SaPa Vietnam in white clouds

SaPa Vietnam in white clouds

SaPa is a highland town, is a famous resort of Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. It contains many hidden wonders of nature, natural landscape with mountain terrain of hills, green forests make up the picture layout harmony with the romantic scenery and attractive landscape land .

SaPa is located on at altitude of 1650 meters  on slopes  Lo Suay Tong . Top of this mountain can be seen in the southeast of SaPa, elevation 2228 meters. From town to look down the valleyyou can see Ngoi Dum in the east and Muong Hoa valley in southwest


SaPa Vietnam

Like a sleepy beautiful girl, SaPa this season is floating in white mist. At an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters, visitors can observe the grandeur of sky and earth.

Sa Pa

Sapa mountain town is steeped in early morning clouds.

Sapa mountain town

Immense terraced fields with endless circle.


In the spring, peach and apricot blossoms are everywhere in Sapa

in Sapa

Phetchaburin, peaceful land in Thailand

End of visit Phra Nakhon park on Khao Wang hill , visitors can relax in the small fishing village of Cha am , which is famous for Santorini park complex .

Phetchaburi is a central province , located about 120 km from Bangkok . This used to have the old car dating from the 8th century by the construction license . So today Phetchaburi also saved a lot of famous ancient ruins .

Park Phra Nakhon Khiri historical view from the high . Photo: flickr

Unlike the famous tourist destinations in Thailand such other Bangkok, Chiang Mai , Pattaya or Phuket , Phetchaburi tourists travel mainly indigenous population . This makes your trip much more attractive than can explore a truly different country Thailand .

Park Phra Nakhon Khiri history as the first place that tourists can visit when you arrive in Phetchaburi . This park was built on Khao Wang hill 92 meters high , located in Muang district includes two main items is the summer palace of King Rama and national museums Khiri Phra Nakkon .

Here you not only admire the ceramic objects crafted name for the king , but also overcome the steep stairs of the museum to the highest areas . From this place visitors can admire the panoramic buildings with special architectural or Thailand ‘s tropical forests along the Myanmar border .

The house

The house with modern architecture . Photo: Panoramio

Leaving Khao Wang , you just had to Cha am , a beautiful small fishing village . Here, tourists can visit Santorini park complex , an entertainment area with a fairly modern architecture was developed based on inspiration from the beautiful island of Santorini and Kaeng Krachan National Park , which is famous for the lush green landscapes , peaceful . After the two -hour walk in the park , visitors can return to the hotel or visit the small local shops to savor khao chae , a famous specialty of this place .

The next destination of travel is Phutchaburi Hua Hin , a resort attractions of Thailand . Hua Hin is located south of Cha am from about 30 minutes drive . If disturbed while in the first choice destination in Hua Hin , the tourists go to Hua Hin train station , one of the oldest and most beautiful station Thailand . Because built under King Rama that is left here is a unique architecture with ancient beauty . This particular station is currently being put to use to serve the needs of people as well as tourists .

Coast Hua Hin is also the ideal location for those who want to enjoy a fresh atmosphere . This coast is about 3 km long with starting point is a narrow fishing port . This is also the location of the statue of the giant Buddha sculptures at the foot of Mount Takiab .

Roti Canai dishes in Malaysia

Influenced by the cuisine of the Indian culture , the Malaysian breakfast dishes in favor of rice , bread like Roti Canai with aromatic flavor characteristics across the street curry .

Street food in Malaysia with diversified and rich dishes from China and India . While Chinese street corners aromatic flavors of dumplings , BP , porridge with soya milk , hot rotating , skipjack bread is frankly the opposite side of curried bold scent concentration levels , a matter spices go where and could not smell . In the restaurant, guests Indonesia Malay or Indian descent breakfast is cooked with beans , potatoes , carrots , chicken , served with bread instead of rice .

Roti Canai dishes
Roti Canai is a popular type of cake is sold on the streets in Malaysia , bread made ​​with wheat flour may be operating personnel , eggs or cheese , the sugar buyers delicatessens .

In regardless of any restaurant in Malaysia you can also call the chicken curry and Roti Canai served with bread . It is a popular dish for breakfast every day of people here . In the menu bar have curry lamb , beef , chicken , fish but absolutely no pork because of religious issues . If you ‘ve ever eaten the dish in India , will see is too much compared to the curries monotonous and not much meat here . For those who preferred the Malaysian curry flavor was a good place to explore cuisine .

The herbs are cooked in chicken curry from the land is cultivated Malaysia , creating distinct flavor . Entrance Malay cooking uses many herbs like lemon grass , pandanus leaves , lime leaves , basil , vegetables profession , nutmeg , turmeric , ginger sprouts with wild fennel , coriander , pepper , white nutmeg , anise and fenugreek . There are many kinds of dried spices that are not as fresh turmeric , galangal sticky , fresh chilli , onion and garlic . Food is often a combination of fresh and dried spices , forming a dough first and then oil removal . Fresh coconut water is also often used for greasy aromatic curry .