .” If you do not like the casino , you can leisurely stroll around the city of dazzling lights . Las Vegas Strip is a distance of Las Vegas Boulevard , there are many hotels , casinos and resorts , amusement .

3.White House

White House

White House security was tightened after terrorist attacks from 11/9/2001 .

The White House was built from 1792 to 1800 in Washington DC is the official residence and office of the president .

The first person to use this building as President John Adams . After the attacks occurred on 11/9/2001 , the White House has tightened security .

6 best places to travel in the usa .

4.Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Located at the border between the U.S. and Canada , Niagara Falls is one of the natural wonders of the most spectacular on the North American continent . Niagara includes three different waterfalls , American falls , Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls . Falls has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world with over 14 million tourists visit each year .

5.Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano

The eruption of Kilauea volcano .

Kilauea is one of the active volcanoes recently , it is also the volcano contributed to the Hawaiian Islands . Kilauea is quite low compared to other volcanoes and is one of the most active volcanoes on Earth . This mountain has erupted 30 times since 1952 . Most recent eruption was on 01/03/1983 .

6.Denali National Park

Denali National Park

You can find these rare animals in Denali National Park .

National Parks and conservation in the state of Alaska Denali , McKinley Mountains – the highest mountain in North America is also located in this area . Denali National Park is the habitat and conservation of wildlife species close to extinction as flower bears , caribou , moose , wolves and many other creatures .

6 best places to travel in the usa .
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interesting places to visit in new york city

interesting places to visit in california

10 interesting places to visit in california

Today I will show you 10 interesting places to visit in california

California owns a lot of beautiful natural scenery , including a large valley with towering mountains , desert areas and hundreds of miles of pristine coastline with beautiful natural scenery dreaming . The most prominent is the Southern California area , this is a major tourist center with vibrant tourist destination as the city of Los Angeles , Santa Monica , San Perradio … Let’s find  destination not to be missed while you  travel to California with us .

1.Redwood National Park

interesting places to visit in california
Redwood National Park is a vast area includes forests , rivers and miles of gorgeous coastline , where visitors can enjoy the exciting outdoor activities . Long distance trekking , horse riding and visiting the park with mountain biking along the trails are featured activities are the most favorite tourists . In addition, visitors can camp by the river banks , trout fishing and kayaking . Along the tour route , visitors will admire the beautiful redwood forest great wildlife viewing and spectacular ocean views while driving along the coast road .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

2.Sea World San Diego

Sea World San Diego
Under sunshine of San Diego , visitors will have the opportunity to see the performances of the daring cetacean species at SeaWorld water park . Through the program , visitors can learn about the ocean and the life of the creatures as dolphins , whales , walruses , penguins and polar bears . The sliding tray performances , dancing fountain , rafting the killer whale attraction visiting Sea World .

3.General Sherman

General Sherman
General Sherman is the name of a Giant Sequoia trees , Sequoia National Park located in California , is named after the legendary generals of the Civil War in the North – South of America . This forest is called by its vast forests owned the world’s largest trees , all trees in the ten largest trees on the planet exists in this forest . In particular , with a height of 275 feet , is the General Sherman tree, the largest , is said to have come of age from 2,300 to 2,700 years old .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

4.Venice Beach

Venice Beach
Venice Beach is a recreation area located west of the city of Los Angeles , known for its beautiful beaches . On weekends , the beach becomes extremely busy , tourists cycling along the beach , play rollerskating , swimming and sunbathing … They all bring a vibrant atmosphere and warm .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

5.Death Valley

Death Valley
Death Valley is a long and narrow valley lying between California and Nevada in the United States . Although considered the driest and lowest place in North America , Death Valley to attract curious tourists by the phenomenon and the unique landscape change . West Valley is a Nevada foothills east of the range , in this area there are a lot adjacent ravine along the horizontal and the tree grows jagged stone columns . Under the dim moonlight , this sight becomes dim scary but under sunlight it looks pretty good on an incredibly magical .

10 interesting places to visit in california .


Disneyland theme park is world famous was opened in 1955 . Disneyland was like a magical world with but each region has different themes like adventure world , reclaiming the world , the future world … Disneyland amusement sure exactly where the most attractive of all children by the extremely interesting game . Also here there are many shops selling gifts , souvenirs , music hall performers , restaurants , cable car … serve visitors .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

7.Big Sur Coastline

Big Sur Coastline
Big Sur Coastline is one of the routes have the most beautiful scenery in the world . This area is quite sparsely populated , however this area annually attracts about 3 million visitors visit . One of the most famous attractions in Big Sur McWay Waterfall , a spectacular waterfall flows along a cliff 80 feet high , surrounded by a sea shore and towering pine forests .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

8.Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is one of the world’s largest lake , is located along the border between California and Nevada . Lake Tahoe is surrounded by majestic mountains , is a popular tourist destination and a place to organize regular events and fun activities year round . In winter , the main activity takes place is ski in ski , horseback or by car shoes . From spring to autumn , visitors can participate in a variety of water sports activities such as boating, water skiing , swimming …

10 interesting places to visit in california .

9.Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge is one of the places most visited tourist attraction in California and the United States . Spread over San Francisco Bay for more than a mile , the Golden Gate Bridge became a famous landmark and one of the most photographed bridge in the world. Highlighted by a brilliant orange-red color , visitors can easily see the Golden Gate bridge despite frequent dense fog covered the area .

10.Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park was named a World Heritage Site in 1984 . Yosemite is famous around the world about the spectacular granite cliffs , waterfalls and majestic pine trees along the great bio- diversity system with more than 160 species of plants . Visitors can hike or drive along the 800 miles of trails to experience beautiful scenery and watching the wildlife .

10 interesting places to visit in california .

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interesting places to visit in new york city

7 interesting places to visit in new york city

7 interesting places to visit in new york city

Whether you’re a frequent visitor of the city’s most populous country, or just have a chance to come here once in your life, do not ignore the places below.

1 . Statue of Liberty

interesting places to visit in new york city

This is the first place that any visitor to New York should not be missed . Because of security reasons , you must register before visiting this place to the city okay . Or you can stand watching from far away also. For $ 10 you can take a ferry from Battery Park to Ellis Island . ” View” Statue of Liberty on the ferry during the peak .
2 . Central Park

Central Park

Landscape beautiful lush green , beautiful lakes , green grass and a variety of zoos . This is the ideal location of the extrovert . Me do not miss the Metropolitan Museum of Art and zoo okay .

7 interesting places to visit in new york city .
3 . Times Square

Times Square

This is a very impressive place is always crowded with tourists and more of New York City . Today ‘s Times Square has been commercialized maximum . This place is now called the ” old square ” . ” New Square ” a few blocks away , at more tourists but also a lot of theaters , restaurants , and hotels.
4 . Cathedral of St. John

This is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, is being built throughout the centuries. When completed , this will be the church through glass windows and Gothic architecture has never appeared in any similar work in Europe .
5 . Chrysler Building

A building typical of the Art Deco style , and is well known buildings , the most beautiful in the world. Standing in the lobby or corridor building , you will get a panoramic view of New York City . If an accompanying business delegation here , you will have the opportunity to be on that terrace building .
 6 . Carnegie Hall

It is the art roof top artists of the century . Hanging around their picture with the celebrity has to enjoy the art .
7 . Empire State Building : This used to be the tallest building in the United States , and is the highlight of the city is located on Fifth Avenue . The building has the architectural style of modern urban culture and bring the soul of New York .

7 interesting places to visit in new york city .
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interesting places to visit in california

4 interesting places to visit in mexico

Today I will show you 4 interesting places to visit in mexico

1.Mexico City

Mexico has many places for tourists to visit and admire , a famous place in Mexico with visitors every option when it comes to this beautiful country of Mexico City ( aka Mexico City ) .

Mexico City is composed of 16 inner city suburban area of ​​1,499 km2 , accounting for 20 % of the population . This is one of the largest cities in the world.

interesting places to visit in mexico

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city.

If you have a chance to visit , please do not forget the tourists quaint museum , to see the oil painting on the wall at the Palacio Nacional , or the outdoor party in the Zocalo . Absolutely do not miss the opportunity to take photos at the foot of the great pyramid at Teotihuacan and past colonial days in Mexico is Puepla Museum .

Mexico City is divided into 2 areas . A site called Telae Tellioeke , which means the rest of Mexico ( named after the tribal god Moxite revered ) . The Aztecs called it Tenuoquiditelan Mexico City . According to legend , the origin of this city related to the theft hawk snake became the symbol of the city .

Mexico City has many scenic . Aztec Square , now the Constitution Square in the city center . The west is also famous country , the presidential palace , defense ministry , finance ministry , the national museum of Mexico . At the center of the door hanging a ” ring road itself ,” the bell that Hidago hero ( who led the Mexican people’s struggle against colonial domination of Spain) beat up . In the west plaza is the main industrial zone of Mexico City . The north has a large chapel , built by the Aztec ruins. The roundabouts in the city are the flower beds . A bronze reliefs called the morning Tenuoquidi now , is built on a high incline level and lower in the south to the north .

Mayuer Dakuba Street Square is home to the 3 cultures . This monument is the capital of the Indian men ancient world . Besides the large synagogue by the Spanish medieval building , the representatives of the colonial culture . Offsite building to be built in the new diplomatic modern architecture . Episode 3 of this culture has formed strong life , expressing cultural history of over 600 years in Mexico City .
4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

If you’ve seen the movie ” Pirates of the Caribbean ,” you will be attracted by the scene on the beautiful beach . One of those places is pretty dreamy beaches attract millions of tourists that visit Cancun .

Cancun is known as the Caribbean paradise with beautiful beaches famous . Each year thousands of couples to spend their honeymoon in Cancun . This a really romantic beach with full hotel services attentive service . Walk along the streets , you’ll see a lot of fancy restaurants and street bands with suits and traditional instruments .


Caribbean is 1 of 4 interesting places to visit in mexico .

Unlike any public waters , where stretches of white sand beaches , blue waters of turquoise . Tourists here can enjoy entertainment such as surfing, fishing, swimming , sunbathing play Golf . Especially for those who like diving, Cancun is like a paradise , blue Caribbean water crystal clear , you will be attracted by the beauty of the amazing scenery on the ocean floor .

Cancun also has a variety of water sports , visitors can freely choose a favorite pastime minh.Cancun considered natural wonders of the Mayan civilization .

Sightseeing Cancun waters at night is great and really makes you feel excited .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

3.Los Cabos
Go to Los Cabos in Mexico as a venue to contrast typical of those of the world .

Los Cabos

Visitors can not forget to admire the beautiful beach blue color with a fine white sand . It is famous for the wild sandy beach , hotel , villas , golf courses for tourists can delight your expectation . The desert gap alternating site with excavator and crane modernization . All these gardens , plants , lawns, golf grounds are green , but only the ” fullness ” of fresh water is fresh and new like . This is an ideal location for those who want to come to the arid desert , but no less compelling .
4 interesting places to visit in mexico city.
4.Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a seaside town stretching along the shores of Banderas Bay and the Pacific. This is the 5th largest city of Mexico . It is natural to favor natural beaches stretching dreamy . Known by the movie ” The Night of the Iguana ” by Richard Burton starred begin shooting in this beautiful city in 1964. From a romantic love story by two famous actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor with beautiful scenes on the beach , Puerto Vallarta has become an ideal tourist destination .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

To the beautiful coastal city of Puerto Vallarta , visitors will have unforgettable moments with poetic scenery . Around the beach in Puerta Vallarta and Costalegre are villas and luxury hotels with splendid features of Western architecture . After walking the ancient streets paved in old town Vallarta , Malecon and Marina neighborhood with British style architecture , visitors will have a few minutes to enjoy the wonderful feeling of the cool sea breeze , fresh air and peaceful beach beautiful sandy Mismaloya and pleasure with sports such as windsurfing, kayaking … This beach is also the favorite celebrity .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .
Besides the beauty of the sea with sandy beaches stretching , blue water , this beautiful coastal city , also known as a marine sanctuary . Come around from November to April you’ll have moments of unexpected discovery in the North Bay of Banderas , near the Marietas islands with wales , sea turtles … is turned on sea waves .

After moments of pleasure playing with the waves , you’ll have unforgettable memories of the lovely dolphins in amusement parks here. These moments you can do as swim with dolphins , pet , play music we hear … would be the memorable moments of your trip .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

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10 prettiest states in the us

10 prettiest states in the US

If you intend to travel in the U.S , you should not ignore 10 prettiest states in the US below.

1 . California State

prettiest states in the US

California is known as the  prettiest states in the U.S. by the great beauty of the beaches , the picturesque vineyards and majestic landscape of mountains , forests , lakes , parks , desert … Besides , California also has addresses attract  tourist such as Hollywood , Disneyland , Yosemite national Park , Napa valley and San Francisco Bay .

2 . Montana State

Montana State

Montana – land of unspoiled landscape and blue sky – is one of the most beautiful states in America . The famous places where people usually visit  are  Glacier National Park , Lawis & Clark Trail , Yellowstone , Big ski resort Ski or rocky mountains west of Montana .

10 prettiest states in the us .

3 . Alaska State

Alaska State

Reaching out of the Arctic Ocean , Alaska is the state with the largest area in the United States . Alaska is a great combination of endless snow-capped mountains ,  river systems and lakes, diverse wildlife  . It is also regarded as a paradise for people who like to adventure and a place to admire the beautiful scenery in the world .

4 . Utah State

Utah State

Utah is known as the state with the incredible beauty of the natural wonders . Here, visitors will see the beauty of Arches National Park , Canyonlands National Park and Stone Mountain Basin – home to the best ski resort in the United States .

10 prettiest states in the us .

5 . Arizona State

Arizona State

Arizona State is place where visitors usually go here when they travel to the United States . It has views of the canyon , forest , lake and river valleys weird .

6 . Hawaii


Hawaii is known for its unique culture as well as the abundance of fauna and flora and the natural landscape . This is the only U.S. state made ​​up of islands and there are many great sanctuaries National Monument Papahanaumokuakea , Haleakala National Park , National Park Hawaii Volcanoes … The place attracts many visitors especially Pearl Harbor , Maui , Big Island and Kauai .

10 prettiest states in the us .

7 . State of Colorado

Owning a series of scenic spots in the national parks , ski resorts , the wildlife conservation … , Colorado is in the top 10 of America’s most beautiful state . Colorado has the richness of nature and the natural beauty of the landscapes . From the stunning beauty of the rocky mountains to the Colorado River gorge deep are address which attract tourists to come here .

8 . Michigan State

Michigan State

Michigan State is luckier than other states in the U.S. because it has many large lakes and natural beauty. The beautiful scenic  may be mentioned here that Pictured Rocks , Mackinac Island , the wildlife preserve Isle Royale , Sleeping Bear sand dunes …

10 prettiest states in the us .

9 .Oregon State

Oregon State

Oregon is one of the states in the American famous for culture and landscape . Besides the beauty of Steens Mountain , Crater Lake National Park , famous places in this state is the coast of Oregon , Cascade Lake Highway and Columbia Historic Highway Lake , Oregon is also such a great gift that ” mother nature ” bestowed for American  .

10 . Florida State

Florida State
The state of Florida is located in the southernmost point of the USA . It has a harmonious blend of colorful citie , blue beaches  , balmy weather , romantic light and the sweet Latin tunes .

With beautiful of Miami beaches such as Venice of America and the most famous entertainment  – Disney World , Florida is always an ideal destination for tourists . The highlight here is the gorgeous beaches , vibrant life of people and a lot of hidden outback interesting things for you to discover .

10 prettiest states in the us .

illinois state capitol building

illinois state capitol building

When you travel to Springfield in America, you will not want to miss the opportunity to visit the State Capitol Illinois! And before you go, be sure to consult the manual to visit Capitol Expedia State of Illinois with the information needed to have an exciting tour State Capitol in Illinois.

Springfield is the capital of the state of Illinois and is the county seat of Sangamon County . According to the 2000 census of the United States , the city has 111 454 inhabitants. Land of Springfield now has the first settlers in the late 1810s , around the time Illinois became a state . The city was originally called ” Calhoun ” after Vice President John C. Calhoun , as public sentiment turned against Calhoun the city was renamed Springfield . Abraham Lincoln is one of the prominent residents and important came from the city , he came to this area in 1831 and lived in Springfield from 1837 to 1861. Former U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant also lived in Springfield for a short time in 1861 . 1908 , a major riot broke out in the race city which is the culmination of the two African-American residents

Today illinois state capitol building  is the center of state government and places the offices of the Attorney General , Politician, Lt. Governor, Financial officer ,Comptroller and Secretary of State   as well as the House of Representatives and Senate Chambers. People can watch Illinois state  from the balcony-level seats when you go here .
The Illinois State Capitol building
2nd and Capitol
Springfield, Illinois
(217) 782-2099
Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
Saturday and Sunday
Closed Major Holidays

illinois state capitol building .