Moving abroad is easier than you think

 Moving Abroad Is Easier Than You Think

Living in another country could provide a lower cost of living while also enabling that person to experience another culture. When moving to places like Ecuador, you can enjoy this exotic culture while being surrounded by gorgeous scenery and great weather. Instead of worrying about getting to work in the snow, you will be worried about whether you can spend the entire day or just the morning at the beach before going to work or taking a nap.

moving abroad

A lower cost of living makes it easier to stretch your dollar and help you stay within whatever budget you have. A more valuable dollar makes it possible to live in a spacious home, drive a nice car or even retire early without worrying that you will run out of money.

Before you decide to move to another country, it is important to find a property in an area where you will enjoy living. In some cases, it may be possible to live in a part of the country that is home to other Americans or others who you associate with on a daily basis. This will make the transition to your new home country easier and more enjoyable.

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Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro Brasil

Petropolis  is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The municipality covers an area of ​​774.606 km ² and a population of 312 183 people in 2007, the density of 400.5 persons / km ² .

Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro

In Petropolis you can visit Imperial Museum . The Imperial Palace is a very manageable visit, with lots of history and artifacts not only about the beginnings of Petropolis, but of Brazil as a whole. The architecture rivals that of other royal European summer houses.You also visit more interesting places here . To find more information , you can visit pousadas em petropolis , they will help you .


The interesting facts about taxi service in the world

The interesting facts about taxi service in the world


Japanese travelers to be aware of when traveling after 12am as most trains and buses were shut down. This led to a surge in demand for taxi use in that period. Especially the 6th and 7th night, if to the train station after 12pm will not be surprised to see the long line waiting taxi customers.
interesting facts about taxi service

Long row of taxis in Japan.

For a space taxi tourists observing only eight panel below the windscreen of the car. The sign means red car space and green signals are passenger cars. Interestingly, when using taxis in Japan you do not need to manually open the door because there was a remote control of the driver.


Visitors to Germany will surely watching intently taxi here because most of them are the cars to Mercedes-Benz E-class. However, the majority of cars are still regular version. Recently appeared the E63 AMG with a taxi sign on the roof as people can not take their eyes because this is the dream of people who are passionate about speed.


London is the city was voted the best taxi service in the world. The black cab of London have featured large cabin, spacious private cabin at the rear, seats reserved for children. Guests also do not have to worry when using taxi here for opening car doors are locked automatically when the driver accelerates or brakes.


For the U.S., people often choose taxi in special occasions or long trips because it’s more expensive than public transport but cheaper than private vehicles. Visitors can catch a taxi in the downtown area or call the taxi company to request pick-up. Normally passengers to tip the driver about 10% – 20% of the taxi.

Chocolate factory in Switzerland

Chocolate factory in Switzerland

Cailler is one of the Swiss chocolate manufacturer is the largest and oldest brands in the chocolate business. Cailler started production in 1819 and 1898 in Vevey in Broc. It is the first invented the idea of ​​chocolate bars.

Chocolate factory in Switzerland

Famous Chocolate Factory in Switzerland. Photo: Internet.

Here visitors will learn about the history of chocolate, how they were formed in Europe, and how the Swiss can create scrumptious chocolate products.

The tour begins with a 20 minute program animated movies available in French, English, German, Spanish and Chinese. Each group was divided into about 4 minutes apart. Guests will be taken on a guided secret elevator leading downstairs of the villa, where the story of chocolate begins so. This really is a very interesting tour and rewarding for both adults and children.

Chocolate factory

This is one of those places make the most delicious chocolate candy bar in the world. Photo: Internet.

Then visitors are free to explore the rest of the plant. Here, you can see every grain pattern that Swiss chocolate used to make the product and see the production line through a transparent layer of protective glass. End of the tour, visitors will be led through a room showcasing chocolate to last a long time. Especially as you can delight in tasting here.

In addition, visitors can also participate in chocolate making classes are held daily on a schedule available.

Sold in supermarkets Cailler products you can comfortably buy the most scrumptious chocolate products as gifts for loved ones at home for the famous brands like Femina, Ambassador, Frigor. Prices listed here and is nearly equal to the supermarket, dealer. Outside plant is a small cafe where children play, paint the whole house together enjoying some snacks or chocolate products.

Ticket prices and opening hours

Open daily from 10am to 5pm.

The tour finally accepted before the closing time. Our factory is open year round and closed only on Christmas Day and New Year’s.

Admission fee is CHF10 (about 240,000) for adults, children under 16 are free. The facilities here are really friendly, they are also fully equipped for wheelchair users.

Means to move

Cailler Chocolate is located in a small town near Gruyères and Broc Bulle, in the state of Fribourg in western Switzerland. The domestic tourists often choose to come here by car, takes about 30 minutes from Fribourg or Montreux, Lausanne, Bern 45 minutes, and 90 minutes from Geneva airport.

Foreign tourists can take the train to Montreux and buy tickets special train named “Chocolate Train”. This train prior to the chocolate factory also stopped at Shelf-stable cheese factory, Gruyères castle, so the visitors can combine this tour together in the same day.

The weird provision borderline in the world

The weird provision borderline in the world

1.Belgium – Netherlands

Baarle – Nassau is the autonomous regions in the Netherlands have common borders with the municipality of Belgium and Baarle-Hertog two sides are split fairly complex. The boundaries are separated by lines of white crosses painted on the ground, run in zigzag formation across streets, through the house and yard. So the house has been divided in half, one half located in the Netherlands, the other half is on Belgian soil.
weird provision borderline

One person at a time can stand on two country, left leg and his right leg in the Netherlands to Belgium.

2.Paraguay – Argentina – Brazil

These three countries have natural borders created by the intersection of two Iguazu and Parana rivers. “Border Fork” is also to attract more tourists to visit each year by the unique location.
Paraguay - Argentina - Brazil

Borders of the three countries is bisected by two rivers.

3.India – Pakistan

The boundaries between India and Pakistan is the international press dubbed “the most dangerous border”. The two countries have a history of disputes over long, so this should Guoi border illuminated by headlights for security reasons. Headlights are glowing strong that this border can be seen from space.
India - Pakistan

Borderline India – Pakistan seen from above.

4.Russia – U.S.

Borderline Russia – America is the distance between the two Diomede islands in the Bering Strait. Little Diomede Island has a population of 146 people in the U.S. still do not have the Big Diomede in Russia under. The two islands are separated by approximately 4 km, but there are two different time zones. If at Little Diomede is 9 am on Saturday, the Big Diomede is 6am on Sunday. So when people look at Little Diomede to Big Diomede, they do not simply look to another country where they were “looking into tomorrow”.



Lake turns into park fantasy

The lake “as” This park is strange Gruner See (Green Lake) in Styria, located at the foot of snow-capped mountains Hochschwab, Austria.

Winter comes, the water in the lake is only 1-2m high and the area around the lake is people use as a recreational park. At this time, this place became the favorite destination especially for those who like to walk.
Lake turns into park

Lake turns into park fantasy .In winter, it became park.

In spring, the temperature becomes warmer when snow is on the mountain began to melt and flow down into the water below land area. The water level rising so high, submerging entire land around. When the summer, the lake reaches a maximum depth of 12m. Winter Park’s now been replaced by a vast lake filled with blue water.

The lake is also noted particularly blue. Green water lake in part because plants are drowned beneath, partly because the pure water from the snow melt. Relatively cold temperatures in lakes, ranging from 4-8 degrees C. In June, water levels peaked here and is also a time for many divers swimming around a scenic lake. One of the beautiful scenery that many people want to look at the bottom of the lake is the flowers blooming grass, a bench and a bridge along the trail for walking in the winter.

From July every year, the water in the lake and began to pull back the winter, the lake returns to its original size and a beautiful park to appear.