Travel Tips for Family Trips

Travel Tips for Family Trips

Traveling with children can be both fun and stressful. There are a few tips that can help alleviate some of the stress and make for a fun-filled trip.

Good preparation is important for any stress-free trip. Let the children get involved in the preparation, and they will be more likely not to complain during the trip. One way to get them involved is to let them pick out some stops or even the destination. Make them find out some interesting facts about their points of interest before leaving. When you arrive, they can be your guide for that location. They will love having some responsibility in the planning process.

Travel Tips for Family Trips

One idea that will make it fun for the children is a travel journal. If they are too young to write, they can draw pictures. If they are old enough to write, they can write about the trip and places visited. I am amazed at what my kids write about our trips. Sometimes they write several pages for one stop. For those trips to Grandma’s house for the holidays, older kids can think of information that they would like to know about some of their older relatives. Then during your visit, they can try to get their questions answered. Maybe they can even type up a biography for a gift when they get back home.

Another creative activity that my kids love is photography or video recording. Children of all ages can capture some great shots when given the opportunity. If you don’t want them to use your expensive camera, buy them a cheap one or a disposable camera. Then when they get home, they will have what they thought was important on the camera. With a little creativity, my kids like to spruce up their journals with their pictures. Maybe, they can make their own scrapbooks.

Finally, there are great electronic devices out there to help pass time. You can take turns picking out a movie for your portable DVD player. If you have multiple Nintendo DS, bring some games that can be played by multiple players. There are some DS games that can be played by up to four people. Also, you won’t have to worry about missing pieces to board games, if you purchase some of the games that are on DS. Some of the great games available are Connect 4, Sorry, Scrabble and Battleship.

So enjoy your next family trip and let your children capture some of their own memories.

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Tucked away on the central east coast of Florida and only a few miles south of Daytona; lies a hidden gem known as New Smyrna Beach. This quaint and charming coastal city is reminiscent of an era gone by, where the people are friendly and happy, and life is conducted at a much slower pace.
From beaches to surfing and golf to auto racing, New Smyrna Beach offers something for everyone. Art enthusiasts, food connoisseurs, bargain hunters, sun worshippers and environmentalists flock to New Smyrna Beach to rejuvenate, regenerate, and explore.

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach 1

Rich in history and abundant in art, New Smyrna Beach has been ranked as one of the “100 Best Art Towns in America” and one of the “Top Small Cities for the Arts.” Additionally, New Smyrna Beach has consistently been voted as “Best Beach in Florida” and “World’s Safest Bathing Beach.”

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach : For Art and Music Enthusiasts
New Smyrna Beach is an art and music enthusiasts dream come true. Home to the prestigious Atlantic Center for the Arts, this non-profit arts education facility attracts talented artists from around the globe. Nestled on 69 acres of pristine property, the Center features a 200-seat amphitheatre, performance theatre, and numerous art studios. The Center bestows both residents and visitors’ ample opportunity to interact with artists through a variety of community outreach programs presented throughout the year.

Annually, New Smyrna Beach is host to a number of art and music festivals including the prestigious, Image: A Festival of the Arts, held in mid-February and the renowned Jazz Festival, held each September. Each year thousands of music lovers descend upon New Smyrna Beach to attend concerts that feature world-famous musicians. Residents and visitors alike, flock to Flagler Avenue and Canal Street, where they can locate unique works of art on display by more than 100 artists.

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach : For Food Connoisseurs
Visitors to New Smyrna Beach never leave hungry. From ice cream to filet mignon, there is something to delight the palate of everyone. Many of the locals turn to Merk’s Bar and Grill when they want a good burger and fries. PJs Seafood Shack is the place to go when you want a fresh seafood dinner at a great price. Both restaurants offer a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming environment where you can dine indoors or outside.

For Sunday brunch, try the Grille at Riverview. Be sure to save room for one of their decadent desserts such as the classic vanilla bean crème brulee or the luscious profiterole – a pastry puff filled with cream and glazed with hot fudge. To die for!

The Mon Delice’ Bakery will tantalize your taste buds with their authentic French pastries and freshly baked breads. Heavenly Sandwiches and Smoothies provide you with a healthy alternative and feature home-made soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps. If you love coffee drinks, indulge in the Caramel Coffee Bean Smoothie. It’s made from low-fat yogurt so you can indulge guilt-free.

You’ll find dozens of local shops with tempting treats and a multitude of restaurants in New Smyrna Beach. A visit to the local Farmer’s Market will net you garden-fresh produce and fresh baked goods. Regardless of where you go, you’ll find delicious food at affordable prices and the service always comes with a smile.

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach : For Water Enthusiasts
New Smyrna Beach is completely surrounded by water with the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Intracoastal Waterway to the west, and Mosquito Lagoon in between the two. Water recreation is a way of life in this laid-back coastal community, with everything from swimming and scuba diving to marine life expeditions and saltwater fishing excursions.

Boating is the local pastime in New Smyrna Beach and a variety of boating adventures are available to visitors. Many of the local marinas rent all types of watercraft including boats, kayaks, canoes and jet skis. If you have your own boat, by all means bring it. Locally, there are four boat ramps, and many others in nearby towns.

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach : For Ecology Enthusiasts
The Marine Discovery Center is the perfect choice for those who want to learn more about Florida’s diverse ecology. Tours take place daily onboard a 40-passenger pontoon boat, and generally last about two hours. Visitors can participate in a variety of tours including Eco-tours which take place during daytime hours and at sunset; the informative and educational History tour; and special tours such as the Kayak Adventure Tour.

The Eco tours are the most popular and focus on providing passengers with an “up close and personal” experience of the unique creatures that inhabit the remote backwaters of the Indian River Lagoon. IRL is home to more than 300 bird species, 685 fish species, 1350 plant species and 2,765 animal species. Photography opportunities abound, so take your camera and make certain you have fresh batteries and plenty of film. Afterwards, submit up to three of your photos to the St. Johns River Water Management District; host of the 2008 Indian River Lagoon Calendar Photo Contest.* Marine Discovery Center tours are conducted daily, but check the schedule for times, as they vary with the season.

Smyrna Dunes Park is a hidden treasure offering 250 acres of nature to explore. Stroll along more than two miles of walkways to discover a wide variety of animals, reptiles, birds, marine life and vegetation in their natural habitat.

Fishing is allowed throughout the park and all saltwater fishing regulations apply. Swimming is also allowed at Smyrna Dunes, but make note that there are no lifeguards on duty and never swim alone. The dunes are protected, so stay on the walkways at all times and never remove anything from the park.

Smyrna Dunes is a place where you can get away from the hustle bustle of the more populated beaches. Oftentimes, you won’t find more than a handful of people there at one time. You’ll love the soft white sand, the jetty, the solitude and the peace and quiet. Give yourself plenty of time to explore the many wonders and abundant beauty that Smyrna Dunes has to offer.

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach :  For Bargain Hunters
Treasures abound in New Smyrna Beach. From aromatherapy to wine, visitors can stroll down palm tree lined streets as they search for the perfect souvenir or gift.

Flagler Avenue is considered to be the premier shopping area in New Smyrna Beach. Five blocks in length, it runs from the river to the ocean and is filled with art galleries, gift shops, boutiques and restaurants.

Canal Street is located in the heart of New Smyrna Beach. Although the downtown area consists of only a few blocks, you’ll find many hidden treasures here. Romesco’s Market Café and Wine Bar offers some of the finest selections of wines and cheeses in the area. The Little Drug Company has been an icon in the community since 1920 and features an old fashioned soda shop that will transport you back to the 1950s. Canal Street shops are packed with a wide range of products, specialty items, art galleries and antiques – all within a few blocks.

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach :  For Relaxation Enthusiasts
New Smyrna Beach is known for its golf courses, which include two public, four private and one semi-private facility. The two public facilities are: Hidden Lakes Golf Course which lays claim to having the “best par 3 in Florida” and New Smyrna Beach Municipal Golf Course, which is heavily bunkered.

When it’s time to wind down, visitors can indulge in a variety of spa services offered at Abundant Health Day Spa or the Spa at Riverview. Services range from manicures and pedicures, to half-day packages that pamper you from head to toe and include a gourmet lunch.

New Smyrna Beach is definitely a laid-back coastal community that is free of the crowds and noise that plague other Florida beaches. It is the perfect vacation spot for the young and young-at-heart. It provides plenty of activities for families and solitude for lovers and will make you wish you never had to leave.

Interesting Places to Visit in New Smyrna Beach

Top Places to Visit in Portland, Maine

Top Places to Visit in Portland, Maine

Speaking from personal experiences, Portland, Maine isn’t that bad at all. Many tourists complain about Portland not being a friendly city to tourists. They also think that Portland’s parking is terrible, the city is expensive and the cops will give you a ticket for no reason. Well, for sure the city is expensive. If your concept of being terrible is based on not finding interesting places to visit, you are wrong. There are a lot of things you can do and places to visit while you are visiting Maine.

Victoria Mansion, known as the Morse-Libby House
If you’re fond of history, Victorian Mansion is the right place to visit. The house is one of the finest examples of residential designs during the pre-Civil War era. However, the cost of the tour is high for some people, but it’s worth the visit. The house is in tact from its original state. Is nice to see the paintings and carvings. If you really want to know what was like to be a wealthy person in the late 1800s, this house is must on your checklist.

Top Places to Visit in Portland

Portland Observatory
Again, anyone interested in history and architecture would love this place. The Portland Observatory is an 80-foot tall wood tower built in the 19th century. Once visitors get to the top, they would see Mt Washington from one side and lots of incredible views of the ocean from the other. Exploring this old tower can take people up to 40 minutes. Don’t bring your kids, too dull for kids, but interesting for
history lovers.

Portland Museum of Art
The museum is considered to be smaller for some tourists, the museum is full of works by European masters such as Picasso and Renoir. There are also famous works by American such as Winslow Homer and Robert Indiana. Don’t let the size full you. There is a gift store and a secure locker room for you to leave your belongings.

Visiting Niagara Falls, New York

If you are not living in the Western New York area, you should come visit Niagara Falls, New York.Niagara Falls is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is a breathtaking site from any view. Some visitors decide to park at the state park right next to the falls and you can get some very nice views of the fall. Also in the city of Niagara Falls New York , they offer a very affordable trolley ride from some very interesting places like goat island and the Niagara Falls Aquarium. I have taken this trolley ride and once you pay your fee you can ride the trolley for the rest of the day.

Visiting Niagara Falls

From beginning of the route back to the beginning is about an hour. It is a very relaxing narrated trip and this is something I think visitors should do when coming to Niagara Falls.

Another thing that you can do when visiting Niagara falls is to take a ride on the maid of the mist. It is a boat ride that goes very close to the mouth of the falls. You will enjoy incredible views of the falls and will get a little wet as well. Another thing that can be enjoyed is the cave of the winds which is a walk around the sides of the falls again will will get a little wet. While visiting the Falls don’t miss visiting the Aquarium of Niagara falls. The aquarium has some very interesting aquatic animals like penguins and sharks and a nice sea lion show.

Another thing to do while visiting Niagara falls is to spent some time at the Niagara Falls Casino. This can be a fun experience if you like gambling. Another thing to do while visiting Niagara Falls is to take a short ride about ten minutes north of Niagara Falls to Lewiston. While there you can shop at some quaint shops on Main Street in Lewiston and then go down to the edge of the Niagara River where you can dine and then maybe fish off the board walk or take a jet boat ride up and down the river. While in Lewiston you can visit the art gallery at the Niagara University. Just fifteen minutes south Niagara Falls there is the Prime Outlet Mall.

This is a large complex of shops and stores. Many of the stores have sales running all the time. There are many motel and hotels along Niagara Falls Boulevard that visitors can stay and relax at while visiting the area. One last thing that can be enjoyed while visiting Niagara Falls New York is to take a helicopter ride over the falls. The helicopter takes off very close to the falls and can be a very special experience. I hope you come visit this very popular place and enjoy your stay.

Visiting Niagara Falls

Interesting places to visit in Campodia

Interesting places to visit in Campodia

Phnom Penh attract visitors by sumptuous palace overlooking the river, windy, cool blue square and the gentle pigeon flocks.

Royal Palace in Phnom Penh was built new in 1866 to serve in the dining and living monarch, families and foreign visitors. This is the place where protocol and royal ceremonies.

Right near the Royal Palace is Silver Pagoda area forming a unique architectural complex, magnificent, a symbol of the kingdom of Cambodia. Complete works with gilded roof, the unique design style Khmer.
Interesting places to visit in Campodia

Silver Pagoda in the afternoon sun.

In the evening, visitors can freely or visit Phnom Penh along the Mekong river dreaming. You can also walk or sit relaxed sipping coffee in West neighborhood, nightlife feel of the place.

A special destinations that tourists should not ignore the complex NagaWorld casino hotel located in the heart of the city. Spread over an area of ​​over 11 hectares, the complex is comparable with a par value and a great work of the Taj Mahal Casino in Las Vegas for the prosperity and extraordinary architecture. Advanced facilities to serve the culinary activities and entertainment including 16 restaurants multinational Europe – Asia and the club brings world-class as Fashion TV Lounge, Darling & Darling Club, where children people could fly with the witch sounds of world-class DJs, entertainment shows and more diversified.
NagaWorld 5 star hotel

NagaWorld 5 star hotel.

Cambodia, you should also tasted grilled beef marinated renowned for, as well as materials processing. You’ll feel the steak tasting Mexican style with thick and juicy piece of beef. Some Khmer cuisine restaurant well known, affordable restaurants in places like Sovana 1 and 2, which sells delicious roast beef and seafood dishes as well as a number of other traditions; the riverside dining Diamond Island with affordable prices.

The exciting culinary destinations, such as restaurant Bopha Phnom Penh opposite the night market; Tonle Bassac Buffet, Mao Tse Tung on the road; Le Seoul, 62 Monivong, which sells Korean delicacies; Sisowath Quay West neighborhood is home to many dining, entertainment, recreation, bar …

Discover Europe fall

Glamorous Paris, Luxembourg attractive, beautiful … Black Forest, the romantic scenery of autumn Europe will give visitors unforgettable moments. We discover Europe fall now .

Sonata Paris

Autumn Paris is legendary moments, always gentle, deep, blend in shades of brown, yellow, orange, red. Every hardwood spiraling down the street rustling leaves fall to test different aging pavement, occasionally echoed softly fluted anthem. Visitors can leisurely walk on the sidewalks, paved roads remain persistent through the centuries led to Trocadéro Square, to see the doves flying above.

Discover Europe fall

Come to Paris, tourists can admire the gentle river Seine sparkling gold key appointment of the Convention on the eternal love Pont des Arts bridge, under the shadow of the ancient church of Notre Dame. Fall here brings a dreamy beauty and nostalgia government wander down streets in the pale afternoon sun. City of Light is now immersed in fall colors and romantic privacy. Remove skin of a beautiful autumn day Paris makes people forget the chaos, busy but love songs immersed in nature.

Luxembourg – Heart Fall

Known as the “green heart” of Europe, and the tiny Duchy of Luxembourg Europe’s most beautiful wearing the gorgeous dress collection. Visitors can walk the famous Freedom Avenue ancient buildings look more contemplative time, wandering Guillaume II square and sat sipping coffee, watching the cityscape. This beautiful city is small enough for a road you travel across the bridge into downtown Adolphe.

Discover Europe fall . Charm of the European autumn air.
Adolphe Bridge arcs across the valley opens Pétrusse unique spectacle for tourists. In the fall, Pétrusse like three yellow scarf, red and blue transverse Luxembourg city. Lambert tranquil park filled with yellow leaves just waiting to fall, the whole garden is filled with noble colors. Leaving the park, visitors will come to the famous fortress Casemates with 27 km long tunnel deep underground 40m. It offers fully furnished house and room for large gatherings … In 1994, Casemates has been recognized  as World Heritage by Unesco .

Black Forest – pure natural looks

Black Forest Black Forest southwest of Germany, bordering Switzerland’s pristine forests contain many features mysterious, attracting millions of visitors each year. The forest is located between a pristine valley mixed temperate forests many stories, and many species – rich vegetation. According path is the path to the fairy forest rustling leaves. A dreamy beauty of pure nature on the luscious green grass waiting to welcome the sun’s rays pass through the forest canopy. If you bring binoculars, you can observe many species of birds nest on the trunk, the herds graze leisurely remember … Enjoy the forest from above, you’ll see yet satisfied with the vegetation piled up cover different valleys make up the beautiful array of colors, bright spaces.

Black Forest

The interesting places in South Korea

The interesting places in South Korea

Visitors so excited to be exploring the bustling capital, unleash a dip in the cool blue waters Busan or enjoy the beautiful island of Jeju.

1 Seoul, the bustling capital

Since prehistoric times, this is an area of ​​strategic importance, especially in the fields of politics, economics, society and culture. During the Three Kingdoms period (from the 4th century to the mid-7th century), this area is often used as a battle between the kingdom’s rulers of ancient Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla, and is recognized as the city the capital of South Korea under the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

Since then, the city continues to grow to become the largest city in the country. After escaping from Korea’s colonial rule of Japan in 1945, the city was named Seoul which means ‘outreach.’ In 1949, Seoul was recognized as the capital.
interesting places in South Korea

The traditional Korean house with cool green space created poetic landscapes. Photo: KTO

Seoul is home to more than 10 million people from all over the country and the world to live and work in the modern skyscraper. The city also attracts tourists by a mix of traditional and modern, technology and nature.

Guests will be visiting the royal palace is a UNESCO world cultural heritage, high technology buildings where activities of the organization or the global shopping center Europe’s largest underground street Asia, a calm look Hangang river flows through the city. Here, the subway system wide is ready to shuttle tourists to the important points in the city.

2 Busan, a beautiful port city

Busan is the second largest city and is the commercial port of one of South Korea. The city lies geopolitical position adjacent to the Korean Straits and Japan, which have the advantage of Busan trade and tourism.

Shopping in this port city has also become quite popular. Many Lotte department stores, arcades Choryang for foreigners, Nampo streets, markets and market Gukje Seomyeon located in the city center is the location of foreign tourists looking for.

A unique angle on the beaches of Busan city. Photo: KTO

Certainly the most attractive tourist sites of Busan’s beautiful beach scene with rocks and islands with marvelous shapes. The famous beaches such as Haeundae, Gwangalli and Songjeong a lot of tourists preferred. Here, visitors can paddle, surfing and banana boat racing and other fun activities. Guests also can feel the natural beauty of Busan by rambling on yachts in the harbor.

On the season, Busan also has the attractive activities. The summer, a series of festivals are held in most of the beach, while in the fall, they held Jagalchi fish market, a cultural festival for foreign tourists. In addition, there are many eating places in Busan so you can explore the cuisine of Korea.

3 Jeju Island – the island volcano voluptuous

Located in the southwest of the Korean peninsula, Jeju Island is a volcanic island oval length 73 km. The weather is much warmer here than on the mainland, even in the cold winter months. Jeju Island is sometimes referred to as “Samdado Island” (meaning “three many”) because of the rocky island, wind and women. The wind from the sea blows in continuous operation throughout the year and the volcanic eruption of previously spread over numerous islands of the beautiful black stone and shaped weird. This island is also famous for many women since fishing is the main livelihood and many men were lost at sea.

Each tourists to Jeju Island can certainly see Dolhareubang (stone statues old man). The statues look very serious, it looks funny statues, these statues are scattered all over the island and became one of the distinctive symbol of the island.

Cute souvenir from Jeju Island

Cute souvenir from Jeju Island .