How to extract RAR file on windows ?

Download the installation file and follow the steps below :

In the directory containing the archive, right click on the archive and select one of the three options

  • Exctract here: Most often selected, the archive will be decompressed at the uncompressed directory
  • Extract file …: The compressed file will be unpacked with some additional options
  • Extract to Folder: The compressed file will be extracted to a folder of the same name as the compressed file. This option is preferable in cases where the compressed files are not in a directory that is compressed directly; if you extract it normally, the file will create the most files in the current directory more difficult to manage.


  • Normally you will select Extract here … An extracted window will be displayed with the unpacking process



  • After waiting for winrar to finish extracting a folder will be displayed, you just go to the decompression folder to get the file or click on the setup to install.
  • In case you choose Extract file … you will have the option to change the directory, replace the file …


  • Also for the software you need to install does not necessarily unzip that can open directly with winrar then click on Setup.exe or similar files to install games, software. Winrar will automatically extract temporary to drive C so the installation of software will take place normally without having to create new resource consuming directory.


  • Extract with split file


  • For game files, software heavy on the host limit the size of the compressed files are usually divided into part1.rar, part2.rar, part3.rar … You have to download all the The part about and just click on one of the file part chooses to extract the same


  • Winrar will automatically extract and merge the compressed files together, you do not have to click on the other files extracted.


  • And the result is a decompressed directory with all parts added together


  • If you use 7zip to extract the same, but the function of 7zip is reduced as the image below and also have more options than winrar.


The above is the basic guide to help you extract the file, hoping to help you get acquainted with the computer

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Install windows 10 on PC with USB

First, you need to prepare the Windows 10 ISO file, then download and install the Windows USB / DVD Download Tool here. This tool will help you create a Windows USB / DVD installer from the ISO packet.


Once you have your USB / DVD set up with Windows 10, connect the USB / DVD drive to your computer and reboot. During startup, set the BIOS / UEFI preference to boot from DVD or USB.


When prompted Press any key to boot from DVD or USB appears, press ENTER or any key to boot into USB / DVD install Windows 10.


Wait a few seconds for the USB / DVD install to proceed downloading the data, when ready, the language screen and region settings will appear. Click Next> Install


The Enter Key Activation screen appears. If you have a Windows 10 license key, enter it and click Next. If not, click Skip to skip this step and will activate after the installation is complete.


In case you enter the right key, the version selection screen will appear. Select the version of Windows you own the activation key and click Next.


The next screen will be the terms of the agreement, check the option I accept the license terms and click Next.


Next, you will be offered two installation options, including Upgrade and Custom. For the purposes of this article is to install new, so click Custom.


On the next screen, select the partition used to install Windows 10. Often we will choose the partition in the first row. To avoid errors, click on the completed partition and then click on the Format option to reformat the partition (which will lose all data). In this step, you should be careful to avoid deleting the important partition containing the data.


In case you install Windows 10 onto a new drive and do not have a partition, click New and adjust the volume to proceed to creating the new partition directly.

After you have selected the partition used to install Windows 10, click on Next.


The installation process will start, you will experience 2 to 3 reboots during installation. And whenever you reboot, when the Press any key to boot from DVD or USB screen appears, you do not need to press any key.


When the installation process is complete, you will be brought through the configuration interface configuration. On the first screen, click the Customize settings option.


On the next screen, keep the options and click Next.


On the Who owns this PC? Screen, click I own it and click Next.


Next, you will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account to continue. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one yourself by clicking on the Create one option or skipping by clicking on Skip this step.


If you choose Skip this step, you will be taken to the Local Account Setup screen. Please fill in the required account information.


Next, you’ll be taken to the PIN setup screen to log in instead of password. According to Microsoft, PIN is more secure than a long password. If you want to use a PIN to log in instead of password, press PIN me! If you still want to use the password, click Skip this step.



The PIN Setup screen will appear, enter any code from 0 to 9, at least 4 characters in it and click OK.


Depending on the location and language of your choice, you will be able to see Cortana Bridge, a personal digital assistant in Windows 10. Click Next.


Next, Windows 10 will reformat and install the system applications. This may take a few minutes.


Finally, when everything is done, the Windows 10 screen will appear.


Here are the steps to install new Windows 10 on your computer, hopefully this article will help you.

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Install windows 10 quickly with CD

First you insert the CD / DVD or USB drive to install Windows 10 on your computer, then restart the computer and then access the BIOS by pressing the DEL key hand quickly, F8, F10 or go .. access to fast boot mode like this:


+ Step 1:

At first interface you select the language, time format …

Language to install: Select the computer language
Time and currency format: Format of time.
Keyboard and input method: Choose keyboard input methods.
Then click Next to continue.


Click Install now to begin the installation.


+ Step 2: If the license key, you can enter here and click Next, even if there is no, or you want to import later, click Skip shown below.


+ Step 3: Read the terms of Microsoft, MS to regulate the terms of use and you choose I accept the license terms and click Next to agree.


+ Step 4: There are two options for you:

Upprede: That is if you are using Windows XP license, you can click on it to upgrade to Windows 7.
Custom (advanced): The custom installation, usually we would choose this line.
Here you are installing new guide should be select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)


+ Step 5: Choose the partition on which you intend to install Windows 10 from the beginning> click Next. (You divide your hard drive faster if you forget in preparation.)


+ Step 6: Wait …… The installation process begins, fast or slow speed depends heavily on your PC configuration.


After finishing the process of copying and installing the system requires you to reset the machine to continue. You click Restart Now


+ Step 7: The process of establishing ongoing systems you please wait a few minutes.


+ Step 8: Here, Microsoft continued to make up a window asking you to enter a license key on, you tap the option to enter the following Do this later.


+ Step 9: Next, select Use Express settings to select and use the default settings of Windows 10, or you can select Customize Settings to set according to individual needs offline.


=> Here you select the Use express settings to default settings.


+ Step 9: This step, if you have an existing Microsoft account, you can enter and multiply always in Sign in to sign. And if not, you click Skip this stop to login later.

=> Do not want her here, so I’ll log is selected Skip this step.


+ Step 10: If you select the Local Account account, a dialog box will appear as shown below. Simply enter your username and password into the computer => click Next to continue.


+ Step 11: OK! Go to this step, you probably leave you to Windows automatically do the rest of it.


+ Step 12: Appears login screen, you enter the password that you have set earlier here and press Enter to access the desktop.


+ Step 13: The installation process of Windows is done, now you can explore all the features on Windows 10 through Windows 10 Serie using her.


Finish the installation!

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9 common habits harmful to eyes


Some activities, daily routines can cause damage to the eyes and affect vision, but you do not recognize.

1. Using smartphone

According to the Journal of Women’s Health, the habit of reading text, watching movies, check email on smartphones may be why her eyes hurt later on, especially if you do it regularly. It can lead to blurred vision, dry eyes, dizziness and nausea.

To remedy this situation, you should try not to use the phone for 20 minutes, or select the font bigger on the phone.

2. Watching television at night

In fact, when looking at any kind of screen the evening before bed include phone, tablet, TV, laptops are not good for you, especially the eyes. See them in the dark that the light levels change rapidly, making it harder to adapt, causing fatigue, eye pain, headache, dry eyes, even redness.

3. Wearing contact lenses while sleeping

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA, each year nearly one million Americans who suffer from eye infections related to contact lens wear. Although contact lenses are specifically designed for people with eye problems, but the optician advised not to wear it overnight.

The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye, to get oxygen from the external environment. Wearing contact lenses overnight prevents oxygen to the eye and can sometimes lead to corneal ulcers. Corneal ulcers can cause eye pain, blurred vision, tearing, redness, itching.

4. Rubbing eyes

It is difficult to avoid the itching or rubbing his eyes tired. However, this action may transfer bacteria from the hands to the eye infection, inflammation, and conjunctivitis. Rubbing too hard can disrupt the blood vessels under the eyelids. So when is itchy, you use a cold compress instead of rubbing his eyes.

9 common habit harm visually 1
Eye injury can disrupt the blood vessels under the eyelids, causing eye infection. Photo: Goodhousekeeping.
5. Abuse eyedrops

Eye drops have the effect of causing the blood vessels in the eye red thread disappears. Eye drops can reduce the symptoms of dry, red, but used too often can cause irritation to the eye for long. Scientists warn of eye drops can have the effect of recovery, but in the early stages of eye pain.

If you use prescription eye drops, follow your doctor’s instructions, stop using the irritation symptoms, rash or some other negative side effects.

6. Failing to protect eyes

According to the American Eye Institute, nearly 45% of eye injuries occur in the home, a common cause is due to exposure to chemicals in beauty products, cleaning, heating oil … So you should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes when you must work with harmful agents out.

Besides, the habit of not wearing sunglasses when going out also hurt the eyes due to exposure to UV rays. Sunglasses can help you minimize the effects of light, including headache, blurred vision or red eyes.

7. Taking advantage of eye makeup

Mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow is the potential risk of harm to the eyes. They prevent the operation of the oil glands on the eyelids, causing infection. The droplets from the cosmetics can cause irritation of eye contact.

Also, bacteria prefer dark environments, wet so eye makeup products can arise where some nasty infections. Therefore, you should replace this product 3 months / once.

8. Not getting enough sleep

Not enough sleep can cause a number of problems such as weight gain, depression, impaired immune function, especially hurt the eyes. Eye injury may have seizures, dry eyes, blurred and painful. Be sure to get enough sleep, about 7 hours each night and away from the electronic devices before bedtime.

9. Lazy eye exam

Most ophthalmologists are recommended annual eye exam. This is very important to ensure healthy eyes and no problems. Regular eye examinations can detect the symptoms of some diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma or brain tumor and timely treatments.

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Laser surgery


A surgical approach was recently selected hospitals cataract surgery is using femtosecond laser technology. Instead of using ultrasound in phaco surgery, doctors will use laser energy from the high frequency at speeds of 10-15 seconds to make precise incisions, central location right in the front lens cover, and thanks to the destruction of human laser into small pieces and use less energy than ultrasound.

This method is becoming a new promise during cataract surgery to improve eyesight due to the better after surgery, patients recover faster, less bleeding complications and can control the situation astigmatism. Comes with the benefits that this method provides, patients may also spend a relatively high cost component, ranging from 300000-500000 USD (60-100 million). In Vietnam today, this approach is not common, but only applicable in some private hospitals have eye specialist.

Recovering from cataract surgery artificial

You can go home after a few hours, however you should note that:

– Adhere strictly to your doctor’s approval drops, as it will help your recovery process faster.

– You should wear eye protection to minimize the risk of infection.

– The next day, you should return to the clinic because this is the most important time for the doctor to detect early postoperative complications.

– In the first week after the new operation, you should avoid strenuous activities such as exercise or heavy work. Do not leave water in the eye during the first two weeks after surgery.

– Limit television, computer monitor, phone, reading …

One month after surgery most of the activity will return to normal and your vision will be better. But during this time, if the abnormal expression like pain in the eyes, red eyes, watery eyes … they need to be returned to the hospital visit.

Risks after cataract artificial and prevention

– Eye infections caused by surgical instruments unpasteurized or poor eye hygiene.

– Bleeding in the eye, usually by energy from high Phaco instruments injure the cornea.

– Glaucoma.

– Swollen cornea.

– Bong cornea.

– Place the room rate.

– Reduced vision or loss of vision completely.

– Coating which follows is one of the common risk after cataract ranges from 6 months to 1 year. But this situation can be resolved by use of laser energy to break this opaque part.

If the patient’s visual acuity decline more severe you may need to replace a different intraocular lenses, but this is rarely specified due to high costs and the possibility of major risks. On the other hand, people who are suffering from other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, uveitis … then the replacement of the crystalline lens is not optimal because it does not impact on the cause of the disease.

In these cases, finding solutions to contain biologically active substances from nature is capable of powerful antioxidants also bring more effective, helping to reduce blur, blur when cataracts, not made up disease progression should not require surgery.

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