8 famous coffee city in the world

London , Rome or Vienna is not only famous for the architecture which is also known as the city that visitors can easily find a good cafe .

Below is a list of 8 8 famous coffee city in the world which CNN poll .

1 . Melbourne , Australia

” Coffee Culture in Melbourne is amazing . You almost can not find a bad cup of coffee in this place ,” contest winner ‘ House coffee best in the world in 2013 ‘ ( World Barista Champion ) who American Pete Licata had to say so.

For the people here , coffee is really an indispensable part of life . Melbourne city is also host symposia leaders and the Global Coffee Review coffee international exhibition in 2013. Locals often Piccolo latte drink . If you are not familiar , lattes , cappuccino and flat white is also pretty good drinks .
faomus coffee city

Coffee culture that many visitors by surprise and excitement.

2 . Rome , Italy

In the birthplace of many good coffee , it’s hard for you to find a local people do not have the habit of drinking beverages is world famous . While in Rome , however , visitors can hardly find cafe retains Espresso dishes with traditional flavors because it is dominated by mixing between machines .

But in Rome , the common house of the barista ( coffee bartenders ) around the world , you can be absolutely confident in the quality cup of premium coffee .

To Rome and a beautiful sunny day and enjoy a cup of coffee in a small town , many visitors said they really felt peace .

3 . Singapore

Many Singaporeans have to admit that with their coffee is an essential part of life . Coming to Lion Island , visitors can leisurely sip the best coffee in the city center , Chinatown or Little India . Drinks are people here is the most popular Cappuccino , Mocha and Latte .

Coffee is one beverage people familiar Lion Island .

4 . Vienna , Austria

In 2011, UNESCO recognized coffee houses of Vienna is the Intangible Cultural Heritage , and this can become part of the culture in this country . At this point you should sample from Vienner mélange ( a local version of cappuccino with milk cream topping ) at Caffe Couture , Essenti or Central . Cakes and eye-catching variety is also accompanied by an excellent point .

5 . , London

London People usually like to drink milk and cappuccino coffee in the days of thick fog or sunshine the weather was nice today . They see drinking coffee as a classic dish and energetic to start a new day .

6 . Reykjavik , Iceland

After the Netherlands , Scandinavia is where coffee consumption per capita is the highest in the world . More than two decades ago , people here do not care to drink . They can drink any kind of coffee do and as long as accompanied by delicious cakes .

Today, however , people have begun to set up coffee priority number one . Rare to find a certain street in Reykjavik no coffee shops . Latte and cappuccino are the choices that you need to keep in mind .

More than 25 years ago , people here only care about a few cakes and not paying much attention to the cafe today.

7 . Wellington , New Zealand

Flat White coffee is unique in New Zealand , although originating from Sydney . This coffee taste quite like Latte with serene , gentle . Wellington is home to such well-known venues have the best Flat White .

8 . , Seattle, USA

” In Seattle , coffee is a gentle sun inspired for a new day ,” Joshua Boyt , a cafe employee of Victoria has shared his feelings about things drinks taste sweet and charming the world ‘s second most .

With a passion for coffee roasters in place , the shops in Seattle always improvement and constantly develop new flavors from traditional dishes like drinking black coffee , espresso or cappuccino .

Climbing in Geneva

Climbing in Geneva

From downtown Geneva , number 8 bus going south towards the city ‘s main Douane Veyrier first door takes you to the foothills Saleve . Dubbed the ” balcony of Geneva ” , this mountain 1,308 meters high . This place is a haven for nature lovers and for avoiding the bustling urban place .

Mount Saleve is where you can admire the Mont Blanc range Apls and majestic peaks in the distance with clouds and snow -covered regularly .

Climbing picnic

The first thing to remember when deciding to climb this mountain which is inside his passport . Though not regularly checked , but the administration, you ‘re moving in a border area between Switzerland and France , where activity check identity documents or luggage are quite strict . Also, footwear and clothing should facilitate climbing weather in Geneva mainly cold .

Number 8 bus will run about 45 minutes takes you from downtown Geneva to the foothills with fares Saleve 2.5 Swiss francs (about 60,000 ) . Walk from the bus stop to the entrance Saleve mountain picnic area , visitors will use the cable from the foot up to halfway up the mountain , round-trip fare is 13 francs ( more than 300,000 ) for adults . This cable system will re-open from January 4/2014 after closing time to upgrade .

Saleve cliff tops towards Veyrier is planned regional archeology , after many explorers discovered the fossilized horse bone , caribou , partridge , flint , carved wood pieces in the cave as well as the stone tomb at Mount Saleve . Tourists have the opportunity just to admire the cliffs from the cable car as it slowly moved up or down each time .

Paragraph halfway up the mountain , where a cable car stop is not just a restaurant , a large lawn for visitors but also the base point for people to play the model aircraft or parachute jump from the top to the bottom of the city .

Remaining distance to the summit is for those who love to conquer climbing steep trails winding rocky nghoeo with his feet . There are also other trails suitable for mountain bike if you want to experience and explore the wider area of the mountains .

Climbing in Geneva .

Malaysia attractive destination for tourists

Malaysia attractive destination for tourists

Malaysia shows up as a picture of the human heart as infatuated with the chic city , crowded ; glass tower in the world’s second highest ; vast green paddy fields ; beach in green , fresh …

Malaysia possesses unique location in the heart of Asia – Pacific. It is split into two distinct areas Peninsular Malaysia is beautiful , modern and pristine Malaysian islands , mysterious by the vast South China Sea , deep blue . Each region brings its own beauty but are still contained the general definition , blend together , creating a shimmering Malaysia , fantasy and fun destination for world travelers this year . Malaysia shows up as a picture of the human heart as infatuated with the chic city , crowded ; the highest tower in the world’s second diameter ; the vast green paddy fields ; blue beaches , fresh …

Beautiful nature in Malaysia .

Malaysia is also known as one of the richest countries traditional and multi- cultural , multi- ethnic mix of different cultures to create a separate identity . The festival traditionally attractive , vibrant , charismatic as : Malaysia festive colors , lantern festival tour , festival of lights … always giving visitors more enjoyable experience , unforgettable .

Besides the traditional festivals , Malaysia is also known for tourism festivals and major shopping centers in the luxury trade , busiest . Here , visitors seeking pleasure and possess the item from ordinary to luxury brands in the world with cheap price and thousands of promotions other attractions.

attractive destination
In addition, Malaysia also has unique food culture because it is the crossroads of many cuisines . Features in the culinary culture here is to use the natural , fresh , colorful fruits of nature. Each dish is a combination of subtle color between 3 factors – the – taste and carries a particular significance for the tourists that had once come here and enjoy unforgettable and will always want to come back .

In particular , in recent years , Malaysia is increasingly attracting international tourists to visit and tour the country by owning the modern amusement parks , unique , such as Legoland , Sanrio Hello Kitty Town , Sunway Lagoon … In particular , the Legoland amusement park in accordance with Lego art of Asia is made up of more than 50 million Lego bricks . Once here , visitors will be immersed in art paradise puzzle game with intellectual , adventurous , creative ability triggered .

Exploring the primeval forests – Taman Negara

Located between Taman Negara national park , tropical forests is a part of the natural landscapes of the most impressive in the region of Malaysia ecological exist from ancient times to the present.

Taman Negara formerly known as National Park King George V , but then when Malaysian independence , it was renamed to Taman Negara (ie national parks ) .

Park was absolute protection throughout 70 years and is constantly reminiscent to as a treasure of rich natural mothers , with no habitat disturbance and fauna have evolved a way naturally over millions of years .

Taman Negara
Map National Park . Photo: silvermaanventure

This is a fascinating place where visitors can explore by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Tembeling , and a train from Kuala Tembeling the river road 60 km in 2 to 3 hours . Once in the park , visitors can stay entirely in one of the environmentally friendly vacation here to enjoy life in the jungle at night . If not , you can make trips in a day . Admission is 1 RM ( 7,000 ) per person , 5 RM ( 35,000 ) for the camera and RM 50 ( 350,000 dong) for tickets .

The highlight of any visit to Taman Negara is how to walk the journey along unusual lines hanging across the rainforest . The way this thin wire hanging look as if it has existed for a generation here , but it is a real work was completed recently and is very safe .

Adventurous visitors can make jungle expedition in the daytime or at night, walking along the trail have been marked, or cross section of rapids on the river Tembeling. Some settlements of nomadic Batek people, the natives still keep hunters and gatherers living tradition, located between the national park as well as highlight attract visitors. Near the town of Kuala Tahan, you can also visit the cave Gua Telingga shaped like an ear.


The famous rice in Asia

Today I will show you the famous rice in Asia

1 . Spicy Rice Nasi goreng , Malaysia

famous rice in Asia
Nasi goreng spicy rice . Photo: pimpmyheart

To Malaysia , do not forget to taste the famous fried rice dishes in this country is called Nasi goreng spicy rice . With this dish , the color is indispensable , however , different types of rice , you will feel the distinct taste of shrimp . To make the dish, it is often crushed dried shrimp mixed with chili powder and left to roast the rice and the familiar ingredients like eggs , carrots , shallots , shrimp . The origin of the Malaysian people often eat fried rice for breakfast, served with shrimp chips , roasted peanuts and roasted sardines bit .

2 . Yellow Rice Indonesia
Yellow Rice in Indonesia
Yellow Rice in Indonesia . Photo: Dreamstime

Golden Rice also called Nasi kuning is a dish made ​​from a special type of yellow rice often people Bali – Indonesia used in festivals , sacrifices . With people in this country , is one of four yellow color traditionally sacred of them . The yellow color of this rice to make rice dish also become very special , fancy and attractive . People often enjoy rice dish with eggs , meat, fish and vegetables with the sauce .

3 . Hainam Chicken Rice , Singapore

Hainam Chicken Rice
Rice dishes are presented very attractive . Photo: wikipedia

Was introduced to Singapore but this dish has become distinctive , attractive to tourists Lion Island . The highlight of the dish is the chicken pieces are cooked with spices , add a little scent of sesame oil . The rice is cooked with chicken broth should be as fragrant , fat and supple . It is usually accompanied with a bowl of rice soup chicken broth , a few slices of cucumber and chili sauce .

4 . Yaki onigiri grilled Origini , Japan

Yaki onigiri grilled Origini
Baked rice dish in Japan . Photo: eatshowandtell

Yaki Origiri become a convenience food in everyday life in Japan , you can easily find this rice dish at many popular restaurants and high-end . Origiri Yaki dishes from savory to do a special kind of rice called Koshihikari , specialty of Niigata Prefecture . Yaki Origiri must be held not too tight , the outside is crispy grilled pineapple , soy sauce absorbent medium , not losing crispness of rice .