Criminal Defense Attorneys Lead the Fight Against Government Overreach

The role of the criminal defense lawyer is a complex one. While many people will look at television shows and conclude that criminal defense attorneys are just there to get people off when those people have committed crimes, the truth about these lawyers is much different. Many lawyers today see their role as restricting the reach of the government, especially when the government is trying to conduct searches and seizures for drugs. For those who are in the market for a criminal defense attorney Michigan and many other states have lawyers who fill this niche very well.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Lead the Fight Against Government Overreach

Criminal defense lawyers do more than just go to trial and fight it out in front of the jury. Often, these individuals are conducting various hearings on what kinds of evidence can be admitted by the court. These are called suppression hearings, and the purpose of suppression hearings is quite often to restrict the ways that police officers can overrun the rights of citizens. The Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. In plain terms, this means that police officers or the FBI have to have either probable cause, consent, or a warrant to conduct a search. Other exceptions apply, but criminal defense lawyers are often trying to ensure that officers are following the rules.

Criminal defense lawyers also do the important work of mitigation. Especially at the federal level, it is critical for a lawyer to do his research to ensure that he knows the client’s background as well as possible. By knowing about the client and his background, the lawyer can present facts to the court that will lessen the punishment received by the client in the unfortunate case that a client is found guilty. Good lawyers are able to lessen the damage, so to speak, even when the client is up against a guilty verdict.

Overall, good lawyers today are out there fighting for the rights of people who have been accused of all sorts of crimes. These lawyers do more than just guilty people off. They help innocent people, and they ensure that the government is following the all-important constitutional rules, which are there to protect the people from intrusion and overreach. People who find themselves in need of a criminal defense lawyer are finding that good lawyers truly understand their situation and their plight. They’re finding that good lawyers are willing to fight.

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