Best Beaches in Acapulco

Best Beaches in Acapulco

The city of Acapulco on Mexico’s Pacific coast has many magnificent appeals, including its tepid waters, near-perfect climate, and relaxing beaches. Here are the best beaches in Acapulco.

Less than a half hour’s drive west of downtown, you will find Pie de la Cuesta. A wonderfully long stretch of sand that boasts breathtaking sunsets, Pie de la Cuesta offers restaurants, inns and stunning views. Not to mention Laguna Coyuca, a shimmering body of water that is perfect for waterskiing, freshwater fishing, and boat rides.

Beaches in Acapulco

Surprisingly, many beaches in and around Acapulco are often uncrowded, especially on weekdays. Count among them Barra Vieja, a long stretch of sand popular with locals on weekends. You can enjoy this quiet beach and dine at one of the terrific outdoor restaurants.

Playa Icacos spans from the naval base to the El President hotel and is also less crowded than the more popular Acapulco beaches. Th water is gentle, especially before noon. An excellent place to kick back with a paperback novel and read the day away.

If you are not interested in relaxation and are looking for more action, head over to the Strip, also known as Playa Condesa. Looking out upon the center of Bahia de Acapulco, this fabulous stretch of beach is lined with hip bars and restaurants and is extremely popular among singles.

For a different kind of action – say, any activity from surfing to horseback riding – check out Playa Revolcadero, adjacent to the Fairmont Pierre Marques and Fairmont Acapulco Princess hotels. Although the water is shallow here, the waves can be quite rough. So, watch the water a good long while before wading in. The wide beach will please you, even if the waters happen to uninviting at the time of your visit.

If you are traveling with little ones, take them to Playa Caleta, located on the southern peninsula in Old Acapulco. Mexican and visiting families alike delight in the cozy bays with calm waters. You can also catch a boat ride from here to Isla de Roqueta. Vendors flock to the beach, selling shells, necklaces and other souvenirs. Dine at the nearby eateries and make a day of it.

While the waters surrounding Acapulco are usually fairly calm, they can get rough, so be sure to use caution. Particularly at beaches outside Acapulco Bay, where you are at the Pacific’s mercy. Enjoy the best beaches in Acapulco.

Best Beaches on St. Lucia

Best Beaches on St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a popular Caribbean honeymoon destination, filled with lush landscapes, luxurious resorts, and breathtaking beaches. This volcanic island, which is twenty-seven by fourteen miles, boasts a magnificent rain forest that helps make St. Lucia one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. Here are the best beaches on St. Lucia.

Best Beaches on St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s best beach surrounds Rodney Bay, and it is named Reduit Beach. Its soft, golden sand is the talk of the town, and its waters are perfect for just about any aquatic activity. Fronting the beach is the outstanding Rex St. Lucian Hotel.

Whether you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or diving, Anse Cochon is near perfect. Located three miles south of Marigot Bay, you will need to take a boat or a mile-long access road to get here, but the beautiful black sand will make the effort seem well worthwhile. Be sure to pay this remote gem a visit sometime during your stay on St. Lucia.

Speaking of Marigot Bay, you should also check out Marigot Beach. Take the ferry, which operates continually back and forth across the bay, and enjoy this small stretch of sand that is marked by beautiful palm trees.

On the northwestern tip of St. Lucia you will find Pigeon Point. Part of the Pigeon Island National Historic Park, this tiny beach is a great place to picnic. Bring the family and make an afternoon of it.

One mile north of Soufriere is Anse Chastanet, a magnificent beach with reefs that make it perfect for snorkeling or diving. Right on the beach, you will find a helpful dive shop, as well as a bar and restaurant. This is an excellent place to spend the day.

One mile south of Soufriere is Anse de Pitons. White sand (which is actually transplanted from elsewhere and spread out over the black sand) glimmers in the sun and adds to the breathtaking scenery and the views over Jalousie Bay. This is another exceptional spot for snorkeling and diving. You can get here by boat, or through the resort.

The best advice you can get to take advantage of the stunning beaches of St. Lucia is this: don’t get lazy. Many of the best beaches are accessible only by boat, but they are well worth the brief trip. The secluded beaches in the Caribbean are quite often the best. Avoid swimming on the windward side of the island, because the Atlantic waters become far too rough. Enjoy the best beaches on St. Lucia.

Best Beaches in Michigan

Best Beaches in Michigan

It’s no secret that I love my native state of Michigan. I’ve grown up practically in Lake Michigan. We traveled with our children all over of state, big cities, small towns and rural areas. Our state motto is ‘If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you’, is perfectly apt. Whatever you interests or hobbies, you can do just about any of them in Michigan.

Best Beaches in Oahu

Our license plates used to read ‘Water Wonderland’ and indeed Michigan is known for its beaches and water sports. A friend who hails from New York, quipped when she saw Lake Michigan for the first time, This is a lake?? This is a small ocean!’ Which is true in terms of size. And better than an ocean our lakes contain freshwater instead of salt water. Besides our monumental Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior Michigan boasts hundreds of smaller inland lakes.

Here is a guide for travelers to Michigan to find the ten best beaches in Michigan. I am listing beaches mainly in terms of swimming, camping and onshore activities. I’ve written another article for boaters. I’ve also written a separate article on Upper Peninsula beaches, resorts and places of interest. I’ve based my selection of beaches on several factors: clean water, access, water safety, water temperatures, DNR services, amenities and distance from industrial waste. I have listed beaches located on Lake Michigan. Eastern Michigan has more industry and the lakes tend to be dirtier. Also, those areas are fronted by Lake Erie and Lake Huron, which have a rockier bottom than Lake Michigan. It is difficult to swim in a lake without a soft sand base.

Ludington, Michigan: Ludington has an interesting beach configuration. If you turn off from US 31 at Ludington and basically go straight west you will eventually hit Lake Michigan, going through the town of Ludington. At that point, you have a beautiful city beach with shady, grassy picnic area. If you turn north, you will essentially drive along the lake to the Ludington State Park. The park is located on the Au Sable River which empties into Lake Michigan at one point and into a nice small inland lake.

Silver Lake Silver Lake is a summer resort community located on Silver Lake. Silver Lake forms a sort of junction with Lake Michigan and is famous for splendid dunes and gorgeous water.

Pentwater: Pentwater is a tiny community with a back in time feel. There are lovely, inexpensive cottages and resorts. If you like a homey feel, Pentwater is for you. Be sure to check out Gustafson’s Gifts on main street.

Grand Haven, Michigan: My home town has a beautiful board walk which runs along waterfront and out to the pier. Our beach is clean and beautiful. Since Grand Haven is located at the mouth of the Grand River, we have a natural staging area that faces Dewey Hill with the river running past and out to the Big Lake. Spring Lake is a beautiful inland lake just over the bridge.

Manistee, Michigan: Manistee is small community with a boat-lined river that runs along main street and out to the lake. The campground is lovely.

Petosky, Michigan: Named for the legendary Petosky stone (Michigan’s state stone) Petosky is an upscale, cosmopolitan community. The beaches are lovely.

North Muskegon, Michigan: Had I written this article 30 years ago, Muskegon’s beaches would have topped my list. Unfortunately, Muskegon was hit pretty hard by unemployment upheaval of its major industries. It does have some nice beaches, particularly in North Muskegon.

Best Beaches on Long Island

Best Beaches on Long Island

All beaches are not created equally, or at least not the same. And that holds true for the beaches on Long Island. There are beaches that are mostly for swimming and beaches that have a little bit of everything. Beaches that allow dogs, with restrictions and they are very strictly enforce. Beaches that are handicapped accessible. Beaches on the ocean. Beaches on the bay and beaches on the sound. Some beaches are great for surfing, some are not. But what ever kind of beach you are looking for, you will find it on Long Island. It is a good idea to contact them before you come if you have any questions or if there has been any kind of sever weather. There are things that happen that can cause the beach, or any other part of the park to close. And one very important thing. Don’t forget the sun screen.

Best Southern California Beaches

Heckscher State Park is in the town of Islip in Suffolk County, Long Island. The State Park system is excellent and this is one of the best catering to the whole family, even the dog. Not only that, much of the park, including beaches is handicapped accessible. The three beaches are on Great South Bay and if you are not in the beach mode, there is a swimming pool. They have a camp ground, picnic tables with grills, a handicapped accessible playground, boat launch and special events during the summer including a concert by the New York Philharmonic, Contact them at (631) 581-2100

If you want Ocean Beaches instead of on the Bay like at Heckscher State Park, try Robert Moses State Park on Fire Island in the town of Babylon. They do not have as many attractions, but there is 5 miles of beaches and not only for swimming. There is plenty of surfing going on also. There are no camp grounds, but they do have an 18 hole pitch and putt. No dogs are allowed at this one. It is handicapped accessible, including the playground and the beach. Call them at (631) 669-0470

Sunken Meadow State Park is completely different from the other two. In addition to the beach, it has hiking through wetlands areas, 27 holes of golf, a driving range and putting green. It is also a popular spot for windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking. Dogs are allowed only in the undeveloped part of the park. The park is located at Rte. 25A and Sunken Meadow Parkway Kings Park, Long Island New York 11754

Phone: (631) 269-4333

Meschutt Beach County Park is operated by the Suffolk County Department of Parks. Un like the other beaches, this one does not have a lot of extra activities. It is mostly for swimming, with windsurfing and sailing in separate areas. There is a very small camping area, a playground and food concession. This beach is located at P.O. Box 144 / Montauk Hwy., West Sayville, Long Island New York 11796

The Best Beaches in Texas

The Best Beaches in Texas

With so many beautiful beaches in the world Texas often gets overlooked for its magnificent sands and seawater. And with Texas having so much more to offer, a day on the beach is often passed over for touring historical sites or dining on the state’s unique cuisine. But, Texas has 600 miles of shoreline making it a perfect vacation destination within the country.
Most previous visitors to Texas agree that the best beaches are located around the areas of Galveston, Corpus Christi, and South Padre Island although there are other beaches which are off the beaten path that provide fun and enjoyment in a more deserted and private location.

Best Beaches to Visit in Tampa

In the Corpus Christi area North Beach, or Corpus Christi Beach is located north of the ship channel which is connected to the downtown area by the Harbor Bridge. There you’ll find the typical offerings of any beach plus the Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington Museum. The beach is rarely overcrowded making it perfect for a relaxing vacation. McGee Beach is small but cram-packed during holidays. This particular beach is great for taking kids along since the water is shallow and it’s easier to keep track of kids in such a small area.

Padre Balli County Park, on North Padre Island, is where you’ll find the Bob Hall Pier, a famous local landmark. A popular place for fishing the pier is avoided by many swimmers and surfers because so many people are fishing. J.P. Luby Surf Park, on North Park Island, is up the beach a couple of miles from Bob Hall Pier. This particular beach draws the partying crowd and is usually very crowded.

Galveston Island alone has 32 miles of shoreline with beautiful beaches everywhere. East Beach Park is a large beach near the ship channel where swimming isn’t encouraged. There are lots of people fishing which can be dangerous to swimmers. In some areas you can simply pull your car up right beside the water. The park has a pavilion as well as restrooms and showering facilities. Alcohol is permitted on this beach which may not be the most suitable for children.

Seawall Beaches is an entire collection of beaches located along the Galveston seawall. Although alcohol is not permitted on this particular beach there are places nearby to get food. There are also places to rent surfboards, boogie boards and beach umbrellas.

Stewart Beach is the perfect spot to take children for a day of sun and fun. No alcohol is permitted on the beach and there is a mini golf course and water slide, along with other attractions for kids. Adults can shop at gift and food stores. Located between the East End and Seawall beaches, Stewart Beach has plenty of parking but does charge a fee. Galveston Island State Park is located on the west end of Galveston Island and is over 2,000 acres in size. Swimming is allowed in the park but there are no lifeguards. There are camping areas and shelters with electricity and water.

Padre Island National Seashore is not the same as Padre National Island since the two are far apart and separated by the Mansfield Channel. Padre Island National Park is southeast of Corpus Christi. Pets are allowed in the park which has camping facilities. Malaquite Beach and Bird Island Basin are both very popular places to enjoy fishing or wind surfing. The area also features guided tours and children’s programs during certain times of the year. It is not unusual to spot jellyfish or man-o-war in these waters or washed up on the beach.

Be aware that there are fees for accessing the area, parking, using the campground and certain other fees. Although Malaquite Beach is considered by many to be the best beach in the park large crowds of people are normally seen except during summer holidays. The National Seashore visitor center has a museum, concession stand, bookstore, observation decks and much more.

Port Aransas, located on Mustang Island, is a small but adequate beach with plenty of shoreline and great deep-sea fishing opportunities. Along the waterfront docks you’ll find fabulous seafood and other restaurants.

Mustang Island State Park is about 4,000 acres in size and has about five miles of beach coastline. There are often dunes that reach over 30 feet high but are blown away later by high winds or hurricanes. The park features hiking, camping and fishing, along with swimming and surfing.

At the southernmost part of Texas lies the 34-mile stretch of barrier island called South Padre Island. The large resort area features many restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, shops and more. Since the beach is lammed by students on spring break most families avoid the summer months for vacationing here. For a little less bustle try the Isla Blanca County Park where you’ll find a little more serenity.

Best Beaches in Bermuda

Best Beaches in Bermuda

Summer is here and it’s time for vacation. If you’re looking for somewhere that is beautiful, tropical, sunny and a comfortable 80 degrees, Bermuda might be for you. From swimming, golf and water sports, Bermuda is a popular tourist destination, attracting thousands of people each year. Here is a list of some of the best beaches.

Best Beaches in Bermuda
Warwick Long Bay, on the southern side of South Shore Park, is a popular beach. With a half mile stretch of sand, this beach is set against a grassy backdrop and smaller waves. A coral island is near and snorkeling is excellent at this location. The waters are clear and marine life comes in close to shore.

The mile long, pale pink stretch of sand at Elbow Beach is another popular beach destination. Coral reefs surround the perimeter of this beach, making it one of the safest swimming spots in Bermuda. Several hotels are also close by, but around Spring Break and Easter, the area is dominated by college students.

Horseshoe Bay is probably the most popular beach in Bermuda, and is family friendly. A cafe offers water sport equipment rentals and is a full-service facility. A lifeguard is on duty from May to September.

Chaplin Bay, at the southern portion of South Shore Park, is a secluded beach, partially separated into two beaches by coral reefs. This makes for a semi-popular destination because it is smaller and more private, but the beach virtually disappears in high tide and storms.

Church Bay, with its deep, pink sand and crystal clear water is another popular beach destination. Sunbathers like the sand of the beach and snorkelers consider it one of the best spots. Marine life dominates the area because of the offshore coral reef, and the waters are very calm.

Somerset Long Bay, shelted by undeveloped park land, is one of the most private beaches in Bermuda. The waters are often very unsafe to swim, but the quarter mile stretch of sand is ideal for quiet strolls and sunbathing. Anyone wishing to escape the crowds at other, larger beaches find Somerset to be an ideal location.

John Smith’s Bay, the only public beach in Smith parish, is ideal for families. A lifeguard is on duty from May to September and toilet and changing facilities are available. Its famous pale pink sand makes this an ideal destination for parents and children.

Shelly Bay, another beach famous for its soft, pink sand, is well known to visitors, but the beach is rarely overcrowded and you can always find a spot in the sun.

Finally, Tobacco Bay on St. George’s Island, is the most popular in that area. Plenty of facilities, equipment rentals and snack bars are available, but can tend to be overcrowded with tourists.

These beaches above are some of the best in Bermuda, but there are also many more not listed. Hotel staff can help you find others, whether you want great surfing or a quiet place to sunbathe. This is intended only as a guide if you are researching or planning a trip to Bermuda in the near future.

The Best Beaches in Oahu, Hawaii

The Best Beaches in Oahu, Hawaii

While living on the island of Oahu in Hawaii I was able to enjoy hanging out at many of the beaches. Whether it was just to lie down and enjoy the sun, or catch a few waves on my boogie board there was a few beaches that became my favorites.

1) Lanikai beach (best swimming beach)

Best Beaches in Oahu


Rated by Dr. Beach as America’s best beach in 1996, this beach is located a few miles from Kailua town on the leeward side of the island. No wonder it was, as the clear turquoise blue waters, soft sandy beach, and the palm trees softly swaying to the gentle breeze takes all your worries away, and reminds you that this is what Hawaii is really about. This is probably the safest beach to take little kids to as well due to the gently lapping waves (in comparison to the waves that hit the North Shore that are famous among surfers), which is a result of a natural barrier reef offshore.

Furthermore, there are two small islands a couple of miles offshore called Mokolua where you can go to by renting a canoe. Other reasons I love to go to this beach is due to it being clean, the lack of corral and other sharp objects on the beach and in the water, and finally the lack of hordes of tourists taking up all the space. One reason why tourists might not be attracted to this amazing beach may be due to the lack of public toilets and showers. So if you are looking for these amenities Kailua beach park located a couple of miles down the road will serve you better. The moonrise over this beach is also phenomenal. On a full moon night many amateur and professional photographers can be seen at the beach waiting for the moon to rise over the water. In fact one of my wife’s choice moments in Hawaii was when she was swimming here with her parents one evening at dusk and watched the full moon rise slowly over the horizon.

2) Hukilau Beach (best body boarding/ boogie boarding beach)- Located on the North Shore in Laie, this beach is frequented mostly by locals, and the students at the adjacent BYU- Hawaii campus. This beach was made popular by the locals who started the ‘Hukilau’ in the 1940s (the precursor to the Polynesian Cultural Center) which was a show that included the bringing in of the fish net, local dancing and musical acts followed by a luau (a Hawaiian all you can eat buffet). While I lived five minutes walking distance from this beach, the main reason I frequented this beach was to go body boarding or boogie boarding. Personally the best time to go catch a few waves have been in the early evening, although depending on the season and the tides, nothing is guaranteed. The medium sized waves (between 3 and 8 feet high), and the lack of a corral reef make it an ideal place for beginners to learn the sport without too many bruises. If you do not have much of an idea of what you are doing watch the youngsters at the beach, as it is quite easy to pick up.

3) Hanauma Bay (best snorkeling beach)- Located 10 miles east of Waikiki, Hanauma Bay is a protected marine park that is home to various types of fish and marine life that thrive among the corral reef. The shallow waters close to the beach are ideal even for snorkeling beginners, and those who are a little aqua phobic to experience this underwater marvel. If you are driving go early as the parking lot fills up fast, and you would not gain entrance until there is a set number of parking spots that become free. Otherwise there is public transport from the Ala Moana shopping center to the beach for a nominal fee. Hanauma Bay also provides snorkeling gear to those who do not have their own for a nominal price. Entrance to the marine park is free for Hawaii residents and children under the age of 13, while all others pay a $5.00 entrance fee. The only time I would not recommend people to go would be after a storm, as the waters become murky, therefore making it harder to spot the various types of fish and marine life.

4) Kawela Bay (best isolated beach)- If you have a desire to get away from everybody this is the beach for you. While I have gone here several times, I have never seen more than 10 people occupy this horseshoe shaped beach that stretches for over a mile. The beach is located on the north shore, a few miles from Kahuku at the Turtle bay Resort. When you drive into the resort ask for a beach access pass from the parking attendant (which is free). Just before the tennis courts you will see a small road to the right. After traveling on that road for half a mile park the vehicle by the horse stables. At the horse stables you will see a path that travels parallel to the beach and into the ironwood forest.

The hike that is approximately 1.5 miles will also take you past a WWII bunker. Finally you will arrive at a pristine bay, where the water is a deep green as it reflects the forest around the bay which has overgrown palm, banyan, and ironwood trees, and will make you feel as if you were on ‘Survivor’. This is also probably the best place to look for turtles, as the calm protected waters of the bay attract many turtles to mate. There have been times I have seen over 15 of these subtle creatures swimming in these waters. I would also rate this beach as one of the most romantic, and best places to see a sunset. One evening my wife and I were swimming here during sunset when the entire sky and the bay turned a bright orange, and then red, before the sun went down. This was one of those magical moments that will always stay with me.

5) Waimea Bay (best sunbathing beach)- This beach located a few miles from Haleiwa is a great place to go. The large beach area can fill up fast with people playing volleyball, flag football, and (of course) sunbathers. On the far side of the beach is a large rock (probably 20 to 30 feet high) where a constant stream of people line up at the top to jump off (at your own risk!!!). While in the summer months the water off the beach is quite calm and pleasant to swim in, during the winter the water can become quite treacherous even for the most advanced of swimmers. The sunsets at this beach are also very brilliant.

Best Beaches on Cape Cod

People who live on Cape Cod or who visit the Cape with frequency are very reliable sources of where to find the best beaches on Cape Cod. But just as with ice cream, everyone’s idea of what are the best beaches is different and really depends on personal taste. What is at the top of one person’s list of best beaches on Cape Cod, doesn’t make another person’s top 100. Fortunately Cape Cod has such diversity that given enough time and the desire to sample the supply, everyone who visits Cape Cod enough times will develop his or her own list of the best beaches on the cape. If you are just starting out to investigate available beaches and to compile your own list of best beaches on Cape Cod don’t miss out on the chance to visit these four winners.

1. West Dennis Beach:

Best Beaches on Cape Cod

Located about mid-Cape and facing toward Buzzards Bay, West Dennis Beach has been attracting families for generations. Boasting more than a mile of clean white sand, relatively mild water temperature, typically gentle waves and no persistently dangerous undertow, West Dennis draws and holds patronage of families with young children and older adults who still want to enjoy the ocean without the hassle or worry of a more surf oriented beach. West Dennis Beach provides lunches and snacks at a refreshment stand with a nearby children’s playground and recreation area set out for young people taking a break from water activities. There is also an extended and rather unique area for those who enjoy flying kites. Many friendships are struck up between young and old enthusiasts alike.

West Dennis Beach is committed to maintaining a safe haven for water sports and demonstrates this commitment with the positioning of 10 lifeguard towers along the course of the beach. Fully staffed and loaded with state of the art rescue equipment ,West Dennis Beach is ready to keep visitors safe and to assist those who may have inadvertently put themselves in harms way. The visibility of safety personnel and ready response equipment give visitors a justified sense of security.

For those who choose West Dennis Beach, the joy begins as soon as they pull into the lot . Unlike many other beaches, West Dennis runs its parking in spaces along the entire one plus miles of beach and along both sides of the beach access road. Not only does this mean that there are 1000 parking spaces and room for all, but it also means that you can plan on finding a parking space that is amazingly close to the spot you eventually claim on the beach. Getting you onto and off of the beach quickly is a plus for children, the elderly , impatient teens , actually after a long day of activity for everyone. West Dennis is not just a family beach it’s a great beach for anyone who wants enjoyable water activity without a lot of hassle. That’s why you may want to put West Dennis Beach on your list of Best Beaches on Cape Cod.

2. Coast Guard Beach: Clearly at the other end of the beach spectrum is Coast Guard Beach in Nauset. A much frequented beach facility, Coast Guard Beach is a part of Cape Cod National Seashore. On Cape Cod, Coast Guard beach is thought by many to be the premier beach that you can easily access that allows you to experience the astounding power of nature close up and personal . Waves rolling in from open ocean are spectacular to see but not always the kind of water experience you seek out for young children or the elderly. Coast Guard Beach is a beach, that for all its beauty must be approached with common sense and a healthy respect and foreknowledge of dangers of drop offs and undertow.

While you and your children may limit your participation in the sometimes rough and choppy waters of Coast Guard Beach the beauty of the place will certainly overwhelm you. As part of the National Seashore, Coast Guard Beach not only serves man but also shelters marshlands and wildlife. A walk through nearby Nauset Marsh gives visitors a chance to pass by some of America’s most pristine marshes and observe the many and vary shorebirds who nest here. The National Park Service accommodates the interests of amateur birds, naturalist, environmentalists and ordinary nature lovers by providing ranger guided hikes through the area.

In the past, Coast Guard Beach was so popular and maintained such a small parking area that people frequently set out for the beach only to be turned back quickly by signs sadly announcing “Lot Full”. The answer to that problem was finally found in the creation of off site lots and the institution of a shuttle service. This arrangement allows for access to a magnificent beach with only minimal inconvenience. While it may not be on the top ten list of family swimming beaches, it certainly belongs on the your list of best total beach options.

3. Sandy Neck Beach: People go to the beach for many reasons. For the all terrain vehicle crowd who enjoy taking their machine out on the sand and being able to drive along the water and claim a spot to enjoy for the day, Sandy Neck Beach has to make your list of best beaches on Cape Cod. Stretching for a full six miles Sandy Neck is located in both Sandwich and Barnstable on the inside of the Cape facing Cape Cod Bay. This magnificent stretch of beach is maintained superbly for the interests of both recreation and environment.

For those wishing to use four wheel drive vehicles onto the beach certain restrictions apply. Vehicles must pass a safety check and owners must pay to receive and access sticker. But these minor inconveniences pale beside the beauty and the enjoyment of driving along the open sand and finding a stretch of beach to call your own.

Whether you adventure along the full six miles of beach by vehicle or take a more pedestrian approach Sandy Neck has plenty to offer. Sandy Neck offers restrooms, snack bar, outdoor showers wheelchair accessibility and Lifeguards are posted. While wide open drivable beach may be the reason people come to this beach and list it as one of the best beaches on Cape Cod , many folks simply enjoy swimming ,fishing and long walks along the beach. And for those interested in exploring the dunes the old fashioned way, on two feet, there are a variety of hiking trails back away from the water awaiting your exploration.

4. Old Silver Beach: It’s not the longest beach on the cape, nor is it the one with the best surf. It doesn’t have open beach to drive on or nature trails to explore. Still Old Silver has one key feature which many other Cape Cod beaches lack. It’s hard for many beaches to compete with Old Silver’s proximity to the bridge. What puts Old Silver Beach on many visitors best beaches on Cape Cod list is its sheer accessibility. . Just over the canal from the “mainland” Old Silver presents itself as one of the first quality beaches to appear. If you’re only going to Cape Cod for the day and not for a weekend, a week or more you probably don’t want to spend more time driving than soaking up the sun. Put Old Silver on your best beaches list and pull off the road in Falmouth before ever getting into the real cape traffic. At Old Silver you will get the full ocean experience without the hassle of additional driving

Old Silver has a reputation for its incredibly soft silvery sands and also attracts families because of the warm waters its location on Buzzards Bay provides, its gentle waves and seaweed free swimming areas. Old Silver is a beach divided between residents and visitors. While both bathing areas are the same in quality a jetty divides the usage and helps to maintain adequate bathing areas for both groups.

Old Silver is monitored by Lifeguards and has changing facilities. And best of all, when the day is over and you pile back into the car, its only minutes before you are back on the other side of the bridge and headed home. That alone puts Old Silver on any best beaches on Cape Cod listing.

The 5 Best Beaches in the US

The 5 Best Beaches in the US

Is this the summer you are finally going to take the vacation you’ve been dreaming of? Whether you are going on a romantic getaway or a summer family vacation, these beaches have everything you are looking for.

Best Beach #1: Hanalei Bay
Kauai, Hawaii

Best Beaches in the US
The entire Hanalei Bay is encircled with a white sand beach. The surrounding mountains can be seen in the morning reflecting from the bay. The beaches here are famous for surfing and swimming. Kauai is Hawaii’s least developed island and it shows. Visiting here, you are surrounded by the natural beauty of rivers, ginger blossoms, and banana trees. This is also a great beach to bring children, as it is one of only seven beaches in Kauai with a lifeguard. Hanalei Bay is everything you would expect, and far more, from Hawaii.

Places to Stay
Hanalei Bay Resort, Kauai
(877) 782-5642
Located on the eastern shore of Hanalei Bay on the north shore of Kauai, this resort features waterfalls and pools, beautiful surroundings, beach front location, live music daily, tennis courts and a great restaurant.

Hanalei House and Cottage, Kauai
This resort offers the lush atmosphere of Kauai in a cozy, peaceful environment.

Best Beach #2: Ocracoke Island
Outer Banks, North Carolina

The remote beaches of North Carolina remain one of the country’s best kept secrets. Okracoke island offers seclusion and tranquility on its 16 mile long island, which can only be reached by boat. Whether you take a swim in the crystal clear water or wander the quiet streets of the village, you are sure to find enjoyment as you discover this serene island.

Places to Stay
The Anchorage Inn & Marina, Okracoke Island, North Carolina
(252) 928-1101
This inn offers great views, continental breakfasts, and a great gift shop- The Barefoot Bohemian.

Blackbeard’s Lodge, Okracoke Island, North Carolina
As Okracoke’s Island’s oldest hotel, Blackbeard’s Lodge offers nice rooms- some set up as mini-apartments- in a great location at affordable prices. This is a great hotel to visit with kids, as they offer the only hotel game room on the island.

Best Beach #3: Coronado Beach
Coronado, California

This small, tree-lined beach is called “Crown City” by locals- “Coronado” means “crowned one” in Spanish. It’s called an island, but it’s actually a peninsula, just one mile from downtown San Diego. This beach is visually exquisite, with beautiful white sands and one of the most gorgeous sunsets in the country. The small town atmosphere is what makes Coronado so unique- it’s beaches are less crowded than many in the area, and a car is completely optional here.

Places to Stay
Glorietta Bay Inn, Coronado, California
This luxury inn offers great location, 24 hour internet access, and charming guest rooms. It was voted the “Best Boutique Hotel” by Coronado Lifestyle Magazine.

Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, California
Hotel Del Coronado is one of California’s most beautiful beach resorts. It’s luxurious accommodations include a spa, recreation center, and teen lounge.

Best Beach #4: Main Beach
East Hampton, NY

Along the southern shore of Long Island lies one continuous stretch of beach, seemingly endless. Main beach has long attracted visitors from all over the world with it’s trendy tourists and nostalgic boardwalk. Whether you are strolling the picturesque shores, fishing, or having a cookout, Main Beach is guaranteed to provide you with all the summer fun you are looking for.

Places to Stay
The Mill House Inn, East Hampton, New York
A historic bed & breakfast, The Mill House Inn offers unique luxury and world class accommodations, including whirlpool baths, down pillows and comforters, and fireplaces.

Maid Stone Arms, East Hampton, New York
The closest inn to Main Beach, Maid Stone Arms is both affordable and charming. Each room is uniquely decorated, offering cable television and air conditioning.

Best Beach #5: Coast Guard Beach
Eastham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Cape Cod is known for its beaches and natural beauty. Coast Guard Beach is perhaps the most relaxing in all of the Cape Cod national seashore. During the summer it is a prime location for swimming, body surfing, and soaking up the sun.

Places to Stay
The Ocean Park Inn, Eastham, Massachusetts
The Ocean Park Inn offers comfortable guestrooms, as well as family suites, at affordable prices.

The Whalewalk Inn & Spa
The Whalewalk Inn & Spa is sure to please anyone looking for a unique and cozy Cape Cod experience with it’s homey feel, imaginative breakfasts, and calming spa.

The Best Beaches in San Diego

The Best Beaches in San Diego

Are you going to visit San Diego this summer? Or are you a new resident or even an old? Well this summer why not go to one of the many beaches located in San Diego County? San Diego has many of Southern California’s best beaches. Each beach is unique and different from the other. Here is a list of the some of the many great beaches in San Diego.
La Jolla Cove and Shores
1100 Coast Boulevard

These wonderful beaches are located in North County of San Diego. La Jolla offers many great places to eat and it happens to be located right next to a wonderful ocean view. La Jolla Cove is a small beach that offers a variety of nature’s surprises. La Jolla Cove offers tide pools, cliff views, private beaches and much more. In La Jolla Cove there is a seal beach where tourists can watch the seals act in a natural environment. La Jolla Cover offers a great setting for weddings, proms, romantic dates, or even family outings.

Black’s Beach

Best Beaches in San Diego

This beach is about 2-3 miles long and used to be known as Torrey Pines City Beach. Another unique quality of this beach is that is attracts nudists. This is one of the only beaches in San Diego known as the Nude beach. This beach is also popular for hand gliders as well. Getting to Black’s Beach can be difficult at certain times depending on the tide conditions.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a very popular beach that attracts many tourists throughout the year. This beach has an exciting boardwalk that has a lot of things to offer tourists. The board walk includes many great restaurants, a roller coaster, rides, arcade, stores, and also an indoor pool. Next to the boardwalk is known as the strand or also a walkway that leads to pacific beach, and other restaurants close to the shore. This beach is great for swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, bonfires, and other fun activities.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is known as a really popular beach town. Ocean beach has many unique shops, great restaurants, and surfing locations. This beach is great for bonfires, picnics, barbeques, and any kind of event. Ocean beach also offers a beach for the dogs which is known as dog beach. At dog beach dogs can be able to be leash free! Your pets can run around, and swim as much as they want.

Pacific Beach

This beach is probably the #1 popular beach in San Diego. This beach attracts thousands and thousands of people every summer and year. This beach offers many different sporting activities. Some of these activities include running, swimming, cycling, walking, and other sports.

So if you want to have some fun in the sun and are going to be in San Diego, CA then you should go to one of these great beaches. Remember all you need to have fun at the beach is some sun tan lotion, bathing suit, towel, and a smile. Please remember to also swim and surf safely and also stay close to a life guard! Enjoy the beaches, and your summer!