6 interesting facts about earth

Today I will show you 6 interesting facts about earth

Earth is special and extraordinary in the universe with a multitude of things that people who do not know . Here are some interesting facts about the my green planet .

1.Earth is not circle

Earth is spherical , but due to the force of gravity , our planet is not a perfect circle . In fact , there is a bulge around the equator . Polar radius of Earth is 6320 km and equatorial radius is 6.341km .
8 interesting facts about earth

6 interesting facts about earth .

2.The name “Earth ” derives from the Anglo – Saxons

Every other planets in our solar system are named as god of Greek  or Roman , except for our planet . Word ” Earth ”  comes from the Anglo – Saxons Erda , which means ” land ” and is said to be 1,000 years old . It’s interesting that 71 % of our planet covered by water  .

3. A day is not enough 24 hours

People often complain there is not enough time in the day and they are right – every day there are not enough 24 hours . The actual time that the earth revolves around the axis is 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds . It is called a sidereal day .

4.Earth has twins is Theia

The scientists believe that we are not alone in orbit around the Sun – we have a planet ” twin ” named Theia , the size of Theia as Mars and took 60 angle  ưith Earth .

One afternoon about 4.533 billion years ago , Theia crashed into Earth , the planet is mostly absorbed , a large amount of material shot out and fell into orbit around the Earth to form the Moon.

Why have this thought ? Because the moon was unusually large in size compared to the size of a planet and our isotopes have similar metal on Earth .

6 interesting facts about earth .

5.90 % of the unexplored ocean

But humans to the moon , but we have not completely explored the depths of the ocean on Earth . In fact , we have only explored less than 10 % of the ocean .

Oceans contain 97 % water and 99 % of us living area . Meanwhile , we identified 212 906 new marine species and 25 million species may again that we do not know .

6.Lowest temperature : -53.6 ° C

The coldest place on earth is generally Antarctica with -37.7 degrees C temperature , coldest recorded on 07/21/1983 at the Vostok station in Antarctica , where the sensors are recorded – 53.6 degrees C. What about the hottest spot ? On 09/13/1922 , El Azizia in Libya has temperature is 57.7 degrees C.

6 interesting facts about earth

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