4 delicacies attracted visitors in Fujian

4 delicacies attracted visitors in Fujian

Besides climbing wall dish famous Buddhist tourists to Fujian , China can also enjoy a delicious pasta dish or stewed duck charming allure .

Watch bamboo raft down the mighty Mount Wuyi / Quanzhou , harbor history forgotten in China

Besides admiring the beautiful scenery , visitors should also enjoy special attractive only at this place .

1 . Duck stew Fujian

delicacies attracted visitors

Duck stew Fujian attractive aroma . Photo: mafengwo

Chicken stew is quite unique delicacies at the restaurant ‘s Fujian Province . The reason why this dish to be different than many places because the duck is cooked in its own style of Fujian cuisine , little grease should not make sense for diners sick .

Duck after being washed and then cut into pieces and stewed sauce and special spices . When cooked , the meat has an attractive scent , is eaten with soy sauce mixed with vegetables, garlic and cucumber suitcase .

2 . Fried shrimp Arnica

Arnica shrimp fried crispy crust . Photo: sh.tuniu

Fujian is famous for dishes made ​​from seafood and fried shrimp Arnica is one of them . This is the second dish stewed duck Fujian find many tourists when coming to this land .

Tiger prawns after cleansing spices and rolled through a mixture of salted duck egg yolk puree to the pan then fried . After the shrimp have cooked crust glittering like Arnica and eat the sauce is made ​​from tamarind . ‘s Salty duck eggs , fresh duck meat and sour shrimp sauce really makes me want to eat alone forever .

3 . Pastas

Fujian Noodles more delicious combination of other materials . Photo: mafengwo

Add another famous dish from this ancient land is wheat Fujian . The pasta is quite pale but when processed into other food attracts many customers . Guests can choose from a number of the most popular dishes here like seafood fried noodles or seafood hot pot fish . Pasta is tough and attractive yellow glow will make the customers satisfied .

4 . Buddha climbing wall

Buddha wall jumping is unique dishes of Fujian . Photo: flickr

Buddha climbing wall is not so strange dish with Vietnam but enjoy this dish on its own land is still a pretty interesting experience .

Buddha climbing wall is famous delicacies in Fujian cuisine . The main material includes a lot of proud Marine paints such as shark fin , abalone , deer tendon , mushrooms , cucumbers … and more than 20 other flavorings .

The reason why this dish called Buddha climbing wall for Legend in Tang Dynasty , there is a high rise next to missionary lands . This saved monks in a temple next to the restaurant . Every day since this restaurant emanates a strange scent that does not interfere with the monks mortal nostalgia came climbing over the wall to enjoy unique cuisine that .

Hong Kong reached the top 10 best destination in Asia

Hong Kong is one of the 10 best destinations in Asia Ranked by TripAdvisor travel website with over 50 million passengers to travel in 2013.

Many Hong Kong people admired since you arrived here by airport monumental , busy with connections to over 100 airlines and 180 destinations worldwide. In addition, the Tsing Ma suspension bridge also became the pride of the land port at its center span longer than the Golden Gate bridge in the USA. At night , Hong Kong also attracts visitors with the symphony of light and sound great recurring same laser light beam and the light shines from 45 skyscrapers on both sides of Victoria Bay .
top 10 best destination in Asia

Hong Kong is shimmering in the light show and sound periodically .

Port of origin not only famous for its aromatic hotpot that Poon Choi was one of the first cities in China to become the city of ” Michelin ” in Asia with the stars rated restaurants for fine dining honorable stand hours. Hong Kong also owns the Michelin restaurant with good food cheap under two dollars and density of cafes and restaurants to suit every taste cuisine .

Guests also satisfies passion Kung Fu arriving in Hong Kong – ” cradle ” of the legendary world famous martial arts such as Bruce Lee , Jet Li , Jackie Chan . Families and children are satisfied to have fun when it comes to two world-class park is Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland . Each year , these two parks attract millions of tourists .

Besides, Hong Kong is still maintained from ancient festivals year-round cultural attractions such as Changzhou festival dumplings with dumplings race to climb the giant tower full of fun is ranked top 10 local festivals the world’s most exotic or Tai Hang fire dragon dance with dragons 67 m long , made ​​of straw and covered with tens of thousands of incense sticks are burned to create unique spectacle of fire and smoke …

Hong Kong Disneyland park
Hong Kong Disneyland park attractions with many new games .

Hong Kong also attracted by the shopping district around Victoria Bay . The existence of the flea markets , shopping streets like Ladies Market , east and west Li Yuen Road , Temple Street Night Market … selling fashion items , home appliances and furniture , especially electronics, offers the opportunity purchase price travelers . Next it was expensive retail Causeway Bay ( Ranked by CNN Travel ) with many luxury shops , monumental scale and Nathan streets – where the outlets abound of famous fashion brands in the world . These places would satisfy an interest in luxury goods of all customers. Timing attracted many Hong Kong tourists travel season is also the most ” super ” up to 50 % discount in July , August or Christmas , Lunar New Year .

Hong Kong reached the top 10 best destination in Asia

Nashville – music capital of the U.S

Nashville – music capital of the us

” Welcome to Nashville , you can take luggage bins and  guitar in conveyor ” the words of the hostess when you are landing in the state capital of Tennessee , USA .
As the state capital of east Tennessee Central America , Nashville is the center of the music industry and nickname ” Music City – the city of music ” also stems from that .

Nashville has over 125 places to play blues , rock , jazz and country ( country music ) . Looking for a place to listen to music in just a matter of  your hobby . Music is everywhere , you will be able to hear the songs emanating from speakers placed at the intersection or street side cafes .

Nashville has songwriter community is the largest and it’s unique place where you can drop ” music ” from the top down rather than ” time ball ” during the Eve as other cities .
There are many places to play music at Neshville . Photo: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

You can begin your exploration of Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame and museum has the same name , where it ‘s kept many mementos like country music album , video clip , clothes performances by singers from the green shoes of Carl Perkins ‘s Versace gown Faith Hill , Taylor Swift guitar or a shiny Cadillac of Elvis Presley . Also Music City ‘s Walk of Fame – Avenue for famous music artists are worth to visit and allow you to come closer to the singer , his favorite musician .

Also known as the ” House of thousands of hits ” , a visit to RCA Studio B can be make you know more about  Nashville . Located in the heart of ” Music Road ” ( 16th Avenue South and 17th ) , Studio B has recorded approximately 40 million singles each sold over 35,000 songs and over 200 Elvis songs Founded in 1957 , this studio to work the first day after Elvis died in 1977. coincidentally An amazingly .

Newest Museum in the city ‘s  ” Johnny Cash “ – musician , singer , actor and famous authors have great influence on American music in the 20th century . One of the precious artifacts is the marriage registration of June and Johnny , a portion of the wall of Hendersonville family had been destroyed by fire , a tin cup from Folsom Prison where Johnny Cash recorded albums and songs written tunes before he finally died .

Nashville 2

Wall portrays legendary singer songwriter – Johnny Cash . Photo: Cynthia Dial

Lower Broadway is district where entertainment of Nashville focus here . They are opened from 10am to 3am the next morning . You will feel the atmosphere of music ” dense ” surrounding streets . This step is where legends like Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson began his career . Nowadays , a lot of musical talent also seek opportunities to shine from Lower Broadway .

After wandering tired , you can stay at the Bluebird Café , close to Lower Broadway . From opening day in 1982, Bluebird has become Nashville ‘s treasures . Rich history in space , cafe is always ” mecca ” inspire so many musicians . Faith Hill and Kathy Mattea was trained on the stage this nice little cozy , plus singer -songwriter Taylor Swift also revealed 15 years old talent from here .

Most attractive destination city may include Grand Ole Opry . Many of the show from the young singer Carrie Underwood sang the country music legend Tammy Wynette with ” Stand by Your Man ” and Vince Gill … has left an unforgettable impression in the audience . In 1974, the theater Orpy moved from the old location to the current location Ryman and still exciting every night .

In addition to music , Nashville is still a lot of fun waiting for you to discover . The city was founded on Christmas Day 1779 . Near the highest point of the city – on Capitol Hill , you will be able to find one of the most wonderful place to stay , 5 star hotel Hermitage . Opened in 1910 , ” million dollar hotel ” luxurious Persian rug use , marble Sienna ( Italy ) on paved entrance and a glass ceiling in very artistic .

5 most beautiful lakes in Euro

5 most beautiful lakes in Euro

1.Lake Orta , Italy

Lake Orta is situated in the north of Italy with a length of nearly 13 km , width 1.5 km . Lake is located in the foothills of Mottarone and is considered the most romantic of the spring because of clouds , fog very romantic . In the opinion of HouseTrip , Orta is considered as ” the Godfather of the lake in Europe ” by pure beauty extremely elegant but also seductive . Lake north of town travel Omegna . This is a village of charming architecture , colorful and great cuisine , is the ideal place dating couples or couples bridegroom to the bride on their honeymoon .

Also, when visiting Lake Orta tourists can take a boat to the island to visit a lake located between the natural landscape . This is one of the many tourist activities when users visit .

beautiful lakes in Euro

Orta lake view from afar .

2 .LakeSaimaa , Finland

Saimma Lake area of ​​about 4,400 km2 , is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest in Europe . Lake has beautiful scenery , is like a painting . Visitors often travel in Saimma largest lake in the summer because they can unleash swimming , fishing and boating lake admire .

LakeSaimaa , Finland

Saimaa lake formed by the melting of ice at the end of Ice Age . The main city is located lakeside Lappeenranta , Imatra , Savonlinna , Mikkeli , Varkaus and Joensuu . Vuoksi River flowing river from Lake Saimaa to Lake Ladoga . There are islands scattered over a large area of ​​the lake , and the narrow canals divide the lake into sections , each section has its own name .

3.Lake Saimaa .

Lake Annecy is the third largest lake in France , was formed 18,000 years ago from glacial melt water . The lake has an area of ​​approximately 27km2 .

Lake Annecy is a favorite destination of tourists with boat hire services around the clock . Besides, this is also the destination of enthusiasts of water sports . Will not have anything more interesting to walk around the lake , breathe fresh air , watching the blue lake water and the clouds daydreaming , water , wind .

Country of pure lake is also famous thanks to conservation efforts , pollution control authorities and local people . This is also where clean water supply for 130,000 people in the region .

4.Lake Annecy .

Lake Constance is known as one of the most interesting lakes in Europe because it is located in three countries Germany , Austria , Switzerland . Although located in three countries , Telegraph page assessment of the stage situated in Germany ‘s lakes have beautiful scenery and more prominent . This is a place where tourists and local people liked to bathe , swim and play sports .
Lake Constance .

5.Lake Beld , Slovenia

Located near the town of Bled in Slovenia northwest with stunning beauty picturesque lakes Beld is one of the most attractive destinations for Slovenia . The lake has a length of 2.1 km , 1.3km wide and more than a beautiful glacial lake formed by Ice Age . Majestic mountains and lush jungles that surround the lake as the charming Beld . Visitors can walk around the edge of the lake , horseback riding , biking and boating to visit the lake . Serene , airy space here will surely give you the really nice moments .

5 most beautiful lakes in Euro

Gangwon south korea – host of 2018 Winter Olympics

Gangwon south korea – host of 2018 Winter Olympics

Owning beautiful mountains as Seoraksan , Chiaksan , Odaesan and Taebaeksan so in winter, when heavy snow , the mountains of Gangwon Province turned into an exciting skiing paradise .

Winter Olympics as the sports event is organized exclusively for winter sports , is played on ice or snow , such as ice skating , skiing … City of Gangwon Pyeongchang was named is ” ski heaven Asia” and will be key to the city ” 2018 Winter Olympics ” . Pyeongchang more complex ski resort as most modern ski resort with many facilities including Alpensia ski trail all 6 levels to accommodate up to 3,000 people at a time slider .

In addition , it also combines ski jumping tower far unique Ski Jumping Tower – which allows athletes skiers reach speeds of 40km an hour skating or skiing complexes Phoenix Park Ski Resort – one of the top 7 best ski resorts South Korea , where the first elevator system owns catering ski professionals . In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to visit 17 ski slopes ( 4 of these standards by the International Ski Federation ) . The city also owns a modern stadium has a capacity of 60,000 people .

Gangwon south korea

Pyeongchang more complex modern ski resort top .

Gangwon Province is located in eastern Korean peninsula . Here, not only owns the ski runs and a world-class stadium that can accommodate large tourist and athletes have the opportunity to tour the sights . Seorak Mountain Park Gangwon Province is a national park of South Korea , the mountains are formed by alternately arranged ridges 700 unique , 1,708 -meter peak , spanning 4 towns and cities of Gangwon Province .

To explore Seorak mountain , visitors will have more options as mountaineers program 6 hours , 8 hours or 10 hours or services can use the cable car to explore this place . With its unique terrain and beautiful scenery , this place is considered as tourist destinations for mountaineering athletes and sports lovers walking , hiking .

Most tourists are recognized where there are four distinct seasons , tourist season will always feel the beauty and unique scenery was amazed at the wonders of nature bestowed on man . In the spring , Seoraksan of colorful flowers, cool summer with water in blue, cloudless . Autumn, golden leaf tree , crimson create a romantic setting . And in winter the white snow , tourists pleasure watching the snow covered peaks . Because of the rich flora and fauna so in 1981 , UNESCO recognized the park is Mount Seorak ecological conservation areas of the world .

Gangwon south korea – host of 2018 Winter Olympics

Socotra island yemen – Land of ‘aliens’

Socotra island yemen –  Land of ‘aliens’

The isolated island of Socotra world that Yemen has plants and exotic animals such as images come from another planet .

Socotra Island located in the Indian Ocean , just 400 km from Somalia , is actually an archipelago made ​​up of four small islands . It split in contrast to the rest of the world , there are hot dry climate is harsh and every part of Africa about 6 million years ago .

On the island there are hundreds of species of animals and plants unique . One third of the 700 species on Socotra island can not grow in any other place in the world . In other words , where there is a special habitat for exotic animals and plants .

Socotra island

Dragon Blood tree to look like a giant umbrella .

One of the species most impressive on the island as ” dragon’s blood tree ” ( Dracaena Cinnabar ) , an umbrella -shaped tree . Legend has it that the resin of the plant purple formerly of dragon blood , have healing effects . In the Middle Ages , this resin is used to make workers herd of hairy cells . Currently it is the local people used in processing color paint and varnished .

There is also another great one species is known as the ” Desert Rose ” ( Adenium Obesium ) , charming shape and vigor stretched on rocky ground . Trees bloom pink flowers in April giant annually . Trunk is a precious water reserves for the land of the semi-desert climate . The tree can reach a height of 5 meters width and 3 meters in diameter .

pink flowers

The bright pink flowers rise on Socotra island .

Species of native mammals are bats on the island only . However there are also dogs and cats with sizes much larger than in Europe , weighing up to 27 pounds ( 12 kg ) . They are said to be descendants of wild cats were taken to the island by settlers .

Socotra island yemen –  Land of ‘aliens’ .

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Turin city in Italy

Krabi, attractive destinations in southern Thailand

Krabi, attractive destinations in southern Thailand

The serene beaches , not too crowded and still quite natural that pristine Krabi is becoming the new target of many tourists .

Phuket , the largest island in Thailand, which is one of the attractive destinations in the ” land of smiles ” . But city located on the coast opposite the name Andaman Krabi has emerged as a new address for those who intend to choose Thai country retreat .

Located west coast of the peninsula south of Thailand , Krabi has sunny beaches , fine sand , clear blue water and rocks left off . Mangroves and tropical greenery , rivers and hot springs that visitors are always ” busy ” with activities during their stay in Krabi .

Out on the Andaman Sea coast

Boat trip will take you across the wake of the many seams of limestone islets shaped like an egg floating on the ocean . Most of the traditional long boat relatives of people near Krabi will take you to Koh Poda and Chicken Island , an island with a narrow strip of land but chicken necks connecting the body and head. Some day rove below emerald green water , you ‘ll be spoiled watching coral reefs and hundreds of species of colorful fish not unlike Malpes or Fiji .


The island off Krabi is always associated with smooth sand , crystal clear sea and deep blue sky . Photo: Asiajourney – travel .

Soak in the hot waterfall Nam Tok Ron ,

Nam Tok Ron is one of the hot springs at the picturesque Krabi . This is like an outdoor spa with natural rock pools filled with water at a temperature of about 40 ° C. Hot springs and waterfalls situated Nam Tok Ron Krabi city center is only 45 km , suitable for trips or half a day. Admission 90 baht (about $3 ) .

Swimming in the lake of Sa Morakot Emerald

Tropical forest soils low in Thailand is the only biosphere reserve in Khao Pra Bang Songkhram and also the area most biodiversity in southern Thailand . Located deep in the forest canopy as Sa Morakot Emerald with pool between greenery .

After walking through the forest on the supply line in specific reserves , you can comfortably relax muscles in the swimming pool with water temperature around 30 degrees C. Reservoir wide alternating small waterfalls suited families for children to play. Admission price is 200 baht ( $7 ) for adults and 100 baht ( $3.5 ) for children .
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Turin city in Italy

when you travel to Hawaii , the words you should remember

when you travel to Hawaii , the words you should remember

Located in the heart of the tropical Pacific , Hawaii is an archipelago made ​​up of 132 small islands 2,450 km long pearl chain from southeast to northwest of the Pacific Ocean . This is considered a tourist paradise of the world .

Besides its favorable geographical location , Hawaii tourist attraction also by the multicultural ethnicity . In addition to the U.S. , Hawaii is also home to many people in Asia such as Japan , Korea , China , Philippines . Therefore , the language ” compensation ” in this place is very well developed and sometimes not knowing if we would hardly be able to chat with the natives .

And here are some common vocabulary in Hawaii .

1 . Aloha

Aloha is one of the most famous words in Hawaii . It carries many meanings as greetings , love , peace , thanks, bye … Aloha with different meanings can be distinguished only in context .

travel to Hawaii

Aloha is a word commonly used and popular in Hawaii .

2 . Mahalo

Mahalo means thank . You will see from day to appear regularly on the trash can lid in Hawaii , but it does not mean Mahalo junk .

3 . Kokua

From this mean help / support . When to Hawaii , the phrase you will hear the most is ” Mahalo for your kokua ” (Thanks for your help ) .

4 . Mauka & Makai

Mauka Makai means that there is a sea mountain . These two words will be used when the natives directions for visitors .

6 . Poke ( POH – KEH )

This is a typical dish in Hawaii – raw fish salad (usually tuna ) mixed with garlic , onions, tomatoes …

7 . Pono

This word means fair , ethical or appropriate .

8 . Haole

Since this means that only those foreigners , often as whites . Sometimes this word brings offense but depending on the circumstances .

9 . Howzit

When someone tells you ” Howzit ” , which means ” How are you ? Healthy no ” . This is a social greeting in Hawaii .

10 . Ohana

Ohana means family with extended meaning , often used in the workplace or place of people to express feelings of love .

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Turin city in Italy

High roller, a new experience in Las Vegas

High roller, a new experience in Las Vegas

If you are stopped in Las Vegas and about half an hour not knowing what to do , High Roller will be the perfect solution to experience a different perspective on the ” gambling capital of the world ” .

High roller Las Vegas , America ‘s latest work has just been added to the list of fun activities at the city’s southern Nevada . Singapore Flyer marginally better at ” Lion Island ” nearly 3 meters , this giant wheels currently holds the record for height ( 167.6 m ) with 28 cabins with each cabin can accommodate 40 passengers .

This means that 1,120 people can simultaneously watch the Las Vegas landscape below . ” Brother ,” The London Eye in the capital of England High Roller lower than about 30 m and seem to give back to the famous High Roller .

High roller

High Roller panorama of the night is right behind the hotel casino Harris . Photo: USA Today .

Caesars Entertainment Corporation, currently spinning wheel cycle management estimates there will be about 4 million visitors in its first year and put into operation . Began operations in late March , the High Roller quickly become eye attraction as well as eagerness of people . Las Vegas on the already sparkling night but now even more impressive when 2,000 LED lights that are lit wheels stand out more on the horizon .

High Roller can be shown by monochromatic light or change color over time . They also plan to change color depending on holidays and events .

Pair of roller wheels with a diameter of over 2 m per axis , the largest ever . 28 cabins have fixed outer shell , which is nested inside a spherical lens with the ability to rotate around its axis . 3,650 tons of steel and 112 strands ( each strand approximately 70 m ) was used to create the High Roller .

Average journey lasts 30 minutes and you will be able to see 360 degrees below Las Vegas . You would think that 40 people in a cabin will be quite tight but the area of ​​20,9 square meters of fully allows all passengers to enjoy the scenery and record the memorable moments .

Price was once on the High Roller $ 24.95 for the day and $ 34.95 a night . Also a ticket or three days ( and $ 44.95 respectively from $ 54.95 ) you can let up anytime High Roller (1 ) .

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Turin city in Italy

Turin city in Italy

Turin city in Italy

Located in Piedmont , northwest Italy and among the small hill leading to the Alps , Turin has a temperate climate with cold winters and dry . This may not be ideal climate for travelers who want to experience the weather of the Mediterranean region , but it also leaves Turin became the land of the living masters of cuisine with specialties like cheese , wine , truffles , and chocolate cae . The combination of good food and wine with the cold of winter has created a cuisine increasingly popular with both local residents and tourists .

For those who have a passion for horsepower Turin is the birthplace of the Fiat car . Turin is also the home of two of the most famous teams in Europe as Juventus and Torino , playing in Serie A.

Turin city in Italy
Cathedral Church of Saint John the Baptist .

Shroud of Turin , a relic of the most famous Christian , contemporary bar set in Saint John the Baptist – one of the many great churches in Turin . When lost in the beautiful city here , tourists have a deep understanding of architecture will find bold mark of Baroque art style on the square as well as the architecture , has created characterizes the city .

With diverse cultures and characteristics , as any visitor to Turin would have amused with the style and atmosphere of the ancient city was odd building from hundreds of years ago .

Top 5 tourist attractions in the Turin city

– Cathedral of Turin / Turin Cathedral

– Egizio Museum / Museo Egizio – Egyptian Museum

– Valentino Park / Parco del Valentino

– Building Mole Antonelliana

– Piazza San Carlo

Culinary traditions of Turin

– Agnolotti : pasta stuffed with beef and mixed vegetables

– Torta alle nocciole : traditional chestnut cake

– Batsua : Fried Pork Leg


Turin is home to the shops, fashion stores beautifully. Be careful of what want to buy, because you will not get change to pay when buying toys at stores in Italy.