9 interesting facts about mexico

Today I will show you 9 interesting facts about mexico

interesting facts about mexico
1.On the picture is the Tarahumara Sierra Madre natives in traditional costumes of the Easter ceremonies , religious unity with Christians . During the ceremony lasted ten days, people will dance and perform a symbolic battle between good and evil . Finally , effigies of Judas , will be burned .

Mexico – the country of discovery !

2.Everyyear, in January, the white cowboy hat of Mexico traveled together to a mountain in the center of the country. This journey , in honor of Jesus Christ , will end at the foot of his statue hight 20 meters on Mount Cubilete , in the state of Guanajuato .

white cowboy

9  interesting facts about mexico .

3.Chichen Itza Pyramid of Maya – peoples of the Yucatan Peninsula, was built in the hight mountains touch the clouds . Only about one recent decades , the understanding of one of the brilliant civilization and the most mysterious was learn , especially through Doomsday event last 2012 .

Chichen Itza Pyramid

4. Palm Beach in Cancun – the name of it speaks of the features of this landscape : green palm trees stretched across the white sand beach . This is the familiar address of the tourist Mexico, where traveler’s ships regularly take visitors arrived .

Palm Beach in Cancun

Palm Beach in Cancun

Mexico – the country of discovery !

5.In a traditional dance , the dancers of the Mariachi wear colorful dress and begin dance steps , the percussive foot or zaptateado . And the men will approach them from behind . The woman can extract skirt fanned out to keep a distance with people that she does not want to talk .

traditional dance

traditional dance of Mexico

Mexico – the country of discovery !

6.This is the backdrop for thousands of people crowded in Mexico City bullring to bet on the performance of the matador and vaqueros , euphemistically called cowboys . One of the most attractive bullfighting will start from Spain in March , to Lima in November and ended the year in this Central American country .


9 interesting facts about mexico

Mexico – the country of discovery !

7.Located among acres of Chihuahuan desert burning persists for the snorkeler ‘s paradise – the hand diving without air tanks . Lake Cuatro Cienegas ( quarter mile ) which is an aquatic dress , a protected area between a strange biological drylands . Blue waters , clear here is paradise for many aquatic species of Mexico .


8.On the picture is the colorful flamingos are gearing up to fly . We often ‘ run ‘ through the shallow water before soaring to the marsh wetlands in the Yucatan Peninsula , along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico . This beautiful species of birds reside everywhere , which is usually wet areas and warm .


9. This is a geckos , it has name “ iguana ” . This species is the largest reptile America and has nearly 20 years old , an impressive figure . Photo was taken in Cozumel , an island east of the Yucatan Peninsula .


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