Ivanka Trump is considered one of the sexiest female billionaires in the world, and too young for his age of 35.

Ivanka Trump is considered one of the sexiest female billionaires in the world, and too young for his age of 35.
 Ivanka trump plastic surgery


Sexy beauty of Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump’s new US president

Ivanka Trump, one of the sexiest female billionaires in the world, the second of five sons of Donald Trump’s new US president. Ivanka Trump was born on 30/10/1981 in New York.

She holds a BA in economics and outstanding Class 3 languages fluently English, French and Czech. Ivanka Trump is currently the Vice President of the Investment Development Fund and the Trump Group. She also owns her own line of products related to fashion shoes, luxury clothing.

From a very young age, was a model Ivanka Trump, who signed a contract with the largest modeling agency Elite Model Management inthe world.

Ivanka trump plastic surgery
Check out the images of glamorous Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump’s new US presidentIvanka Trump holds a BA in economics Excellent RatingShe is considered one of the sexiest business world
She served as the representative for several major fashion houses
Ivanka Trump is now aged 35 and the mother of two children

Ivanka trump plastic surgery
Ivanka trump plastic surgery
Ivanka trump plastic surgery
Ivanka trump plastic surgery
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Common habits harmful to eyes


Some activities, daily routines can cause damage to the eyes and affect vision, but you do not recognize.

1. Using smartphone

According to the Journal of Women’s Health, the habit of reading text, watching movies, check email on smartphones may be why her eyes hurt later on, especially if you do it regularly. It can lead to blurred vision, dry eyes, dizziness and nausea.

To remedy this situation, you should try not to use the phone for 20 minutes, or select the font bigger on the phone.

2. Watching television at night

In fact, when looking at any kind of screen the evening before bed include phone, tablet, TV, laptops are not good for you, especially the eyes. See them in the dark that the light levels change rapidly, making it harder to adapt, causing fatigue, eye pain, headache, dry eyes, even redness.

3. Wearing contact lenses while sleeping

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA, each year nearly one million Americans who suffer from eye infections related to contact lens wear. Although contact lenses are specifically designed for people with eye problems, but the optician advised not to wear it overnight.

The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye, to get oxygen from the external environment. Wearing contact lenses overnight prevents oxygen to the eye and can sometimes lead to corneal ulcers. Corneal ulcers can cause eye pain, blurred vision, tearing, redness, itching.

4. Rubbing eyes

It is difficult to avoid the itching or rubbing his eyes tired. However, this action may transfer bacteria from the hands to the eye infection, inflammation, and conjunctivitis. Rubbing too hard can disrupt the blood vessels under the eyelids. So when is itchy, you use a cold compress instead of rubbing his eyes.

9 common habit harm visually 1
Eye injury can disrupt the blood vessels under the eyelids, causing eye infection. Photo: Goodhousekeeping.
5. Abuse eyedrops

Eye drops have the effect of causing the blood vessels in the eye red thread disappears. Eye drops can reduce the symptoms of dry, red, but used too often can cause irritation to the eye for long. Scientists warn of eye drops can have the effect of recovery, but in the early stages of eye pain.

If you use prescription eye drops, follow your doctor’s instructions, stop using the irritation symptoms, rash or some other negative side effects.

6. Failing to protect eyes

According to the American Eye Institute, nearly 45% of eye injuries occur in the home, a common cause is due to exposure to chemicals in beauty products, cleaning, heating oil … So you should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes when you must work with harmful agents out.

Besides, the habit of not wearing sunglasses when going out also hurt the eyes due to exposure to UV rays. Sunglasses can help you minimize the effects of light, including headache, blurred vision or red eyes.

7. Taking advantage of eye makeup

Mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow is the potential risk of harm to the eyes. They prevent the operation of the oil glands on the eyelids, causing infection. The droplets from the cosmetics can cause irritation of eye contact.

Also, bacteria prefer dark environments, wet so eye makeup products can arise where some nasty infections. Therefore, you should replace this product 3 months / once.

8. Not getting enough sleep

Not enough sleep can cause a number of problems such as weight gain, depression, impaired immune function, especially hurt the eyes. Eye injury may have seizures, dry eyes, blurred and painful. Be sure to get enough sleep, about 7 hours each night and away from the electronic devices before bedtime.

9. Lazy eye exam

Most ophthalmologists are recommended annual eye exam. This is very important to ensure healthy eyes and no problems. Regular eye examinations can detect the symptoms of some diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma or brain tumor and timely treatments.


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Cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery is what?

On the market today there are many types of instruments cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery such as rhinoplasty silicon, super cartilage rhinoplasty nose, rhinoplasty 10 Koten cartilage, or cartilage Nose Secret … These products are a lot of people choose to buy because it can help promote nose looks slim and taller. But whether this method really effective, and safe for your nose?


Cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery is what?

Rhinoplasty without surgery cartilage thuatTheo current beauty standards, owning beautiful bow wave will help the face look more angular and sharp lot. And to save money, or fear of pain, a lot of people who look to the non-surgical methods, such as rhinoplasty use cartilage.

Cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery is usually sold at a cost of several hundred thousand, to a few million, and rampant on social networking sites, forums and classifieds. It only takes 15 seconds to put the pieces of cartilage in the nose, then use tweezers to adjust the balance.

Cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery

Most of the cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery is advertised as miniature nostrils, nose bridge raise, without being critical discomfort, or pain, because the pieces are very soft and flexible cartilage. However, the fact of how high up the nose is both ineffective and may cause damage when nose bumps, or wear often causes nasal allergies.

Cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery

More effective methods used cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery
To wave the nose is elevated, or adjust the shape defects such as nosed nose, crooked nose, nasal rugged, broken … it is obligatory to require the support of high-tech, using autologous cartilage , artificial cartilage, or fillers Filler.

Cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery

Currently there are more efficient methods than using a lot of cartilage rhinoplasty without surgery with Filler that is rhinoplasty, ear nose with cartilage, Korean rhinoplasty, and rhinoplasty S Line.

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Hair transplant BEFORE and AFTER / Hair transplant is a method of improving …

Hair transplant is a method of improving the hair loss disease, alopecia very safe and effective. The doctor will implant the healthy hair follicles on the scalp with hair loss regrow hair more healthy and more beautiful thick. Once done you can living and working normally, but for optimum performance, you should pay attention to regulations on care as directed by your doctor:

+ 1- 2 days after the first hair transplant these areas but still slightly swollen in the first weeks that you have to keep the area clean and dry.

+ These hair follicles will fall out after the implants about 2-4 weeks and will grow back completely after 3 months.

+ 2nd day after surgery you will be changing the dressing area and the transplanted hairs will be corrected hair follicles loose or flaking off the implant site.

hair transplant before and after 10

Implementation schedule doctor’s re

+ You will be a day dressing changes.

+ Only shampoo after 5-7 days and must be dried immediately after washing.

+ Avoid the sun and environmental exposure to dirt, not hygienic

+ Strictly doctor’s scheduled visit.

Currently Kangnam Hospital are applying cosmetic hair transplant technology using biological tissue to treat hair loss for customers. This technology is implemented by the method of taking the hair follicles from areas implanted into bald head. The doctor will perform a piece of leather cut hair follicles contain alive in his head, then perform the operation broken down into individual follicular units under a microscope, each unit contains about 1, 2 or 3 depending on hair follicles regional transplant. Implanted region will be prepared by making the cavity, taking the newly separated follicle transplant them into tiny incisions have been prepared in that bald by dedicated tools.


With this method, after a while you’ll quickly get new hair thick, beautiful, strong, natural, more hair loss and baldness is no longer available. Each hair follicle is implanted, very precise, meticulous, strong and healthy nourished from deep inside so the effect will be long-term maintenance.

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VMware Workstation 12 Download Free For Windows

Today, we are going to show you guys VMware Workstation 12 download free. In addition, you can also find license key for VMware Workstation 12. VMware Workstation 12 download is kind of a software that allows you to virtually run any kind of operating system on your computer with installing it on mains.

VMware Workstation 12 Download Free For Windows
VMware Workstation 12 Download Free For Windows

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Windows 7 Ultimate Free Download Full Version 64 Bit

In this article, I will give you Windows 7 Ultimate Free Download Full Version 64 Bit. Windows 7 Ultimate is the best operating system for business and professionals till now. It is the best powerful and versatile version of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Ultimate Free Download Full Version 64 Bit
Windows 7 Ultimate Free Download Full Version 64 Bit

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Braces present in so-called “braces Lingual braces”

Braces present in so-called “braces Lingual braces” is a “secret Orthodontics”. Help you to own a beautiful teeth without anyone knowing you’re wearing braces.

Fresh smile is essential and important for everyone. Because of improvements in aesthetic smile also contributed to the success in life.

Methods In The braces are made like?
Lingual braces are methods of manipulation function improperly positioned teeth, deviant, coral, toothless using braces and chord mounted on the inside of the tooth.

Bowstring will create traction shift back braces and teeth bite right position, bring your regular teeth.


About wisdom teeth affected another teeth


Reasons of the wisdom teeth often cause the tooth decay, because of the location very special. It grows inside deep jaw where a toothbrush can’t reach. The food plaque will accumulate without cleaning it.
This would be the perfect environment for bacteria and pathogens. In fact, there are a lot of cases wisdom teeth decay affect the surrounding teeth when the jaw abscesses.


In fact, how much hair transplant depends on many different factors such as a method of application, area to be hair transplant, doctors perform, etc. Currently, hair transplant technology has been improved and effective, many customers feel satisfaction. Here, the cost of hair transplantation as below:

1. Hair transplantation biotechnology Biofibre

Note: You can implement one or more times depending on the needs and the actual situation

Biofibre hair transplantation biology is a new method, advanced, from the Europe Medical Groups, providing optimal efficiency for customers:

– Suitable for all hair loss cases, including bald even scarring

– Hair restoration strong, thick and natural

– Non-surgical and safe

– The effectiveness of long-term stability, saving time, cost fair hair transplants.

– Customers can see the results immediately after execution

Price: USD
Treatment Regimen I II III IV V
Status Less hair loss Hair loss medium Hair loss more and balding slightly Hair loss much and bald much No limited
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600 1200 1800 2400 3000+
United States 3000 5400 7200 8400 30000
United Kingdom 4200 7560 10080 11760 21000
Australia 3300 5940 7920 9240 28500
Poland 1200 2160 2880 3360 5000
Thailand 1800 3240 4320 5040 6000
Hungary 9000 14580 17280 17640 6000
Malaysia 2700 4860 6480 7560 8000
Brazil 9900 16038 19008 19404 28500
Mexico 3600 6480 8640 12960 15000
Turkey 2100 3780 5040 5880 7000
Spain 3300 79388.1 83635 74705 26000

*Data is updated in February 2017. The data will change depending on the clinic and the time

2. Hair transplanting autologous

Cost of service applicable to autologous hair transplantation

Condition hair Level 1: Level 2: Level 3: Level 4:
Bald area from 5-10 cm 2 Bald area from 10-20 cm 2 Bald area from 20-30 cm 2 Bald area of 30 cm2
United States 2700 5760 6720 33000
United Kingdom 3780 5760 9408 23100
Australia 2970 8064 7392 31350
Poland 1080 6336 2688 5500
Thailand 1620 2304 4032 6600
Hungary 8100 3456 14112 6600
Malaysia 2430 13824 6048 8800
Brazil 8910 5184 15523 31350
Mexico 3240 15000 10368 16500
Turkey 1890 6912 4704 7700
Spain 2970 4032 59764 28600

*Data is updated in February 2017. The data will change depending on the clinic and the time

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