3 traditional drinks for christmas

Today I will show you 3 traditional drinks for christmas

 Cola de Mono ( Chile )

Christmas in Chile often go along with a cold glass of Cola de Mono (also known as the fun is ” monkey’s tail ” ) . From the mixed liquor aguardiente , milk , coffee, vanilla and cloves dish ” version custard Chile ” has the flavor and ingredients similar to White Russian drinks Russian . Most core issues , the taste of Cola de Mono is great , especially suitable for the end of the day . However, unlike milk eggs , Cola de Mono is only for people over the age of minors for possession of alcohol .

Cola de Mono

The Cola de Mono beautiful bottle labeled manually shut iconic Christmas greeting . Photo: comidachile.blogspot.com

3 traditional drinks for christmas .

Cocktail custard ( Canada , U.S. )

While there is still much debate about the origin of life , the egg cocktails drinks milk is still popular around Christmas in Canada and the U.S. . In addition to the raw materials are mostly eggs , milk and sugar , it is common to add a little rum for extra flavor and body to keep warm .

Cocktail custard

Egg Cocktail drinks milk is not to be missed when you ‘re Christmas in North America . Photo: therumhowlerblog / wordpress.com

3 traditional drinks for christmas .

Ponche Navideno ( Mexico )

Ponche Navideno made ​​from cane sugar , apple juice , pear juice or oranges , grapes , prunes and tejocote ( usually fruit native Aztecs in Mexico and North America use ) . For those who prefer a bit of alcohol , it will be mixed with tequila , brandy or rum . If your Christmas in Mexico make sure you do not miss a chance to drink Ponche Navideno available at most retail outlets roadside .

Ponche Navideno

Ponche Navideno be cooked from a wide variety of fruits and brandy will do little more Christmas evening extra warm . Photo: muybuenocookbook / wordpress.com

3 traditional drinks for christmas . I’m sure you will like them .

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