9 interesting facts about venus

Today I will show you 9 interesting facts about venus

In many ways, Venus , the second planet closest to the sun is amazing  stellar  . Discover the strange thing about one of the “brothers neighbors ” are closest to our Earth in the Solar System .

1 . Many volcanoes

interesting facts about venus

Venus has more volcanoes than any other planet in the Solar System . The astronomers have counted 1,600 volcanoes on Venus’s surface , but most likely this figure will be even more due to the size so small that we can not see . Scientists believe that most volcanoes on Venus sleeps though there may be a few still active .

2 . Day is longer than year

facts about venus

A day on Venus approximately   243 days on Earth ( this indicates a rotation of Venus as how long ) . Meanwhile , a year on this planet ( orbiting solar time ) shorter , with only 224.7 Earth days .

9 interesting facts about venus .

3 . Twins of the Earth ?

Twins of the Earth

Of all the planets of the solar system Venus has many similar characteristics to Earth . Both planets are nearly equal in size and composition of Venus is similar to Earth . The orbit of Venus is close to Earth’s orbit than any other planet in the solar system . Both planets have surface is relatively young and has thick atmosphere , more clouds ( however , note that the clouds of Venus sulfuric acid is mainly toxic ) .

4 . Extreme Heat

Extreme Heat

Because most of Venus ‘s atmosphere is carbon dioxide , effect the greenhouse effect  makes extremely large surface warming of the planet . The temperature here can reach up to 870 degrees F ( 470 degrees C ) .

9 interesting facts about venus .

5 . High pressure

The air pressure on the surface of Venus very large , about 90 times higher than pressure of sea on Earth . In other words , the pressure on Venus is equivalent to the pressure of Earth’s ocean water at a depth of 1km .

6 . From The Earth can see Venus pass Sun

Venus rare among the planets which we can observe the Sun as it passes through . Earth is the third planet of the solar system , so we can only observe events on the two planets are Mercury and Venus . Venus across the Sun ‘s surfing phenomenon is rare , more than a century to happen a new pair , which takes place two times separated by about 8 years .

One of the rare occasions will take place on 6/6/2012 today , when Venus will glide through the Sun is observed in North America and parts of South America , Western Asia , the eastern half of Europe Africa and almost the whole of Europe . This is just the 7th man to witness this phenomenon since the invention of the telescope .

7 . Brightest planets

In our solar system , Venus is not the largest planet Earth but it is nearest . This thing makes it the brightest star in the sky . It is also the second brightest object in the night after the moon .

9 interesting facts about venus .

8 . The secret of the ancient

Venus has been the target of human observers for millennia from now . According to records , from 1600 BC , the ancient Babylonians had tracked the orbits of planets in the sky . Greek mathematician Pythagoras who first discovered that the brightest star in the early morning and late afternoon is a fact – Venus .

9 . Planetary wind

The winds blowing through Venus at super speed , can reach 724kph on the middle cloud layer . The winds on Venus faster than the strongest hurricane of the Earth .

9 interesting facts about venus .

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