4 delicacies attracted visitors in Fujian

4 delicacies attracted visitors in Fujian

Besides climbing wall dish famous Buddhist tourists to Fujian , China can also enjoy a delicious pasta dish or stewed duck charming allure .

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Besides admiring the beautiful scenery , visitors should also enjoy special attractive only at this place .

1 . Duck stew Fujian

delicacies attracted visitors

Duck stew Fujian attractive aroma . Photo: mafengwo

Chicken stew is quite unique delicacies at the restaurant ‘s Fujian Province . The reason why this dish to be different than many places because the duck is cooked in its own style of Fujian cuisine , little grease should not make sense for diners sick .

Duck after being washed and then cut into pieces and stewed sauce and special spices . When cooked , the meat has an attractive scent , is eaten with soy sauce mixed with vegetables, garlic and cucumber suitcase .

2 . Fried shrimp Arnica

Arnica shrimp fried crispy crust . Photo: sh.tuniu

Fujian is famous for dishes made ​​from seafood and fried shrimp Arnica is one of them . This is the second dish stewed duck Fujian find many tourists when coming to this land .

Tiger prawns after cleansing spices and rolled through a mixture of salted duck egg yolk puree to the pan then fried . After the shrimp have cooked crust glittering like Arnica and eat the sauce is made ​​from tamarind . ‘s Salty duck eggs , fresh duck meat and sour shrimp sauce really makes me want to eat alone forever .

3 . Pastas

Fujian Noodles more delicious combination of other materials . Photo: mafengwo

Add another famous dish from this ancient land is wheat Fujian . The pasta is quite pale but when processed into other food attracts many customers . Guests can choose from a number of the most popular dishes here like seafood fried noodles or seafood hot pot fish . Pasta is tough and attractive yellow glow will make the customers satisfied .

4 . Buddha climbing wall

Buddha wall jumping is unique dishes of Fujian . Photo: flickr

Buddha climbing wall is not so strange dish with Vietnam but enjoy this dish on its own land is still a pretty interesting experience .

Buddha climbing wall is famous delicacies in Fujian cuisine . The main material includes a lot of proud Marine paints such as shark fin , abalone , deer tendon , mushrooms , cucumbers … and more than 20 other flavorings .

The reason why this dish called Buddha climbing wall for Legend in Tang Dynasty , there is a high rise next to missionary lands . This saved monks in a temple next to the restaurant . Every day since this restaurant emanates a strange scent that does not interfere with the monks mortal nostalgia came climbing over the wall to enjoy unique cuisine that .

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