Best Thai Restaurants in the Nashville Area

Best Thai Restaurants in the Nashville Area

Long gone are the days when people think of Nashville as just a hick burg where Dolly Pardon and Hank Williams, Jr. hang their hats and Opryland lures yelling kids to carnival rides. Oh yes, the Grand Ole Opry still attracts the top headliners on the country circuit and the hotels still do a booming business centered around the fact that Nashville is both a recording magnet for performers and a top place for new country-western talent to get into the spotlight.

But Nashville, like its sister cities of Memphis and Knoxville, has been slowly transformed by regional demographics. Over the past 15 or so years the entire state has seen a tremendous influx of Latin Americans and Southeast Asians who have migrated here because of the low costs of living and doing business in this state (one of a handful that has no state income tax).

There are discreet areas in the Tennessee countryside where Vietnamese and Hmong populations have settled. More and more Southeast Asians have come to the area for its mild climate. And they have also migrated to the urban area.
Because of this influx Nashville has been the beneficiary of some wonderful Thai Cuisine. There are five Restaurants that are highlighted on the Internet and which have brief information about the food and amenities. Let’s take a tour of them now. Many do not have their own web sites yet but I have retrieved as many available reviews as can be found.

Royal Thai 
120 19th Ave. N
Nashville, TN 37203
Royal Thai serves traditional Thai recipes like Thai Chicken soup with coconut, Thai stir-fried noodles, “Pad Thai,” Thai Sticky Rice, and Green Curry. The one review I found said that the food is excellent and the service is very attentive. It is centrally located and may be well worth a visit.

The Siam Café 
316 McCall St.
Nashville, TN 37211-2918
(615) 834-3181

Best Thai Restaurants in the Nashville Area
This out of the way restaurant is said to be small and friendly. Serving traditional Thai food, it is said to please even younger patrons. Overall, it is rated very favorably. Service is prompt and it has many loyal luncheon devotees. The food is very reasonably priced. Traditional Thai recipes like red and green curry and Pad Thai are served with very fresh ingredients.

Thai Taste Restaurant 
395 Haywood Ln
Nashville, TN 37211-5424
(615) 834-9250
This restaurant has had some very good reviews. Their blending of exotic spices and traditional ingredients is its distinctive feature. Spicy, sweet salty and hot flavors permeate this cozy unpretentious restaurant that is housed in a cinderblock building.

A papaya salad with tomatoes and spicy dressing is one of its signature dishes. All dishes are served according to customer’s choice, but the native Thai hot dishes can be tried at your own risk. There is a medly of seafood and other entrees. Inexpensive and clean, this restaurant sounds like a must try for families who want to test-taste authentic Thai food. Major credit cards accepted.

International Market and Restaurant 
2010 Belmont Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212
Cuisines: Asian, Thai

The cuisine here is Asian and Thai and the price range is very, very reasonable: $1 – $20. They’re said to have great food by several reviewers. International Market and Restaurant is open Monday through Sunday it is both an International market as well as a Restaurant. They serve the traditional Thai foods and you can both eat in or take out. This restaurant offers a “touch of Americana” for those who like the milder versions of the chicken soups, etc. Their egg rolls are made with rice noodles and are supposedly a real delight. Major credit cards are accepted. It’s a good place to browse after eating if you fancy a particular ingredient from dinner or lunch!

Royal Thai 
210 Franklin Rd, Ste 700
Brentwood, TN 37027-3252
(615) 376-9695

Moderately priced, this restaurant is a mini-chain, very hospitable for those on the run or families with children. Rice, noodle and curry dishes make up some of the categories of dishes they offer. Moderately priced, they take all major credit cards. They will also prepare your food as mild or spicy as you like. The traditional chicken soup with lime and coconut milk is a favorite. Most reviewers rated it mediocre, but it might be a good place to try out for families because of special preparation of food to suit the palate of the diners.

Top Wine Bars in Nashville

Top Wine Bars in Nashville

Nashville is without a doubt a nighttime drinking kind of town. Hence Nashvegas! There are tons of hip and trendy places to get your drink on! Whether you want to just chill with your friends or have a sexy date there are many options. I have been to all of my listings and my picks are based on first hand experience. Check out and

1. PM
2017 Belmont Blvd.
Nashville TN

Top Wine Bars in Nashville

This is a very hippie, artsy, creative atmosphere. We are in Nashville so everyone’s an artist in their own right. It’s also one of the best Sushi joints in this town. From the basic California Roll to the Godzilla Roll you can’t go wrong! It’s always fresh and tasty. I recommend also trying the main plates which are equally yummy. Both of my favorite wines selections were red. The first is Castle Rock Pinot Noir. Such a light and fruity flavor. The second red is Excelsior Cabernet which is from South Africa. This has more of a spicy, peppery flavor.

2. Cha Cha
2013 Belmont Blvd
Nashville TN

A NYC Tribeca feel. So elegant & romantical! A tapas and cocktail bar. Where do I start? The Rosemary Shrimp Feta Bake with Creamy Polenta & Almonds oh the flavors!

I also love the Edamame Avocado dip makes me want to slap someone! The best red is from Spain. The Condessa Crianza, Rioja hints of dark berries and spices were satisfying.

The white I chose is the La Cala Vermentino from Italy it was very crisp and dry.

3. Cabana
1910 Belcourt Avenue
Nashville ,TN

A dim, hide away type of atmosphere. You can hide away in a private Cabana and even close the curtains but don’t get any crazy ideas they are see through. You can also sit at the cozy bar. My favorite bites are the White Bean Hummus with lavash crackers. The Margherita Pizza which ingredients include fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and roma tomatoes. MMMMMMMMM… My top two favorite wines at Cabana are Mirassou Pinot Noir (Red) it’s a very light red wine with lots of fruit flavors. I also enjoy the BV Coastal SB(White)which is more of a citrus flavored wine.

4. Sunset Grill
2001 Belcourt Avenue
Nashville, TN

More of an older crowd. I’d like to describe the atmosphere as the color red. This is a very cozy, dark scene. My favorite dish would be the Vegetarian Voo Doo Pasta. It is made up of egg fettuccine, veggies, and spicy black magic tomato sauce. My favorite white wine at Sunset is the Covey Run Gewurtztraminer which is citrusy and has a refreshing finish. The red I chose was the Mark West Pinot Noira plum & fig tasting delight!

5. Boundry
911 20th Avenue South
Nashville TN

This has a very romantic vibe. There are fire pits on the outside. Two bars up and downstairs. I love the upstairs there are big cushy chairs to cuddle on. I am ashamed to say I’ve never eaten here so I can’t give any food reviews. The wines I chose were MacMurray Pinot Noir (red). Can you tell I love Pinot? This has more of a blackberry flavor. I also chose Conundrum as my white pick which is a blend of five grapes. Tastes of oranges and cinnamon are delectable.

Top Wine Bars in Nashville

Christmas Travel Tips for you

Christmas Travel Tips for you

A lot of people head home to spend Christmas with their friends and family. This can make traveling a long, stressful process. Thankfully, there are some tips for Christmas travel that can help to ease this stress.

Christmas Travel Tips for you

Book In Advance

One of the first Christmas travel tips has to do with booking your tickets in advance. You don’t want to wait to try to find cheap tickets at the last minute.

Plan Ahead

A good Christmas travel tip is to avoid those areas that are prone to issues with severe weather. If you do have to fly to one of these areas, make sure that you either get a non-stop flight or leave plenty of time for delays.

Stay Calm

While holiday travel can be stressful, staying calm will be helpful to you and your fellow passengers. Therefore, make sure to have a positive attitude as you approach your trip.

Don’t Wrap Presents

This is one of the Christmas travel tips that a lot of people forget about. Airport security is on increased alert during the holidays and will probably open any wrapped packages.

Remove All Batteries

Another of the important Christmas travel tips that has to do with your presents: Make sure to take batteries out of all of your electronic devices.

Check Your Bags

You will probably have a lot more hand luggage so make sure that you check any of the bigger things that you are bringing with you.

Take Along an Empty Bag

Here is a Christmas travel tip that a lot of people forget about: Take an extra bag in order to pack up your gifts to bring home with you.

Expect the Unexpected

This is especially important during the Christmas season because delays, cancellations and overbooked flights will be more likely. Make sure to stay calm when these things happen so that everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Stay Calm

A Christmas travel tip that simply cannot be stressed enough is to make sure that you remain calm.

Verify Your Arrangements

If you make your travel arrangements online, it is a good idea to call and verify that you actually received what you requested. This is especially important if you are traveling with small children as you won’t want to be separated from them.

Remember Your Cell Phone Charger

A Christmas travel tip that you probably will never have even thought about has to do with your cell phone charger. You will want to put this in your carry-on bag in case of a delay wherein you need to use your phone.

Doctor Notes

One of the most important safety travel tips has to do with the needles that diabetics and people with allergies must carry with them. It is important to remember to get a doctor note stating that you need these needles in order to give yourself injections whenever necessary.


Whatever you do, don’t put off traveling at Christmas time just because it can be stressful. Simply keep these Christmas travel tips in mind so that you can enjoy spending your holiday with your friends and family this year. These tips really can make things less stressful for you this year.

What to Know Before You Travel to Europe

What to Know Before You Travel to Europe

You’ve booked your flights, purchased new luggage and may have learned a few phrases in Spanish, French or Italian. But don’t pack your bags for Europe until you read the article below. You may know the dollar-to-Euro conversion rate and 70 different pasta types, but here are seven lesser-known tips to make the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime European vacation.

Travel to Europe

Make sure your carry-on bag fits European overhead bin requirements. Most Europe-to-Europe flights require that your carry-on bag be no larger than 45 cubic inches, or the total width multiplied by the height multiplied by the depth of your bag. For most carry-on bags sold in the United States, this means most 21-, 21.5- and 22-inch-high suitcases are okay, as long as their total cubic inches do not exceed 45 inches. If you’re flying an American airline to and from Europe only, follow that airline’s carry-on baggage requirements.

Bring good walking shoes. This does not mean bring along the most comfortable flats you have or loads of pairs of flip-flops; instead, purchase shoes with sturdy arch support, and break them in before you go. If you’re looking for something more fashionable than athletic shoes, check out Merrill, Clarks, Born and Chaco for sturdy sandals that conform to your foot.

Purchase a Europe outlet adaptor. It’s a running gag in multiple movies: well-meaning characters try to plug American appliances into European outlets and short-circuit the entire building. Don’t let this happen to you ‘” purchase an American-to-European outlet plug adapter, available from multiple retailers online.

Obtain a European driver’s license. If you have a AAA membership, a driver’s license good for dozens of countries will only cost you $10 to $15 ‘” simply visit the AAA site or your local AAA office to find out how. You will need two passport pictures, which you can get from drugstores authorized in taking passport pictures.

Switch your cell phone service to an international plan. Usually, you can’t do this online. Instead, call your wireless provider’s customer service number the day before you leave to have your plan switched to an international plan, and then change it back when you return from Europe. You will only be charged a prorated rate ‘” just for the time you used the service.

Decide on your cash vs. credit card split. Most places in Europe take Visa, MasterCard and even American Express, so you don’t have to worry about converting dollars to Euros. How much cash you bring is up to you, but keep in mind that every dollar is worth about 1.4 Euros (as of July 2011). Check the currency conversion here. Make your daily cash budget for Europe and give yourself 10 to 15 percent extra for emergencies.

Make copies of credit cards, itineraries and important phone numbers. Leave the credit card numbers and itineraries with a trusted family member, such as a parent, in case you need to verify anything while you’re away from home . Write down phone numbers for credit card companies and that trusted family member and keep them in several different places ‘” in your suitcase, in your wallet and in a spouse’s suitcase, as well as the hotel room/cruise room’s safe. If your cards and cell phone are stolen, you’ll have the phone numbers handy to call and cancel them.

What to Know Before You Travel to Europe

Review of the Disney Grand Californian hotel

Review of the Disney Grand Californian hotel

If you are going to Disneyland and want to stay in the nicest and best hotel possible then you only have one choice and that is to stay on property. The hotels at Disneyland are not all created equal, they range from moderate to luxury hotel accommodations. With only three hotels on the Disneyland property only one hotel is of the moderate class with the other hotels being luxury hotels. The Disney Paradise Pier was not originally built by Disney and is the moderate class hotel but the Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Grand Californian are the two luxury hotels. It is the Disney Grand Californian that we are going to be looking at.

Review of the Disney Grand Californian hotel

The Disney Grand California is the most expensive of the Hotels at Disneyland. The Disney Grand California has regular rooms that can go for as much as $1,000 a night during the peak season or peak events.

The Disney Grand California opened in 2001 with the Disney’s California Adventure park which is adjacent to the Disney Grand California, and even touted by Disney as being inside the park itself. It shares the theme of nature with the mountainous area of the theme park. It overlooks the shopping and entertainment district of Downtown Disney. Some shops occupy the ground floor of the hotel. It is a hotel of 750 rooms but is only five stories tall.

This hotel commemorates the American West in the Rockies and mainly large chalets built by the U.S. national parks between 1904 and 1924. Stephen Mather one of the most prolific architects and most one of the most notable of the movement known as Arts and Crafts inspired the architecture of the Disney Grand California. Stephen Mather created a style icon of America from the rustic and romantic elements from the natural forest parks, a closeness to nature and mysticism of Americans. The warmth of wood is everywhere; rocks and stones provide a supplementary note of serenity.

The hotel is divided into five sections (six as of 2008) plus a conference center. The first section is located around the square of the main hall. It allows you to join three other sections and faces east onswimming pools, south on the Green Meadow.

The second section is located in the north and takes the form of an L. It is accessible from the northwest corner of the main hall. It is crossed by the monorail to the second floor, contains a ground floor meeting rooms (conference center) and shopping (Downtown Disney). It defines much of the Brisa Courtyard. The third section is only the start of a wing at the southwest corner of the main hall. The fourth section as the L-shaped begins at the northeast corner of the main hall. It surrounds the pools, and provides a view of the theme park. It is the ground floor of this wing in the wake of the northern section of the main hall that is private access from the hotel to the park. The fifth section, yet the L-shaped, is located as the second section but taking attaches at the crossroads of the fourth section, near the entrance of the park. It is also crossed by the monorail and its ground floor is occupied by shops. The sixth section, yet the L-shaped, is located along Green Meadow.

The Disney Grand California has the Napa Rose as its main restaurant. The Napa Rose is the top rated restaurant in all of Anaheim. The food is excellent and celebrates California with food such as wine, fish, and even lamb all from California. The lamb is one of the most popular dished served and compares favorably to other lambs from around the world offered at other 5 star dining establishments.

The service is amazing. The rooms are not much larger then a typical hotel room but amenities such as LCD TV’s, bathrooms, irons, and specialty bath gels, lotions, etc. A yummy treat is also sent to your room though this may only have been because at the time I was a special guest and it may not be normal. The beds are the best I have ever slept in including other luxury hotels. Sleeping on the beds is like sleeping on a cloud, while a future trip is being planned with a stay in the Disney Grand California one of the highlights I am looking forward to is a good nigh sleep in that bed.

There is a workout room of good size for a hotel. There is a very large hot tube, and a themed pool with a slide for the children. Early entry into the park is also given to guest patrons about every other day.

Overall the experience at the Disney Grand California was very favorable. I plan to go again this next year. The only down side to the Disney Grand California is the expense of staying in the hotel, but now is a great time to go if you are interested as many hotels are doing poorly because of the economic problems and are offering discounts to lure patrons and the Disney Grand California is likely to be doing so too.

Mackinac Island, Michigan: A Piece of American History

Mackinac Island, Michigan: A Piece of American History

While there are many beautiful American cities that you can choose to visit during the springtime, there is only one that makes the cut on my list. This city is actually an island full of fun known as Mackinac Island, and it’s located in Michigan. There is only one way to make it over to Mackinac Island, though, and that is by ferry.

Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island is a place known for its old heritage and its world-renowned fudge . Mackinac Island is my favorite springtime destination for one major reason, though. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006, and yet, I find that Mackinac Island is able to accommodate my needs.

There are many places to see and witness on Mackinac Island, and even with my multiple sclerosis, I’m still able to visit these places. Mackinac Island has horse-drawn carriage tours that you can take if you want to see the island without having to walk the entire day to see it. This is also a great experience for those who want to enjoy a family ride or especially for those looking to have a romantic trip.

The horse and carriage ride cost me and my husband approximately $50 the last time we went to Mackinac Island. This to me is a relatively cheap price to be able to enjoy a romantic ride while experiencing the rich history of this wonderful island. The streets on Mackinac Island are loaded with old historical homes that date back to the 1800s.

Then, you can go biking through Mackinac Island State Park at the price of $50 for a couple for five hours. This will give you ample time to see the sites such as Skull Cave and Arch Rock. These experiences also give people with families the time to educate their kids. I have taken my nieces here for the educational value that Mackinac Island has to offer.

When you book your trip to Mackinac Island, make sure you stay at the Lilac Tree Suite and Spa. This is the only hotel I stay at on Mackinac Island, because when I’m on vacation, I love to be pampered. I must say that the balcony here was a great location to unwind from a day of sightseeing. The balcony that I had overlooked Main Street, and you could even see Lake Huron from my balcony. What a grand way to unwind from a busy day.

The best place to eat at on Mackinac Island is the Pink Pony. There are a lot of different dishes you can get at the Pink Pony, but my favorite dish was the tequila lime perch. This is a relatively expensive dish, though. The perch cost me approximately $28, but it is fresh fish from the lake. This is the reason I did not hesitate to pay $28 for this fish. I live in Colorado, and it is hard to get fresh fish that taste this good there.

The things that I would say every person coming to Mackinac Island must do is go on a horse and carriage ride, bicycle through Mackinac Island State Park, and try the fudge. These are all the things that make any vacation to Mackinac complete.

how to get discounts on hotels , you can read 9 tips here

how to get discounts on hotels , you can read 9 tips here

Many people would like to save money when booking a hotel stay. It is possible to receive a discount but you have to ask for a discount. You are thinking that this is too simple and there has to be a catch. Here are some tips to help with receiving a discount when booking a room.

9 Tips for Getting a Hotel Discount

  1. Check the Internet for Hotel Deals. Some hotels will offer coupons or deals if the hotel is book through their website.
  2. Make a Phone Call to the Hotel. You can make a call to the hotel and ask the hotel about any specials, deals or promotion given by the hotel.
  3. Plan a Hotel Visit during the Off Season. Most people travel in the summer and hotel prices are higher during this time. You can save by planning a trip in early spring or fall.
  4. Credit Card Discounts. Some hotels will give a room discount for being a member of a certain credit card company. The manager will know more about any deals given for a certain credit card so ask for the manager. There is a possibility to make some negotiations with the manager and the manager has the authority to give a discount on a room.
  5. Student or Senor Citizen Discount. Many hotels give a student or senior citizen discount. You can find out this information by placing a call to the hotel. The hotel will be able to give the days of the discount.
  6. Ask About Free Breakfast. Some hotels offer breakfast packages included with the room. If you are booking for a certain package that doesn’t include breakfast then contact the hotel about a free breakfast.
  7. Get a Referral. If you have a friend that stays at the hotel on a regular basis then mention the person to the hotel clerk. You can tell the hotel clerk that the friend recommended their hotel and ask for a discount. This could help with obtaining a discount on a room at the hotel.
  8. Military Discount. Many hotels give a special discount for being in the military.
  9. Take Advantage of the Booking During the Off Season. You can ask the clerk about any specials that the hotel is having during the off season and ask for a discount. If the hotel doesn’t give a discount then see about getting a better room or a free breakfast.

These tips should be helpful in obtaining some type of discount. It’s important to plan early and have fun on the trip.

how to get discounts on hotels , you can read 9 tips here

Best Luxury Hotel Bars in Dallas, Texas

If you are looking for a great place to unwind after work or a place to relax without the “bar scene” atmosphere, here are some of the best hotel bars located in the most prestigious and popular hotels in Dallas, Texas.

Best Luxury Hotel Bars in Dallas, Texas: Ghostbar

Best Luxury Hotel Bars in Dallas

The Ghostbar is an upscale contemporary lounge located on the rooftop of the affluent W Dallas Victory Hotel. This stylish lounge features floor to ceiling windows, the infamous “ghostdeck” made of glass, magnificent city views, a stunning décor and energetic atmosphere. This ultra modern and classy hotel bar is open from 8:00pm to 2:00am Monday – Wednesday with no cover, Thursday with a cover charge of $10, Friday- Saturday with a cover charge of $20 and ladies always get in for free at the Ghostbar any day of the week. Patrons at the Ghostbar enjoy specialty cocktails, an outstanding outdoor patio area for relaxing, a DJ who spins the latest Top 40 hits, valet parking and a VIP area. The Ghostbar is great for people watching, just hanging out or enjoying a night with your friends. Visit the W Hotel online for details.

Best Luxury Hotel Bars in Dallas, Texas: Gossip Lounge

Gossip Lounge

The Gossip is located in the lobby of the Wyndham Anatole Hotel. This exclusive hotel bar features a great place to relax and unwind with magnificent views, rich décor and low-key atmosphere. The Gossip lounge overlooks a sensational seven-acre Anatole Sculpture Garden with sparkling red hues and expressive custom designer decors. This hot spot is open from 6:30am – 2am, serves a scrumptious breakfast and is open for the lunch crowd. Patrons at the Gossip hotel bar enjoy signature martinis, premium cocktails, complimentary valet, appealing appetizers, a cigar patio and amazing wine selection. Visit the Wyndham Anatole Hotel online for details.

Best Luxury Hotel Bars in Dallas, Texas: The Library Bar

The Library Bar

The Library Bar is located in the Warwick Melrose Hotel -Dallas. This quaint and classy bar is the perfect venue for private business meetings or after work social gatherings. The Library Bar opens at 2:00 pm with a full service lunch menu/bar and comes alive after 6:00 pm with live entertainment. Patrons at the Library Bar enjoy specialty cocktails, the smooth sounds of soft piano music, fine wine and a delightful menu that includes salads, appetizers and the infamous Kobe Beef Burger. The Library Bar is one of the most sought after hotel bar for professionals. Visit the Warwick Melrose Hotel – Dallas online for details.

The Best Hotels in Chicago : Top 5 List

The Best Hotels in Chicago: Top 5 List

Chicago, as an architectural hub, is a prime destination for the world’s best hotels. In Chicago, you will find that the luxury hotel market offers countless options, in terms of opulence, finery, and overall grace. The best of the best hotels in Chicago, however, offer distinctions that set them head and shoulders above an already crowded pack. You will find that Chicago’s best hotels are located near Michigan Avenue and the River North neighborhood.

#5 Best Hotel in Chicago: The W Chicago Lakeshore

The Best Hotels in Chicago

The sleek W Chicago Lakeshore stands juxtaposed against Lake Michigan – at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Ontario Street. From this location, you are easily within walking distance of both Northwestern University’s downtown campus and Navy Pier. A favorite of young professionals, The W combines fine hotel amenities alongside the chic appeal of a trendy nightclub. Inside, the beautiful people are mingling over drinks at the W’s Whiskey Sky bar and Wave restaurant. Guest room décor is minimalist and modern – with splashes of color for furnishings, artwork, and bedding. As a guest, you may enjoy the Extreme Wow Suite, which is made complete with 1,100 square feet of space, two bedrooms, one dining room, and panoramic views of Lake Michigan.

The W Chicago Lakeshore

644 N. Lake Shore Dr.

Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 943-9200

#4 Best Hotel in Chicago: The Park Hyatt Chicago

The Park Hyatt Chicago

The Park Hyatt Chicago is understated elegance. From its Magnificent Mile location, the Park Hyatt greets guests with warm ambience, classic works of art, and plush furnishings. As a distinguished visitor to Chicago, you will enjoy power dining at the NoMI restaurant and bar that overlooks Michigan Avenue. After closing the deal, your room awaits. Park Hyatt Chicago room amenities include oversized work desks, large safes, marble baths, and stereo systems. The Lake Suite is a favorite of discriminating guests – with its striking views of Lake Michigan, marble foyer, cordoned off living room, and butler service.

The Park Hyatt Chicago

Water Tower Square

800 N. Michigan Ave.

Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 335-1234

#3 Best Hotel in Chicago: The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

The Ritz-Carlton Chicago lords directly over Water Tower Place – at the very heart of Michigan Avenue shopping. The opulent Ritz hotel lobby overlooks America’s most beautiful street with rich mahogany woods, fine ceiling tapestry, and brass metal work. The Ritz-Carlton Chicago features 524 rooms and suites that are each appointed with sweeping views of the cityscape, marble bathrooms, flat panel televisions, and wireless internet access. For entertaining, you may prefer the Superior Lakeside One-Bedroom suite. This suite features 1,000 square feet of space, one separate living room area, and unobstructed sightlines of Lake Michigan.

The Ritz Carlton

160 E. Pearson St.

Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 266-1000

#2 Best Hotel in Chicago: The Peninsula Chicago

With its Michigan Avenue location, soothing off-white color scheme, and decadent spa treatments, the Peninsula Chicago was built for leisure and romance. In terms of restaurant dining, the Peninsula offers four separate options for your palette, in the form of Avenues, Shanghai Terrace, The Terrace, and The Lobby. Indeed, High Tea at The Lobby remains a standby for Chicago’s elite. Away from the bustle, room décor features clean lines, cherry wood paneling, and classic style. The Peninsula is a fine respite from city life.

The Peninsula Chicago

108 E. Superior St.

Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 337-2888

#1 Best Hotel in Chicago: The Drake Chicago

The Drake

A fixture of the Chicago skyline, the Drake looms over Michigan Avenue, Oak Street Beach, and Lake Shore Drive as the Windy City’s finest hotel. At Oak Street, you will find Chicago’s most stunning collections of art and high-end boutiques. Continuing along Oak, you will run into Rush Street, which is yet another haven for fine dining and chic nightlife. At the Drake, ornate tapestry, custom woodwork, and a helpful staff will greet you in the lobby. Each room is outfitted with crown molding, Italian marble, and soft upholstery. The Drake is world famous for its Presidential and Princess Diana suites, which are the preferred mode of travel for international dignitaries. The Drake is pure elegance.

The Drake

140 E. Walton Pl.

Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 787-2200

The Best Hotels in Chicago : Top 5 List

The Best Hotel Pools in Las Vegas

The Best Hotel Pools in Las Vegas

Las Vegas pools showcase incredible tropical amenities in the many fabulous resorts within the city. They attract visitors coming to Vegas all year round. The best pools here feature inventive expanses of sandy beaches, pounding waterfalls and bubbly hot tubs, along with lush foliage and well-groomed trees. These are all fancily created for a splashing escape from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city. And for those willing to further indulge in luxury can splurge their ways through VIP uses of cabanas, jacuzzis and other special benefits.

Grand Pool Complex at the MGM Grand

Best Hotel Pools in Las Vegas
Aptly located at the biggest hotel in the US, the Grand Pool Complex of the MGM Grand has one of the most elegant swimming and sunbathing experience in the world. It offers a tropical landscape with five shimmering swimming pools, three relaxing whirlpools, a tropical river and glamorous waterfalls. It offers an island getaway type of complex filled with lush greenery, bridges and fountains. It also features cozy cabanas, patios, TVs, mini refrigerators and complimentary pairs of tubes or rafts.

The Monte Carlo Beach Club
The Monte Carlo Beach Club at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino showcases varying water experiences including cascading falls, Lagoon Pool with handicap chair lift for people with special needs, 400 ft. of Easy River Ride through a lazy river speeding up to 4 miles per hour, Kiddie Pool in a fun enclosed area with child-sized beach chairs and the most popular Wave Pool which is the very first in Vegas when it opened in 1996. There is a tropical foliage around the area and there are cabanas for those who want the solitude of owning exclusive spots that abound with luxury services including teak lounge chairs and private attendants.

The Mirage Pool
The Mirage Pool offers two pools with two palm tree-lined islands and series of wandering, interconnected lagoons. Within an atrium that looks like a tropical rainforest, there are lush greens, cascading waterfalls and exotic birds accompanying the huge pool area. Its gorgeous landscaping is ideal for sunbathing or a leisurely swim. There are complimentary towels and lounge chairs for guests, along with complimentary life jackets for children. There are pool rafts available for rent. And there are secluded hot tubs and cabanas with each one being equipped with its own entertainment system, fridge, safe, misting machine, food and beverage, rafts and private patio. This tropical paradise within the Mirage Hotel and Casino premises is also handicap accessible.

The Best Hotel Pools in Las Vegas