10 interesting world records on travel

10 interesting world records on travel

CNN just reported record interesting travel related to :

1 . The world’s largest hotel according to Guinness Book of Records of the First World in Genting , Malaysia . The hotel has 6,118 rooms and 10 restaurants .

2 . On 14/9/2009 , an American woman who had packed themselves by themselves to get into the suitcase and zips within 5.43 seconds .

3 . Division Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel , Geneva , Switzerland cost $ 65,000 / night .

interesting world records
To get through the night in this room , tourists have to spend $ 65,000 . Photo: Internet .
4 . At the height of 3,962 m , Everest View Hotel is the highest in the world . It is located in the village of Namche , Nepal and was built in 1968 .

5 . Largest hotel lobby of the Hyatt Regency world , in San Francisco , California , USA with a length of 107 m and 49 m wide , 52m high .

6 . Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas owns large lakes and more than 1,000 fountains . This hotel is more property record most fountains .

7 . Radisson SAS Polar Hotel is the farthest north pole of the earth . This property is located in Spitsbergen , Norway .

8 . Nisiyama Keiunkan honored Onsen is the oldest hotel in the world, 705 years after opening from AD. This property is located in Yamanashia , Japan .

9 . Smallest hotel in the world of The Eh’hausl in Amberg , Germany with a single room for two in the living area of ​​53 m2 . The hotel is a very ancient house , was built in 1728 , the gap between the two great houses .

10 . The Rose Rayhaan is the world’s tallest hotel , the system under Rotana hotel in Dubai , the United Arab Emirates with 333 m high ciheeuf . The hotel has 482 superior rooms and 72 floors .

8 interesting facts about Brazil – host of World Cup 2014

Today I will show you 8 interesting facts about Brazil – host of World Cup 2014

Brazil is one of the world’s hot spots when the water became host of the 2014 World Cup . Then here is some information about the country and its people , according to the Telegraph .

1 . Sao Paulo has a bar where the bartender looked quite like Bin Laden . Many visitors come here was the bartender mistook for terrorist world famous .

2 . Baia do Sancho located in Fernando de Noronha archipelago was voted the best beach in the world . Here 21 islands forming an oceanographic park , is the favorite of many divers come to explore , admire the corals , anemones, shimmering undersea creatures as well as a rich system .

8 interesting facts about Brazil
3 . Brazil is the 5th most populous country in the world , approximately 201 million people living in an area of ​​over 8.5 million km2 . National borders adjacent to all South American countries except Ecuador and Chile .

4 . Brazil’s slogan is ” Ordem e Progresso ” – ” Order and development ” .

5 . São Vicente – near Sao Paulo – Brazil ‘s oldest city .

6 . Brazil ‘s highest mountain Pico da Neblina , located on the border of Venezuela , at an altitude of 2,994 m above sea level . Due to being almost completely covered in clouds so far this 1950 new peaks were detected . In 1965 , the new peaks to conquer .

7 . Brasilia Capital takes 41 months to build , from 1956 to 1960.

8 . Brasilia looked down from above looks like a plane .

The sacred shrine in Tokyo for grace

Forget the small alley in Shinjuku or Shibuya ‘s hectic , instead you visit the temple in Tokyo love to pray or simply exploring our current situation . Here are 3 mecca holiest love and are easy to find in Tokyo .

1 . The Tokyo Daijingu
sacred shrine in Tokyo

Temple Tokyo Daijingu . Photo: yqtravelling

According to locals , Daijingu Tokyo is the most sacred temple on the coast . In fact , it is one of the holiest shrines in Japan not only on the coast but in all aspects. This temple is a subsidiary of Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture , one of the most sacred places . The temple was built on the orders of Emperor Meiji in 1880 so that people can be blessed from Ise Shrine without having to take Mie Prefecture .

People , especially women , often to Daijingu for many reasons but primarily to pray for grace or love will not fall apart . There are many love talismans are sold here . The amulet will open that looks like a human heart has integrated image you love . There are also many wooden card ” enmusubi ema ” are painted with various shapes and different colors . Enmusubi is a term that is often tied to each other and are used to mount the amulet between love and marriage .

2 . Imado Jinja

Imado Jinja
Imado Jinja Shrine . Photo: Muza – chan

Imado Temple Asakusa Jinja lies at the bottom , away from the other temples , shops and Hanayashiki Amusement Park . It is considered the cradle of waving lucky cat Maneki Neko , or Japanese . However, the true symbol of Jinja Imado two cats, a male and a cat a cat , together with a waving front legs , their legs are raised higher .

According to locals , waving lucky cat footed or left footed difference , in which the cat foot holds up . The cat waved footed will bring good luck to people , and waved his left leg will bring good luck in the job . The temple is a pilgrimage destination ideal for those who demand the coast .

After praying , visitors often queuing up to buy the amulet and they may have to wait up to three hours , especially on holidays . Also , some people feel that it is taking a picture of two cats in the temple will bring good luck in love .

Most visitors will get a card has been enmusubi wood enmusubi ema ema , with the two cats in royal costume was painted on one side . Guests will write prayers of love , good luck on the other side and hang them in front of the main temple to the gods can read their prayers .

3 . Izumo Taisha Tokyo Bunsha

Roppongi is known as the capital of entertainment areas in Tokyo but where there is a famous temple of love – Izumo Taisha Shrine Tokyo Bunsha . It is located on the street on a hill facing the Roppongi and is surrounded by restaurants and other business establishments .

Izumo Taisha is known as a place for those who wish to marry but can not find half of my life . This is also a sacred place for engaged couples or couples wishing to marry their love will be lasting . There is also a lot of charms sold around the temple , to find love charms and amulets to make lasting marriage will be .

A trip to visit three temples on here would love to help you understand more about life and people of Japan . These prayers can help you find what looking for yourself , but you will never know when your true love will come to you . Pray in the temple is likely to bring good luck in love , but remember you also have to have faith and patience ( especially when standing in line to buy amulets ) will get what you want .

The world’s largest ocean treasure

Double the size of Texas and triple the size of Germany, New Caledonia’s recently established Le Parc Naturel de la Mer De Corail (The Natural Park of the Coral Sea), has been named the world’s largest marine park. Established just two weeks ago, it is the largest existing protected area — both on land and sea — at a staggering 1,300,000sqkm.

largest ocean

The world’s largest ocean treasure

Besides its massive size, the oceanic sanctuary in the South Pacific is home to a vast array of marine life, hosting 48 different shark species, 25 mammal species, 19 nesting bird species and five sea turtle species, including the endangered green turtle. Its ocean floors are illuminated with more than 1.1 million acres of the vibrant coral reefs that give the sea its name, and its waters provide 3,000 tons of fish to New Caledonia’s inhabitants.

New Caledonia is no stranger to record-breaking sites. Located about 3,000km east of Australia, the remote French territory is home to the Grand Lagon Sud, the world’s biggest lagoon and a Unesco World Heritage Site, as well as to the world’s second largest double-barrier reef, after the one in Australia.

But besides these awe-inspiring locations, New Caledonia also has some of the richest biodiversity on Earth, which is why its government and conservation experts are taking measures to protect the natural treasure before there is a serious threat.

Currently, illegal fishing is the only concern, but potential increases in ship traffic from Queensland, Australia, and the continuance of deep-sea oil mining could harm the aquatic park in the future. Over the next three years, the park will be separated into zones, some of which will be open to economic activities like fishing and tourist activities like snorkeling and swimming.

The park’s preservation marks a historic moment in marine conservation and adds another wondrous site to New Caledonia, making this the perfect time to plan your next South Pacific adventure.

source : http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20140514-the-worlds-largest-ocean-treasure

St Ppetersburg – Russian fashion sense

St Ppetersburg – Russian fashion sense

Like the city we live possesses unique architecture , elegant , the people of St. Petersburg – which was dubbed the fashion capital of Russia – always know how to dress the best taste . The people here are notoriously possesses personality style of dress and fancy adventure , they inflame the passion , creating the unique style of fashion and latest novelties .

St Ppetersburg

St Petersburg is considered as ‘ fashion capital ‘ in Russia . Photo: CNN .

If you want to find the clothing bazaar shops in the city , visitors can make people feel difficult tour . But if you take the time to sit for 30 minutes subway to the northern suburbs , we will have access to the ” gold mine ” in Russian clothing . In this market , you can find anything but a favorite fashionistas .

active market in Russia

An active market in Russia . Photo: CNN .

Near the station Udelnaya have a market that sells old furniture imported from Europe and the visitor is hard to ignore . The stores are full of clothes from the Soviet era , furniture , cameras , antiques , musical instruments , old military costumes … Every weekend , not only tourists but local people methods are very crowded gathered to trade and exchange .

Half of those sales were men and they were very professional in helping buyers find with something special – although their definition of special characters that may apply to the customer.

Besides the sale of secondhand clothing stores , markets on the outskirts of St. Petersburg also a destination of enthusiasts boots and turtleneck , those cute little accessories but hard to find .

Also passionate shopping , visiting St. Petersburg also fascinated by the famous scenic spots . Or sunbathe beside the Neva river side of the wall next to the Peter and Paul Fortress is the not to be missed when in the summer .

Peter and Paul fortress

Peter and Paul fortress beside the Neva . Photo: Internet .

St. Petersburg is also famous cities of the ancient palatial palace . So , two palaces and summer is winter destination that most visitors will want to visit as a chance to set foot in Russia.

Lakeside treks in a geothermal land

Lakeside treks in a geothermal land

Travellers to New Zealand, especially those with an eye for adventure, often flock to the country’s South Island. But the North Island’s Rotorua Lakes region, about 100km northeast, is just as ideal for adventurers – and a lot less known to tourists. Lying in the shadow of the active volcano Mt Tarawera, Rotorua Lakes is an unrivalled natural landscape where water is clean enough to drink, sweet-smelling air comes alive with native birdsong and fern-filled forests are as bright as a bottle of absinthe.

Lakeside treks

Already a prime place for mountain biking, fishing, water-skiing and hunting, the Rotorua Lakes region recently laid claim to hiking as well, with the opening of the 15km Tarawera Trail
in December 2013. Over the next five years, authorities plan to link seven of the region’s lakes with a multi-day walking track totalling 42km.

Currently the trail passes by Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake) – which plays host to the annual Blue Lake Rowing Regatta, attracting hundreds of rowers of all skill levels – and Lake Rotokakahi (Green Lake) – a deserted body of water that is tapu (sacred) according to the local Maori iwi (tribe) and, according to legend, will curse any unwanted visitors. The largest of the lakes is Rotorua itself, which flanks a city of the same name. A sulphuric, rotten-egg scent wafts from the city’s drains and bubbling mud pools, a constant reminder of the region’s geothermal surroundings.

The looming Mt Tarawera, which sits next to Lake Tarawera, last erupted in 1886, killing more than 100 people. The eruption destroyed the Pink and White Terraces at neighbouring Lake Rotomahana, the stepped rock pools that were once touted as the eighth wonder of the world. The eruption also engulfed a small Maori village, Te Wairoa, in mud, ash and rock. Now known as the Buried Village, the site is New Zealand’s version of Pompeii – complete with traditional Maori whares (houses).

The Tarawera Trail, which begins at the Buried Village, winds its way through scrub before a green canopy of sub-tropical ferns thickens overhead. After about 5km, the shoreline of Hawaiki Bay beckons. To the east, the spectre of Mt Tarawera rises over the water.

At the 10km mark, the walk takes a steep turn: the next kilometre is a scramble from about 300m above sea level to almost 500m, before a relatively quick descent to Hot Water Beach. Boiling geothermal streams flow into this small bay, making it either a pleasant, warm bath – or a scalding burn, depending on how close bathers get to the source. Beachgoers often cook sausages and other meals just by dipping them in the stream.

The trail ends near the foot of the volcano, with dramatic views of the 17km crater, which runs raggedly across the mountain’s southern ridge, spewing rough, rust-red scoria (a volcanic rock). Hiking to the summit, which requires passing through land that is privately owned, has been illegal since 2009. From here, the only access to the top is by helicopter or 4×4.

Those who prefer riding to walking should explore the region’s Whakarewarewa Forest, about 4km south of Lake Rotorua, which hosts some of New Zealand’s most varied mountain biking trails, all well maintained by a dedicated team of local volunteers. Thanks to the area’s hills and the volcanic soil’s drainage, the trails can be ridden year-round.

The Rotorua region is also known for its abundant trout. Each year, thousands of juvenile trout are released into the Rotorua lakes from a hatchery in Ngongotaha, located 27km away, to increase numbers for anglers. The main fishing season runs from October through June.

Between running, hiking, fishing and biking, the Rotorua Lakes district is active – in many more ways than one.

source : http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20140414-lakeside-treks-in-a-geothermal-land

Beautiful Southern Indiana to travel

Beautiful Southern Indiana to travel

While Goa and Kerala have the most well known beaches and backwaters in India, today these palm-fringed lagoons teem with travellers – and honeymooners. But sandwiched between them on the country’s west coast, the neighbouring state of Karnataka rewards those who dare to drift from the typical tourist trail. Pristine backwaters lie untouched, dotted with sleepy hamlets, while the seaside beaches and fertile hill country remain equally undiscovered by the masses.

From Bangalore, Karnataka’s state capital, a six-hour, 250km journey sees the landscape transform from outlandish rock formations and lush rice paddies to dense wild forests and aromatic coffee, cardamom and pepper plantations – all signs of arrival in Kodagu, Karnataka’s hill country.

Beautiful of Southern India
Better known by its anglicised name of Coorg, Kodagu, a part of the Western Ghats (a mountain range and Unesco World Heritage Site), has culture and cuisine that differs from anywhere else in India. The local Kodava people, believed to be descendants of Alexander the Great’s Indo-Greek soldiers who mingled with the natives, have a distinct warrior-like upbringing: instead of praying with the fires and chants common among Hindus, Kodava rituals have strong war-like elements, including the symbolic use of a sword to chop banana stems during weddings.

Legend holds that back in the 1800s, young boys were fed tiger meat in the hope that they would grow up to be ferocious warriors – and men who were brave enough to kill a tiger were given the privilege of growing a unique curled moustache called a galle meesey. The local food is primarily meat-based, unlike in the rest of the country; signature dishes include pandi (pork curry), koli (chicken curry), and bembla (bamboo shoot). Apart from in the homes of locals, Coorg Cuisinette, located in the Stuart Hill area of Coorg’s administrative capital of Madikeri, is one of the few authentic restaurants with these delicacies.
One of the most experiential ways to discover Kodagu’s culture is through home or farm stays, many of which are located on coffee plantations that were first planted by British colonials in the 18th and 19th Century. Kodagu’s Green Dreams, run by local coffee trader and connoisseur Narendra Habbar, is located on the banks of organic rice paddies and backdropped by the gentle hills of the Western Ghats. The farm stay offers accommodation in handcrafted huts built entirely with naturally and locally sourced materials such as fibreboard roofs, pumpkin lampshades and bamboo. Join Habbar for a plantation tour to track the journey of one of the finest cappuccinos you’ll ever taste, all the way from leaf to cup.
Far from the traffic of many major Indian towns, Kodagu’s terrain is ideal for hiking and cycling. Fields of coffee and pepper stretch all the way to the horizon, occasionally giving way to striking scenes of lush, undulating hills and waterfalls.
If the tranquillity of Kodagu’s countryside does not curb the longing for Goa’s beaches or Kerala’s backwaters, the coast of Karnataka, located 192km northwest, will; gentle backwaters serenade sleepy villages on one side, while the Arabian Sea roars fiercely on the other. Mangalore, Karnataka’s main port city, and Kaup (pronounced Kapu in the local Tulu language), one of Karnataka’s coastal towns, are unassuming gateways to the area’s virgin beaches and palm-fringed backwaters. Blue Matsya is a lone, self-catering beach house along an isolated stretch of soft golden sand – a personal beach paradise – with a fisherman’s family for hosts. Ram-anna, the caretaker, often ventures out with his fishing boat into these waters at dawn and returns home with fresh catch such as mackerel every evening, while his wife Sarsu-akka whips up gently spiced fish curries with seasonal veggies and locally grown red rice.

Source : http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20140325-southern-indias-stunning-secret

Unimaginative Mekong Delta loses out on tourism

The region’s visitor numbers and tourism revenues are modest, according to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Last year it received 9.8 million domestic visitors and 1.6 million foreign tourists, accounting for 5.8 percent and 8.3 percent of the country’s total number.


Revenues were a mere 2.7 percent of the country’s total at VND5.1 billion (US$242,000), the administration said.

Mekong Delta provinces offer little more than tours to fruit orchards or nature reserves and performances of Don ca tai tu (southern folk music).

The region has not invested in new tours and the old ones are boring for visitors, Nguyen Thi Nga, director general of Dong Thap Tourist Company, said.

Local authorities should determine the right products and invest in them, Assoc Prof Pham Trung Luong of the Institute for Tourism Development Research said.

New tours should be promoted, taking visitors to islands, Dong Thap Muoi area, U Minh Forest, Ca Mau, and the Vam Co River and offering them glimpses of the Khmer and Cham cultures, he said.

Provinces in the area should join hands and also coordinate with Ho Chi Minh to develop tourism, he added.

Dong Thap has implemented a programme to develop tourism and set itself a target of more than 1.85 million visitors this year, Ngo Quang Tuyen, deputy head of the province’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said.

Can Tho is scrambling to finish construction of ecotourism sites and amusement parks to make it a tourist hub in the delta, Le Van Tam, deputy chairman of the city People’s Committee, said.

Other localities are also looking for ways to develop tourism and want the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to assist with specific projects and policies to develop a common tourist brand identity for the region, developing their strengths, and ensuring they do not offer identical tours.

Sentosa Island Singapore – The peaceful singapore island

Sentosa Island Singapore – The peaceful singapore island

Besides the spectacular building , you can still have experience the rustic country life, peace with old wooden houses, in the Singapore . You will have experience a different life  when you visit the Sentosa Island in Singapore .

Sentosa Island Singapore

After enjoying the peaceful moment on the unspoiled island , you do not forget the beautiful island of Sentosa . There are always all kinds of entertainment serves which people want as preferences of the family , preferences of the new couple or infatuated travelers who love history or explore nature .

sentosa island singapore

Beautiful scenery at night in Sentosa Island Singapore. Photo: toursingapore

From the Tower Sky Tower , with a height of 110 meters , you can zoom out of sight of the stunning scenery of Singapore , the southern island of Sentosa and all . Take the elevator to the observation deck , right on the lion ‘s mouth , you will see in the evening , the brilliant shimmer of 3,206 glass synergy with colorful glow .

” Water World ” at Sentosa , one of the largest aquariums in Asia artificial leg would hook you by firsthand look ferocious sharks and the stingrays . The most interesting is to admire than 2,500 colorful butterflies flying and over 3,000 species of rare insects . For the adventurous , can experience the game like aerobatics near Rasa Sentosa Resort beach area or driving the car sliding through the suspenseful twist on the ramp at the Sentosa Luge .

Enjoy your evening complete with Magical Sentosa Musical Fountain show , a nightly attractions with unique performances , the pillar of fire , water jets and cartoon characters through computer techniques .


Things to do in Bali Indonesia – Tropical Paradise

Things to do in Bali Indonesia – Tropical Paradise

Among the thousands of islands in Indonesia , Bali emerged as a brilliant diamond . It named ” tropical paradise ” by travelers .

Bali , the beautiful tropical island of Indonesia become one of the most beautiful destinations in Asia. In 2012 the island has welcomed 2.8 million tourists , mostly from European countries . Bali  attracted tourists by the beautiful sea , culture with many festivals and beautiful temple is situated on the sea .
Things to do in Bali Indonesia
Fly with Singapore Airlines , visitors will transit at Changi airport and quickly to Bali , which contained countless new things . In publications travel guides , artistic element is always emphasized when someone introduce about Bali . Their tour guide will take you to reach the world of folk art in Bali . Creative arts are attributes of this beautiful island . Bali has thousands , tens of thousands of temples . All ports are modeled on the iconic Mount god ” Meru” which split in two , opening up devout space inside  .

Tanah Lot temple
In particular , the famous Tanah Lot temple on the sacred and unique . Go here , you will see a temple as separating tidal waters in the morning . Journey will visit followed the Royal Temple , an ancient temple of Mengwi dynasty architectural perfection ; Gunungkawi Kingstombs tomb and temple Tirta Empul spring – where legend has been making water ageless man .
In fact , the immortality is physically distant dream , but retained the youthful emotional not too difficult . Visitors can see this in the course of exploring Bali to Batubulan Cultural Village , a lovely village Barong and Keris dance tradition . Here, you will receive a cool breeze on Kitamani high plateau 1,500 meters above sea level , magnificent panoramic view of the volcano and lake Batur . Watch the scene , mixing feel the wonders of heaven and earth , many things make sense creativity of Balinese art , especially in the village of Mas and Ubud . Here , folk artists use materials of steel , glass , wood , stone , rattan , bamboo … to create thousands of types of items indigenous sexism is very popular with visitors .

Visitors to Bali enjoy surfing , and the Vietnamese often go shopping or beach . The island has hundreds of large and small sandy beach , where appropriate also to relax under the warm sun . On the shore are hundreds , thousands of restaurants, a bar , where you enjoy Chinese food , France , Italy , India … with a special taste . As a Muslim country but Indonesia has relatively liberal lifestyle . Bali received all kinds of visitors to the cultural mix as special , so anyone will find out for themselves what attractive .

Things to do in Bali Indonesia – Tropical Paradise .