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3 Day Green Tea Diet

The 3 Day Green Tea Diet harnesses the tea’s thermogenic properties to help you lose weight. Green tea helps the metabolism crank up a notch, and utilize it for fat burning.

3 Day Green Tea Diet

And strangely enough, green tea is also good for your teeth. May as well keep them healthy too, don’t you think?

Green Tea Capules — or Drink It?

Although I think the real thing (i.e. the tea itself) is best for the green tea diet, some people prefer to take the green tea capsules instead. 3 Day Green Tea DietNothing wrong with that, if it suits your lifestyle better, but you won’t get the tooth protection that you would with the liquid tea.

There is a fair amount of caffeine in this eating plan. Although green tea only has about half the caffeine of coffee, it can bother some people. So if you are sensitive to caffeine, drink the decaf version, or take the decaffinated green tea capsules.

How Healthy is Green Tea?

So just how healthy is green tea? Green tea is chock-full of all kinds of wonderful antioxidants — so it’s good for you! It’s thermogenic (fat-burning) properties are just icing on the cake, so to speak.

Want to know more? Check out the green tea for weightloss page and read about the amazing green tea health benefits.

What to Buy

See the shopping list — it’s on a separate page so you can print it easier:

What to Eat

Each day is roughly the same, although you do have some choices as to what you eat. Vary the choices during the three days and it will help cut any bordeom.

Here’s the menu and recipes (on a page that’s easier to print out and carry with you).

What Kind of Weight Loss?

This diet is a tad higher in traditional calories than some of the others, but it takes advantage of green tea’s fat burning effect. Some “negative calorie” foods are also included. Here are the 3 day diet results:

Andrea: I just finished my first three days of the Military Diet and I lost 6lbs! My boyfriend is doing it with me and he lost 7.5lbs! Its not 10 lbs, but I still feel great about it. I even found suggested meal plans for the 4 “off” days, so I can continue to exercise and lose weight. I am hoping that over the next 3 months this diet will help me lose 22 lbs over all and change my eating life style forever!

InChristLove: Just finished the 3 days and I’ve lost 5.4 lbs. You will loose weight if you stick to it and going to modify it some for the 4 days off and try and keep calorie count not as strict but low and then get back on the 3 days again. I really believe this is going to work. Has me motivated and although the 3 days isn’t the most pleasant food, it is working and will continue to work if you watch what you eat the 4 days afterwards.

Expect to lose from 2 to 5 pounds in 3 days.