5 interesting facts about mars

Today I will show you 5 interesting facts about mars

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System  . It is often referred to other name is ” Red Planet ” , becaus the iron oxide is very much  on the planet’s surface so it appears with characteristic red color . Mars is a rocky planet with a thin atmosphere , with surface features is similar with both the craters on the Moon and the volcanoes , valleys , deserts and polar ice caps on the Earth .

interesting facts about mars

5 interesting facts about mars

Rotation period and the circulation of the season on Mars is similar to Earth’s due to the tilt of rotary . There is a mountain on Mars – Olympus Mons , the highest mountain in the Solar System , and Valles Marineris canyon , the longest  and widest canyon in the Solar System . Smooth Borealis basin on the northern hemisphere covers 40% of the surface area of ​​the planet and may be a giant impact crater in the past .

The radius of Mars is approximately 1/2 the radius of the Earth . It is smaller then proportion of the Earth , with only 15% of the volume of the Earth’s and 11 %  weight of the Earth . The surface area of the planet is only slightly smaller than the total land area on Earth .

Mars has two satellites , Phobos and Deimos , which are small satellites and deformities . After analyzing the huge amount of this information , the scientists were very surprised and confirmed that the Mars has glaciers flooded but they hidden below the surface of the Red Planet . The glacier can be the  force for the polls outside the planet Earth . Some other information that scientists also amazed that thay has image like a gorilla appeared on the Red Planet .

At the end of 2009, NASA published a photograph of the skull just shooting aliens from Mars also makes people wonder. This skull has two eye sockets , nose , mouth and chin and is showing signs of taking the skull appears to have been long exposed to the sun .

5 interesting facts about mars .

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