9 most beautiful beaches in the world

Today I will show you 9 most beautiful beaches in the world

1 . Baia do Sancho , Brazil

most beautiful beaches in the world

Visitors and people who see only through books must say this is true paradise and the beauty of it made ​​everybody ” stunned ” . The best time to travel : all year round . Only about 5 hotels in this area but in return Baia Do Sancho has many motels around .

2 . Grace Beach , Turks and Caicos Islands

Grace Bay Beach

Here, visitors can relax , resting , sunbathing . Offshore a bit , you can dive coral and aquatic species richness of the island . Tourists come here to praise all the fresh air and peaceful life , smooth . You can come here year-round tourism and has about 41 hotels located here .

3 . Flamenco Beach , Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach

With yellow sands stretch soft, charming scenery , Flamenco Beach ( Playa Flamenco is also known ) has always been voted among the top most of the visitors in the last 12 months . This place is only about 4 hotels but there are hundreds of holiday cottages and resorts .

9 most beautiful beaches in the world .

4 . Rabbit Beach , Lampedusa , Italy

Rabbit Beach

Rabbit Beach owns the white cliffs , pure blue water , warm temperatures and stunning scenery . Go here , visitors will have the opportunity to admire the turtles lay their eggs and the occasional dolphin above water . This is also the first beach in Europe fall into this list .

5 . Whitehaven Beach , Australia

Whitehaven Beach

Page Trip Advisor comments about this place : ” Extremely spectacular . Still pristine beach and shallow , fresh water , warm climate .” White Cat is not only light but also not retain heat , tourists can comfortably go barefoot without fear of burning on hot days ..

6 . Playa de ses Illetes Beach , Formentera , Spain

Playa de ses Illetes Beach

At this place is the endless blue sea , cool sand smooth and gradual foot majestic landscapes , dreamy . Visitors can delight in shopping stalls sold everywhere and look at the magnificent yachts , luxurious .

9 most beautiful beaches in the world .

7 . Anse Lazio beach , Praslin Island , Seychelles

Anse Lazio beach

Anse Lazio visitors praise is beautiful in all its perfect viewing angle . The deep blue sea , cool in this place knows how visitors attachment legs and leave an unforgettable impression . There are 32 hotels in the area and approximately 50 motels and resorts .

8 . Lanikai Beach , Hawaii

Lanikai Beach , Hawaii

Lanikai not really easy to find but when the next step , you’ll feel like you are stepping into a postcard with scenes of stunning . Barbara Messing – marketing director of Trip Advisor page said this place really is the perfect solution for those who are fed up with long winters and cold .

9 . Rhossili  Beach , British

Rhossili Bay Beach

Trip Advisor has described this place : ” This is really the most beautiful beaches with majestic scale . A wild , wonders of nature as well as the strengths of Rhossill ” . The best time to travel is from July to September . There are about 26 hotels around the area and hundreds of motels and resorts .

9 most beautiful beaches in the world .


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