gluten free panera for you

My meeting was scheduled today at Panera Bread so I planned to eat something before I got there and then I could just grab a hot tea, but of course I left my food on the counter at my house and ended up wondering what I would do. Eating gluten-free at Panera Bread is extremely challenging and risky!

gluten free panera for you

Gluten free panera for you

I’ve eaten at Panera Bread before and typically just have the black bean soup and some kettle chips. It’s pretty much playing a game of Russian Roulette because of the high risk of contamination from the bread crumbs all over the place. I would say if you are extremely sensitive, stay away from Panera.

When I got to the counter, I ordered the soup, only to find out they didn’t have it today. So I asked the lady to see the nutrition menu so I could see what other options I could have. Mainly I was looking for a salad since I wasn’t sure about anything else.

She then directed me to get my own menu from the front door. I explained to her that the nutrition is in a binder behind the counter and not on the menu. Another cashier helped her and was very friendly. While perusing the allergen list for a bit and not finding anything, I almost settled for 2 bags of kettle chips to hold me over. But, what did I notice, something called “Power Steak Lettuce Wraps.” I used to work at Panera and know that sometimes they come out with seasonal items so I asked if they had that. The girl said “Oh yeah, it’s on our secret menu.” Really? I’ve never heard of it.

After ordering the gluten-free meal, the lady asked me if I wanted a pastry or dessert to go with my meal. AND THEN came around while I was eating and offered me a bite of the pastry they were sampling for the day. I mean seriously folks, get it together!

Wait, actually one of our members at Bexa Body Fitness mentioned that they had this secret menu but I didn’t have time to look to see what is on it. Needless to say I was pretty excited. Most of the items on this menu are full of protein and veggies with limited or no carbs. Here is what is on the menu:

1. Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey
2. Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak
3. Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad
4. Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad
5. Power Chicken Hummus Bowl
6. Power Steak Lettuce Wraps

Again, I can’t emphasize this enough that there is a high chance of cross contamination at Panera and you run the risk of young teens handling your food and maybe not being as careful as they should when preparing your meal. BUT, I will say this was the best meal I’ve had at Panera in a long time. It was fantastic. The steak was tender and juicy, everything was fresh and I really enjoyed the light, refreshing meal.

Secret menus seem to be the trend and it’s no wonder why Panera jumped on board. I just wish that eating healthy wasn’t a secret and they would post these items on their regular menu for people to order from. This goes right into my post from yesterday about eating clean being a dirty concept. Why on earth are the amazing, fresh and delicious items on the “secret menu.”

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These delicious desserts in Italy

These delicious desserts in Italy

1. Panna cotta

Italian Panna cotta means cooked cream, for dessert. This is an attractive dishes that any visitor to enjoy by the sophistication, including milk, cream fat and sugar.

For this dessert, a small fire to boil the ingredients include cream, milk, sugar and gelatin together, then leave to cool for winter. However, the cook must be ingenious new dishes satisfactory panna cotta: the east, fat and sweetness. For not too hard, not too soft, processors must also pay attention to the amount of gelatin added.

delicious desserts in Italy
The attractiveness of the dish Panna cotta with strawberry flavor. Photo: candycancook
When eating, feeling a bit like jelly jelly, but not too crispy but the plasticity, tougher and especially very soft and silky. You will feel greasy melt in your mouth and just want to eat alone forever. For more delicious dishes, you should add a little drizzle strawberry sauce, served with berry or strawberry, berry fresh apricots to feel attractive.

Today, Panta cotta dish no stranger to youth Ha Thanh. You can enjoy this dish at affordable prices in Tran Phu Street. Panna cotta at 3 position here is vanilla, green tea, chocolate taste suitable for everyone.

2. Biscotti

Essentially a form of biscotti biscuits, sweets are a popular type in Europe. However, in different countries, we are processing to suit different palates and tastebuds of every country.

Cake is often the dessert biscotti and sipping aromatic coffee. Photo: braunhousehold
Appropriate biscotti for breakfast with milk or sipping a cup of coffee in the afternoon tea. To make this cake, it must be heated oven at a temperature of 180 degrees C. Materials mainly flour, cocoa, sugar, dark chocolate, orange zest, a pinch of salt and mix into a pasty dough. Then add a few egg mixture forms a paste. Dough on a layer of dry powder, in addition to almonds and knead until smooth. It will then shape and place on baking sheet for 25 minutes. Use a serrated knife to cut the bread into his mouth for the next pieces fit into the second oven until crispy bread.

For added appeal, one for half a cake in white chocolate, or almonds roasted with olive oil and add the fat to rise. In Italy, bread is often served with the famous wines of the Tuscan region.

3. Cannoli, Cream filled donuts

Cannoli is one of the traditional cakes of the most popular Italian tube. In this country, it seems like cannoli appear on the table after each meal of the family.

Cannoli can be understood literally a tubular donuts and ice cream among workers, this dish originated from Carnevale festival in Parlemo city, the capital of Sicily and gradually became characteristic of island cuisine this.

To make this dessert dishes is not hard, you just sifted and a little patience. It is then rolled thin powder layer tomb-shaped bent tube, stuffed with juicy sweet cream flavor, or add fruit. A fairly typical ingredients to make the cake part is people ricotta cheese, made from goat’s milk.

In Italy, you can find cannoli cake with all kinds of people who are as diverse as chocolate, jam, ice cream mixed with human nuts are sold throughout the year in most of the pastry shop across the street.

Roti Canai dishes in Malaysia

Influenced by the cuisine of the Indian culture , the Malaysian breakfast dishes in favor of rice , bread like Roti Canai with aromatic flavor characteristics across the street curry .

Street food in Malaysia with diversified and rich dishes from China and India . While Chinese street corners aromatic flavors of dumplings , BP , porridge with soya milk , hot rotating , skipjack bread is frankly the opposite side of curried bold scent concentration levels , a matter spices go where and could not smell . In the restaurant, guests Indonesia Malay or Indian descent breakfast is cooked with beans , potatoes , carrots , chicken , served with bread instead of rice .

Roti Canai dishes
Roti Canai is a popular type of cake is sold on the streets in Malaysia , bread made ​​with wheat flour may be operating personnel , eggs or cheese , the sugar buyers delicatessens .

In regardless of any restaurant in Malaysia you can also call the chicken curry and Roti Canai served with bread . It is a popular dish for breakfast every day of people here . In the menu bar have curry lamb , beef , chicken , fish but absolutely no pork because of religious issues . If you ‘ve ever eaten the dish in India , will see is too much compared to the curries monotonous and not much meat here . For those who preferred the Malaysian curry flavor was a good place to explore cuisine .

The herbs are cooked in chicken curry from the land is cultivated Malaysia , creating distinct flavor . Entrance Malay cooking uses many herbs like lemon grass , pandanus leaves , lime leaves , basil , vegetables profession , nutmeg , turmeric , ginger sprouts with wild fennel , coriander , pepper , white nutmeg , anise and fenugreek . There are many kinds of dried spices that are not as fresh turmeric , galangal sticky , fresh chilli , onion and garlic . Food is often a combination of fresh and dried spices , forming a dough first and then oil removal . Fresh coconut water is also often used for greasy aromatic curry .

The famous rice in Asia

Today I will show you the famous rice in Asia

1 . Spicy Rice Nasi goreng , Malaysia

famous rice in Asia
Nasi goreng spicy rice . Photo: pimpmyheart

To Malaysia , do not forget to taste the famous fried rice dishes in this country is called Nasi goreng spicy rice . With this dish , the color is indispensable , however , different types of rice , you will feel the distinct taste of shrimp . To make the dish, it is often crushed dried shrimp mixed with chili powder and left to roast the rice and the familiar ingredients like eggs , carrots , shallots , shrimp . The origin of the Malaysian people often eat fried rice for breakfast, served with shrimp chips , roasted peanuts and roasted sardines bit .

2 . Yellow Rice Indonesia
Yellow Rice in Indonesia
Yellow Rice in Indonesia . Photo: Dreamstime

Golden Rice also called Nasi kuning is a dish made ​​from a special type of yellow rice often people Bali – Indonesia used in festivals , sacrifices . With people in this country , is one of four yellow color traditionally sacred of them . The yellow color of this rice to make rice dish also become very special , fancy and attractive . People often enjoy rice dish with eggs , meat, fish and vegetables with the sauce .

3 . Hainam Chicken Rice , Singapore

Hainam Chicken Rice
Rice dishes are presented very attractive . Photo: wikipedia

Was introduced to Singapore but this dish has become distinctive , attractive to tourists Lion Island . The highlight of the dish is the chicken pieces are cooked with spices , add a little scent of sesame oil . The rice is cooked with chicken broth should be as fragrant , fat and supple . It is usually accompanied with a bowl of rice soup chicken broth , a few slices of cucumber and chili sauce .

4 . Yaki onigiri grilled Origini , Japan

Yaki onigiri grilled Origini
Baked rice dish in Japan . Photo: eatshowandtell

Yaki Origiri become a convenience food in everyday life in Japan , you can easily find this rice dish at many popular restaurants and high-end . Origiri Yaki dishes from savory to do a special kind of rice called Koshihikari , specialty of Niigata Prefecture . Yaki Origiri must be held not too tight , the outside is crispy grilled pineapple , soy sauce absorbent medium , not losing crispness of rice .

Pho – famous Vietnamese food

Pho – famous Vietnamese food

What is pho ?

Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam , also can be considered as one of the most typical dishes for Vietnamese food . The main components of pho are noodles and broth ( or it called broth in Southern  )  with sliced ​​thin beef or chicken . Also accompanying condiments such as soy sauce, pepper , lemon juice , fish sauce , chili , … These spices are added  depending on the user ‘s taste . It  normally used for breakfast , or dinner . In the southern provinces of Vietnam, it is garnished with ingredients such as coriander , onion, basil , coriander which is kind of typical of pho . Pho is usually beef noodle soup , but also chicken noodle , pork noodle soup , shrimp soup , …

The broth is  made ​​by stew  beef bones . Food used for it is beef or chicken and spices including cinnamon , ginger , cloves , coriander , cardamom … ” Rice noodle ” traditionally is made ​​from rice flour , then coated with a thin sheet then cut into fibers . Pho is good to eat hot , however , to get the pho is delicious depending on experience and professional know-how of traditional cooking .

How to make pho ?

1.How to cook broth

In pho , the broth processing  broth , is the most important step . Broth is stew from beef bone .

Use the tibia  to boiling water will sweeter than cook by pork bones .
-You give  beef  bone  on saucepan , then you pour water into it , boil water for 5-10 minutes, then pour off the bone and clean .

-Stew bone as long as , attention that you should make small fire .
– Ginger , onions , cinnamon , cardamom  roasted for flavor then crushed them . All in one cloth bag tied and left on the bone pot of water  will create a distinct aroma . Grilled onions also have the effect of making the country more used .
– In addition to soup , add 2 tablespoons fish sauce in the broth will make pho better .
– If you want water sweet , you can also add beets . Radish slices about 5 cm drop into pot of water security and bone .
– Rang few grams devotees in a mesh bag to drop into the broth pot dishes become more bold .
– Without devotees , you can replace it with grilled dried squid !

2.How to cook meat

If you want to eat noodles cooked :
– Depending on taste you can choose beef muscle meat, mushrooms (bucket), beef base.
– Note that to use the rope to tight meat.
– Boil the meat , then let meat cool down completely finished (hardened), when the meat sliced ​​thin.

If you want to eat noodles embedded
– Thinly sliced ​​beef … you do not chilled … only mixed with ginger attitude.
– embedded food through water … note that you should  embedded fast unless food is tough .

Last you add the necessary spice

How to make pho

9 best spanish foods

Today I will show you 9 best spanish foods

Spanish cuisine is very diverse and unique . Because that , to be able to fully enjoy all the dishes in Spain you may have to take a long journey …
1.Tapas – The Snack

best spanish foods

There are plenty of snacks in this country . It can be considered as Patatas bravas ( potatoes beams spicy tomato sauce ) , calamares fritos ( fried squid ) , Boquerones ( anchovies ) , Croquetas de Jamon ( giambong meatballs ) , chorizo ​​( pork sausage ) , pimientos asados ( sauteed peppers ) , albondigas ( meatballs ) and berenjenas gratinadas ( grilled eggplant cheese ) … But this is also one of the most popular dishes of tapas – snacks are often used as an appetizer here .

9 best spanish foods .


Sangria is a fruit cocktail of traditional Spain , it has no single formula that are variations depending on the region of the country , but are common ingredients : red wine , fruit and sugar .


Authentic Sangria ‘s Spanish is diluted in a large bottle , the citrus fruits into vats of red wine and let soak overnight to infuse alcohol with fruits and vegetables to smell the wine . red berries , dark yellow pineapple , melon yellow , white green apple , white pear , lemon with a thin yellow stripe and dark orange with a yellow border … of sour reds faded , replaced by the fresh and sweet aroma to fruits of asphyxiation .

9 best spanish foods

3.Paella rice

Paella is considered a traditional dish of Spain, was born in Valencia . There are 3 types of rice Paella : Valencia Paella , Seafood Paella , Paella Soup , besides depending on the creativity that people can ” transform ” to this dish more appealing .

Paella rice

Constitutes Valencia paella rice dishes including white rice , green vegetables , meat , beans , and vegetables in season . And the seafood paella dishes , one meat substitute with raw seafood such as shrimps , crabs … and of course will not be any lack of beans and vegetables .

9 best spanish foods

4.HUEVOS Flamencos

Eggs are everywhere in the country Spain, from the luxurious restaurant to the popular restaurant or at home . But no matter how prepared , Spanish eggs are tasty and delicious .


Eggs, potatoes foundry , or to eat cold food cold is common . But even more special is HUEVOS Flamencos dish – fried eggs with bacon , tomatoes and vegetables , which is the traditional cuisine of Seville , but now has a whole dish of Spain.

5.Tortilla Espanola

Tortilla Espanola potato omelet is very popular and famous of the Spanish nation . This dish is also known as potato pancakes by finishing it looks like a shaped cake .

Tortilla Espanola is made from potatoes , eggs , onion and fried in olive oil . For food processing Tortilla Espanola , people often choose potatoes are delicious and different , then peeled and sliced ​​into thin pieces and fried eggs and onions .

When Fried Tortilla Espanola also need to pay attention not to the outer surface , the potatoes and potatoes are almost no side in the ninth . All require a sophisticated , clever people do Tortilla Espanola .

9 best spanish foods

6.Chorros Cake

Chorros is the U.S. version of donuts in Spain . The fried bread circle , spiral or straight rods made ​​from dough of flour or regular potatoes . The pastries were fried and coated with sugar on the surface .


Cake walk Chorros often sold on the street or in the bakery in the early morning . The cake can be eaten at any time of the day . However, to enjoy your favorite dishes was this morning as they were fried and still is the most amazing thing .

9 best spanish foods

7.Toast Torrija

Basically , torrija is a dish that people learn Spanish from a popular breakfast dish of French toast . Easy to make and loved by the sweet smell , the Spanish torrija processing hardware by dipping bread into the egg , milk and sugar , then spread honey or syrup , roasted .

This dish is usually served during the Easter holidays . Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar or the surface , torrija served with cup of hot chocolate , breakfast is fascinating and full of nutrients .

9 best spanish foods

8.Spicy Chorizo ​​Sausage
Chorizo ​​is a sausage made ​​from pork , but tastes very different from the usual sausage and Spanish are preferred . The Spanish Chorizo ​​regarded as the soul of every dish.

Human Chorizo ​​is made from minced pork or add pureed garlic , herbs and other ingredients , but what makes the difference is in the type of sausage taste of paprika – a kind of sweet chili Spain .

9.Dried cod Bacalao

Bacalao is salted dried cod dishes , it can cook with operating and pepper, mix with cream , olive oil , garlic and other spices or garlic to the rim to make it into a thick sauce

9 best spanish foods