bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals

With the quiet temple between ocean and colorful festival , Bali is considered the tourist paradise of Southeast Asia and the world .

The land of temples

Temple is everywhere in Bali , from the great temple has existed for centuries , until the small shrine in the corner , the street , in people’s houses , or schools … In Bali temple were divided into 2 groups , separately temple for each family to worship ancestors and common temple was built by the contributions of people to worship god.

These temples are generally magnificent , is sending all artisans devoted faith , becoming the masterpiece artwork .

bali indonesia

Ancient Architecture of Gunung Kawi temple . Photo: Theglobalgamine .

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals .

Gunung Kawi is a cluster of temples and statues built in the 11th century Tampak Siring village in the northeast town of Ubud , situated on the Pakrisan river . On the way to phrase this temple is the golden terraced fields of rice in nine seasons with the green mountain ridges forming beautiful natural picture .

During the evening hours only quiet streams and singing birds of the forest , about dark gloomy atmosphere makes the spiritual purity of the temple becomes mysterious . Most prominent in this population are 10 pictures of towers , they are hight 7 m  and carved on a cliff , the king Udayana dynasty Anak Wungsu built to honor him and his queen .

Tanh Lot temple

Tanh Lot temple . Photo: Zenpundit

Tanah Lot Temple  also attracts many visitors . The temple full cover on a small island between the four green sea surface waves . Enjoy the sunset at this temple is an elegant pleasures . At sun down diving down , between the immense space of ocean , golden afternoon sun spread harmony on the gorgeous green ocean .

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals .

The featured festival

Every morning in front of any  house in Bali , we are caught Hindu devotees perform rituals are religious praying . They believe that in everyday life the spirit is present everywhere , see everything and give witness of their sincerity . The offerings are something very familiar in everyday life of the people as flowers , rice , salt , bread , fruit .

Saraswasti festival honor Saraswati Goddess – the god of knowledge , music and art . The festival is held in the family , schools and temples in Bali .

Sanur village festival

Bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals . Presentation of gifts in Sanur village festival . Photo: LonelyPlanet .

At this feast all people of Bali and students edit the books , brushed clean of dust then put them in the house or bring temples and schools . All learning areas are clean , ornate to god Saraswati visible and gives good luck .

Located in the northern island of Bali , Sanur village is famous for its dreamy beaches , friendly people and cultures is especially typical of Bali .

In the days of the traditional festivals Sanur , all daily activities of the village virtually stopped, every road , nooks and crannies are colorful decorated to cater for the festival . The flower car parade around the streets of Bali . They are decorated with local products are all kinds of cotton , fruit characters shown in the area under the Hindu religion .

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals .

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