4 interesting facts about neptune planet

4 interesting facts about neptune planet

Neptune is the eighth planet and farthest from the Sun in the Solar System . It is the fourth largest planet in diameter and the third largest in terms of volume . Neptune has a mass 17 times higher than the mass of the Earth and the mass of Uranus , is approximately 15 times that of the Earth.  Neptune’s orbit around the Sun at a distance average of 30.1 AU , approximately 30 times the distance of Earth – the sun . It named  the god of the sea of the Romans , it’s astronomical symbol is ♆ , a stylized Neptune’s trident .

interesting facts about neptune planet


4 interesting facts about neptune planet .

Neptune has blue with white and blue spots running through the clouds. chaotic atmosphere with  clouds and light intensity storms . Surprisingly , the fastest winds ever recorded in our solar system have occurred at neptune planet , up to about 1300 miles (about 2100 kilometers )/hour . At high altitudes , Neptune’s atmosphere contains 80 % hydrogen and 19 % helium . There is also a small amount of methane molecules

Neptune has a planetary belt system , though they are fainter than Saturn’s belt . The belt contains ice particles coated with silicates or carbon-based materials , and the main reason that the color red belt . Three main belt is the narrow rim including rim Adams , from Sao Hai United 63,000 km , 53,000 km Ring by Le Verrier , and a wider rim but is fainter Galle Ring , 42000 km from the planet center . Outside the Le Verrier Ring a Ring rim is dim Lassell , and an outer rim at a distance of 57,000 km it is the Arago Ring

Weather on Neptune  is characterized by system of active storms , with wind speeds sometimes exceeding 600 m / s near – supersonic speeds for air flow . Typically by tracking the motion of the eternal cloud , wind speed changes from 20 m / s eastward up to 325 m / s to the west .  in the clouds on high , variable speed wind changed from 400 m / s along the equator and 250 m / s at the poles .  Most of the wind on Neptune blow in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the planet

 4 interesting facts about neptune planet .

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4 interesting facts about neptune planet
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