keukenhof gardens in netherlands

keukenhof gardens in netherlands – paradise of all flowers

Located between the  Hillegom and Lisse , Amsterdam , flower park is considered the largest Keukenhof is opened in this March .
Coming to Holland , land of tulips , it is not only admire the famous sights such as the Royal Palace , the Rotterdam port , the countryside areas Zaanse Schans , blooming yacht on the river Amstel … but also be enjoy the amazing beauty of hundreds of flowers at Keukenhof Park .

Only open 2 months , approximately from mid- March to mid- May , but Keukenhof each year attracts more than 700,000 visitors from around the world . The establishment of the largest flower park  began in 1949  by mayor of Lisse at the time and purpose of the exhibition is devoted to the florists throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

keukenhof gardens in netherlands

You can go for a walk in the park by bicycle in the fresh and fragrant . Photo: Natali .

With a campus of about 32 hectares , the park was named ” European Garden ” This is place where people plant flowers around seven million annual temperate . At this point , you will feel like you are lost in the paradise of color and scent .

keukenhof gardens in netherlands

In the sun’s warm like honey pouring down spring flower garden , a stroll in the colorful park will bring you strange feeling relaxed . Besides paths winding through the murmuring streams , the gravel crunched every step White … swans are swimming delight , her surfing on the waves softly , love overseas reflected in the deep blue waters .

keukenhof flowers

In the keukenhof they sells many varieties of flowers tuylip .

In the perfumed scent of thousands of creatures , you can walk over 15 kilometers in road of flowers in the park to relax . It’s here again there are benches for people to stop and enjoy the early spring sunshine sweet . You can also enjoy the scenery with a bike stroll around the fields colorful tulips . In the spring scenery , hundreds of tourists to pose in natural gardens large , small kids playing and lots of picnic party was taking place throughout the park .

keukenhof gardens in netherlands


bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals

With the quiet temple between ocean and colorful festival , Bali is considered the tourist paradise of Southeast Asia and the world .

The land of temples

Temple is everywhere in Bali , from the great temple has existed for centuries , until the small shrine in the corner , the street , in people’s houses , or schools … In Bali temple were divided into 2 groups , separately temple for each family to worship ancestors and common temple was built by the contributions of people to worship god.

These temples are generally magnificent , is sending all artisans devoted faith , becoming the masterpiece artwork .

bali indonesia

Ancient Architecture of Gunung Kawi temple . Photo: Theglobalgamine .

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals .

Gunung Kawi is a cluster of temples and statues built in the 11th century Tampak Siring village in the northeast town of Ubud , situated on the Pakrisan river . On the way to phrase this temple is the golden terraced fields of rice in nine seasons with the green mountain ridges forming beautiful natural picture .

During the evening hours only quiet streams and singing birds of the forest , about dark gloomy atmosphere makes the spiritual purity of the temple becomes mysterious . Most prominent in this population are 10 pictures of towers , they are hight 7 m  and carved on a cliff , the king Udayana dynasty Anak Wungsu built to honor him and his queen .

Tanh Lot temple

Tanh Lot temple . Photo: Zenpundit

Tanah Lot Temple  also attracts many visitors . The temple full cover on a small island between the four green sea surface waves . Enjoy the sunset at this temple is an elegant pleasures . At sun down diving down , between the immense space of ocean , golden afternoon sun spread harmony on the gorgeous green ocean .

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals .

The featured festival

Every morning in front of any  house in Bali , we are caught Hindu devotees perform rituals are religious praying . They believe that in everyday life the spirit is present everywhere , see everything and give witness of their sincerity . The offerings are something very familiar in everyday life of the people as flowers , rice , salt , bread , fruit .

Saraswasti festival honor Saraswati Goddess – the god of knowledge , music and art . The festival is held in the family , schools and temples in Bali .

Sanur village festival

Bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals . Presentation of gifts in Sanur village festival . Photo: LonelyPlanet .

At this feast all people of Bali and students edit the books , brushed clean of dust then put them in the house or bring temples and schools . All learning areas are clean , ornate to god Saraswati visible and gives good luck .

Located in the northern island of Bali , Sanur village is famous for its dreamy beaches , friendly people and cultures is especially typical of Bali .

In the days of the traditional festivals Sanur , all daily activities of the village virtually stopped, every road , nooks and crannies are colorful decorated to cater for the festival . The flower car parade around the streets of Bali . They are decorated with local products are all kinds of cotton , fruit characters shown in the area under the Hindu religion .

bali indonesia – island of temples and festivals .

four seasons at tokyo

Today I will show you four seasons at tokyo

With pure pink of cherry blossoms and brilliant reds of maple leaves ,  Tokyo is attractive place for visitors .

In every season of the year , you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in Tokyo and immersed in the festive special .

1.Spring at tokyo

Unlike Vietnam , Japan in spring is March , April and May  . Spring in here is brilliant by pink , white of cherry and many other beautiful flowers . This season is the opportunity for people to watch blossom and burst into slaves participating in the Spring Festival .

There are many famous blossom to view in Tokyo as Chidorigafuchi moat or  Sumida river . The blossom festivals are also held in all parts of the city , represented by Ueno park .

Spring at tokyo

In addition to view cherry blossoms you can also see other flowers at many points in the city as vibrant chrysanthemums bloom in March , red rhododendron flowers in April and early May is usually fuji and flowers blooming roses .

Spring is also the season of festivals . Go toTokyo in May , visitors have the opportunity to participate in Sanja festival is organized on a large scale ,  estimated 1.5 million visitors visit to here .

four seasons at tokyo .

2.summer at tokyo

Even in the hot months of summer as June , July and August , tourists have many ways to enjoy while they go to Tokyo . Summer is the season of fireworks festival , the Obon dance in vibrant summer nights .

Tokyo has more than 20 fireworks festival is held on weekends in July and August . With its unique and sophisticated fireworks festival always attracts tourists . Not only enjoy spectacular fireworks display , you can also enjoy a variety of food and drinks at the bar mobile .

summer at tokyo

Go to Tokyo this season , you could hardly ignore the great shopping opportunities . This time most of the department stores , shopping centers are super promotional programs , goods decreased from 50-70 % .

four seasons at tokyo .

3.autumn at tokyo

September , October and November  is the tourist season , enjoy season in Japan . It is easily caught red maple leaves on each of streets , squares , on the campus and on the dome of the temple in Tokyo . This is the time of blooming flowers such as chrysanthemum , butterfly flower .

autumn at tokyo

To Tokyo in November , you will also be involved in Tori no ichi festival . The festival is held around the temple in the city to give thanks for a year of peace and wishes for happy things will come next year .

four seasons at tokyo .

4.winter at tokyo

Winter is the time in Tokyo streets become the busiest in years . Especially during Christmas or New Year , everybody cried slaves poured into the street to create a bustling atmosphere . At night , where bright lights and beautifully decorated . Be sure to visit the neighborhood is lit up brightly as Marunochi Naka Dori , Shinjuku Southern Terrace , Harajuku ..

winter at tokyo

On this occasion , the department stores , supermarkets opening promotion attracted numerous buyers .

four seasons at tokyo

9 most beautiful beaches in the world

Today I will show you 9 most beautiful beaches in the world

1 . Baia do Sancho , Brazil

most beautiful beaches in the world

Visitors and people who see only through books must say this is true paradise and the beauty of it made ​​everybody ” stunned ” . The best time to travel : all year round . Only about 5 hotels in this area but in return Baia Do Sancho has many motels around .

2 . Grace Beach , Turks and Caicos Islands

Grace Bay Beach

Here, visitors can relax , resting , sunbathing . Offshore a bit , you can dive coral and aquatic species richness of the island . Tourists come here to praise all the fresh air and peaceful life , smooth . You can come here year-round tourism and has about 41 hotels located here .

3 . Flamenco Beach , Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach

With yellow sands stretch soft, charming scenery , Flamenco Beach ( Playa Flamenco is also known ) has always been voted among the top most of the visitors in the last 12 months . This place is only about 4 hotels but there are hundreds of holiday cottages and resorts .

9 most beautiful beaches in the world .

4 . Rabbit Beach , Lampedusa , Italy

Rabbit Beach

Rabbit Beach owns the white cliffs , pure blue water , warm temperatures and stunning scenery . Go here , visitors will have the opportunity to admire the turtles lay their eggs and the occasional dolphin above water . This is also the first beach in Europe fall into this list .

5 . Whitehaven Beach , Australia

Whitehaven Beach

Page Trip Advisor comments about this place : ” Extremely spectacular . Still pristine beach and shallow , fresh water , warm climate .” White Cat is not only light but also not retain heat , tourists can comfortably go barefoot without fear of burning on hot days ..

6 . Playa de ses Illetes Beach , Formentera , Spain

Playa de ses Illetes Beach

At this place is the endless blue sea , cool sand smooth and gradual foot majestic landscapes , dreamy . Visitors can delight in shopping stalls sold everywhere and look at the magnificent yachts , luxurious .

9 most beautiful beaches in the world .

7 . Anse Lazio beach , Praslin Island , Seychelles

Anse Lazio beach

Anse Lazio visitors praise is beautiful in all its perfect viewing angle . The deep blue sea , cool in this place knows how visitors attachment legs and leave an unforgettable impression . There are 32 hotels in the area and approximately 50 motels and resorts .

8 . Lanikai Beach , Hawaii

Lanikai Beach , Hawaii

Lanikai not really easy to find but when the next step , you’ll feel like you are stepping into a postcard with scenes of stunning . Barbara Messing – marketing director of Trip Advisor page said this place really is the perfect solution for those who are fed up with long winters and cold .

9 . Rhossili  Beach , British

Rhossili Bay Beach

Trip Advisor has described this place : ” This is really the most beautiful beaches with majestic scale . A wild , wonders of nature as well as the strengths of Rhossill ” . The best time to travel is from July to September . There are about 26 hotels around the area and hundreds of motels and resorts .

9 most beautiful beaches in the world .


halong bay vietnam – wonder of the world

Halong Bay Vietnam – wonder of the world

Halong Bay  is a small bay in the Gulf of Tonkin of East Sea Vietnam , including islands of Halong City, Cam Pha City and a portion of the district Van Don – a province of Quang Ninh.

Halong Bay is a unique heritage because it contains important traces in the formation and development of Earth’s history , the cradle of the ancient Vietnamese residents , while the artwork great shaping of nature with the presence of thousands of islands is diverse , with many interesting caves clustered into a vivid world has just mysterious . Besides, Ha Long Bay is also home to high biodiversity with typical eco- systems along with thousands of plant and animal species are abundant and diverse . It was also associated with cultural values ​​- the heroic history of the Vietnam .

halong bay vietnam

Halong bay vietnam – wonder of the world

Features of Halong Bay is a system of islands and beautiful caves . Island in Ha Long are two types : limestone islands and schist islands , concentrated in two main areas are the southeast of Bai Tu Long Bay and southwestern of Ha Long Bay . This is the oldest image of the terrain tectonic age from 250-280 million years , a result of the campaign raised, lowered repeatedly from a sunken continent ocean . Carxto corrosion process , almost completely weathered to create a unique Ha Long Bay in the world .

halong bay
Halong Bay has  hundreds of islands , each island brings a very different shape vivid : Dau Nguoi island , Dragon island  ,  La Vong  island , Canh Buom island , Trong Mai island , Lu Huong island … Implicit in the heart of the island is beautiful caves in  legends  as Thien Cung cave , Dau Go cave , Sung Sot cave , Trinh Nu cave , Tam Cung cave … It was the palace of the Creator  on the earth . From time immemorial , Ha Long has been great poet Nguyen Trai ethnic dubbed the ” wonders land high up in the sky .”

halong bay vietnam – wonder of the world .

Pho – famous Vietnamese food

Pho – famous Vietnamese food

What is pho ?

Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam , also can be considered as one of the most typical dishes for Vietnamese food . The main components of pho are noodles and broth ( or it called broth in Southern  )  with sliced ​​thin beef or chicken . Also accompanying condiments such as soy sauce, pepper , lemon juice , fish sauce , chili , … These spices are added  depending on the user ‘s taste . It  normally used for breakfast , or dinner . In the southern provinces of Vietnam, it is garnished with ingredients such as coriander , onion, basil , coriander which is kind of typical of pho . Pho is usually beef noodle soup , but also chicken noodle , pork noodle soup , shrimp soup , …

The broth is  made ​​by stew  beef bones . Food used for it is beef or chicken and spices including cinnamon , ginger , cloves , coriander , cardamom … ” Rice noodle ” traditionally is made ​​from rice flour , then coated with a thin sheet then cut into fibers . Pho is good to eat hot , however , to get the pho is delicious depending on experience and professional know-how of traditional cooking .

How to make pho ?

1.How to cook broth

In pho , the broth processing  broth , is the most important step . Broth is stew from beef bone .

Use the tibia  to boiling water will sweeter than cook by pork bones .
-You give  beef  bone  on saucepan , then you pour water into it , boil water for 5-10 minutes, then pour off the bone and clean .

-Stew bone as long as , attention that you should make small fire .
– Ginger , onions , cinnamon , cardamom  roasted for flavor then crushed them . All in one cloth bag tied and left on the bone pot of water  will create a distinct aroma . Grilled onions also have the effect of making the country more used .
– In addition to soup , add 2 tablespoons fish sauce in the broth will make pho better .
– If you want water sweet , you can also add beets . Radish slices about 5 cm drop into pot of water security and bone .
– Rang few grams devotees in a mesh bag to drop into the broth pot dishes become more bold .
– Without devotees , you can replace it with grilled dried squid !

2.How to cook meat

If you want to eat noodles cooked :
– Depending on taste you can choose beef muscle meat, mushrooms (bucket), beef base.
– Note that to use the rope to tight meat.
– Boil the meat , then let meat cool down completely finished (hardened), when the meat sliced ​​thin.

If you want to eat noodles embedded
– Thinly sliced ​​beef … you do not chilled … only mixed with ginger attitude.
– embedded food through water … note that you should  embedded fast unless food is tough .

Last you add the necessary spice

How to make pho

5 interesting facts about mars

Today I will show you 5 interesting facts about mars

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System  . It is often referred to other name is ” Red Planet ” , becaus the iron oxide is very much  on the planet’s surface so it appears with characteristic red color . Mars is a rocky planet with a thin atmosphere , with surface features is similar with both the craters on the Moon and the volcanoes , valleys , deserts and polar ice caps on the Earth .

interesting facts about mars

5 interesting facts about mars

Rotation period and the circulation of the season on Mars is similar to Earth’s due to the tilt of rotary . There is a mountain on Mars – Olympus Mons , the highest mountain in the Solar System , and Valles Marineris canyon , the longest  and widest canyon in the Solar System . Smooth Borealis basin on the northern hemisphere covers 40% of the surface area of ​​the planet and may be a giant impact crater in the past .

The radius of Mars is approximately 1/2 the radius of the Earth . It is smaller then proportion of the Earth , with only 15% of the volume of the Earth’s and 11 %  weight of the Earth . The surface area of the planet is only slightly smaller than the total land area on Earth .

Mars has two satellites , Phobos and Deimos , which are small satellites and deformities . After analyzing the huge amount of this information , the scientists were very surprised and confirmed that the Mars has glaciers flooded but they hidden below the surface of the Red Planet . The glacier can be the  force for the polls outside the planet Earth . Some other information that scientists also amazed that thay has image like a gorilla appeared on the Red Planet .

At the end of 2009, NASA published a photograph of the skull just shooting aliens from Mars also makes people wonder. This skull has two eye sockets , nose , mouth and chin and is showing signs of taking the skull appears to have been long exposed to the sun .

5 interesting facts about mars .

6 interesting facts about earth

Today I will show you 6 interesting facts about earth

Earth is special and extraordinary in the universe with a multitude of things that people who do not know . Here are some interesting facts about the my green planet .

1.Earth is not circle

Earth is spherical , but due to the force of gravity , our planet is not a perfect circle . In fact , there is a bulge around the equator . Polar radius of Earth is 6320 km and equatorial radius is 6.341km .
8 interesting facts about earth

6 interesting facts about earth .

2.The name “Earth ” derives from the Anglo – Saxons

Every other planets in our solar system are named as god of Greek  or Roman , except for our planet . Word ” Earth ”  comes from the Anglo – Saxons Erda , which means ” land ” and is said to be 1,000 years old . It’s interesting that 71 % of our planet covered by water  .

3. A day is not enough 24 hours

People often complain there is not enough time in the day and they are right – every day there are not enough 24 hours . The actual time that the earth revolves around the axis is 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds . It is called a sidereal day .

4.Earth has twins is Theia

The scientists believe that we are not alone in orbit around the Sun – we have a planet ” twin ” named Theia , the size of Theia as Mars and took 60 angle  ưith Earth .

One afternoon about 4.533 billion years ago , Theia crashed into Earth , the planet is mostly absorbed , a large amount of material shot out and fell into orbit around the Earth to form the Moon.

Why have this thought ? Because the moon was unusually large in size compared to the size of a planet and our isotopes have similar metal on Earth .

6 interesting facts about earth .

5.90 % of the unexplored ocean

But humans to the moon , but we have not completely explored the depths of the ocean on Earth . In fact , we have only explored less than 10 % of the ocean .

Oceans contain 97 % water and 99 % of us living area . Meanwhile , we identified 212 906 new marine species and 25 million species may again that we do not know .

6.Lowest temperature : -53.6 ° C

The coldest place on earth is generally Antarctica with -37.7 degrees C temperature , coldest recorded on 07/21/1983 at the Vostok station in Antarctica , where the sensors are recorded – 53.6 degrees C. What about the hottest spot ? On 09/13/1922 , El Azizia in Libya has temperature is 57.7 degrees C.

6 interesting facts about earth

9 interesting facts about venus

Today I will show you 9 interesting facts about venus

In many ways, Venus , the second planet closest to the sun is amazing  stellar  . Discover the strange thing about one of the “brothers neighbors ” are closest to our Earth in the Solar System .

1 . Many volcanoes

interesting facts about venus

Venus has more volcanoes than any other planet in the Solar System . The astronomers have counted 1,600 volcanoes on Venus’s surface , but most likely this figure will be even more due to the size so small that we can not see . Scientists believe that most volcanoes on Venus sleeps though there may be a few still active .

2 . Day is longer than year

facts about venus

A day on Venus approximately   243 days on Earth ( this indicates a rotation of Venus as how long ) . Meanwhile , a year on this planet ( orbiting solar time ) shorter , with only 224.7 Earth days .

9 interesting facts about venus .

3 . Twins of the Earth ?

Twins of the Earth

Of all the planets of the solar system Venus has many similar characteristics to Earth . Both planets are nearly equal in size and composition of Venus is similar to Earth . The orbit of Venus is close to Earth’s orbit than any other planet in the solar system . Both planets have surface is relatively young and has thick atmosphere , more clouds ( however , note that the clouds of Venus sulfuric acid is mainly toxic ) .

4 . Extreme Heat

Extreme Heat

Because most of Venus ‘s atmosphere is carbon dioxide , effect the greenhouse effect  makes extremely large surface warming of the planet . The temperature here can reach up to 870 degrees F ( 470 degrees C ) .

9 interesting facts about venus .

5 . High pressure

The air pressure on the surface of Venus very large , about 90 times higher than pressure of sea on Earth . In other words , the pressure on Venus is equivalent to the pressure of Earth’s ocean water at a depth of 1km .

6 . From The Earth can see Venus pass Sun

Venus rare among the planets which we can observe the Sun as it passes through . Earth is the third planet of the solar system , so we can only observe events on the two planets are Mercury and Venus . Venus across the Sun ‘s surfing phenomenon is rare , more than a century to happen a new pair , which takes place two times separated by about 8 years .

One of the rare occasions will take place on 6/6/2012 today , when Venus will glide through the Sun is observed in North America and parts of South America , Western Asia , the eastern half of Europe Africa and almost the whole of Europe . This is just the 7th man to witness this phenomenon since the invention of the telescope .

7 . Brightest planets

In our solar system , Venus is not the largest planet Earth but it is nearest . This thing makes it the brightest star in the sky . It is also the second brightest object in the night after the moon .

9 interesting facts about venus .

8 . The secret of the ancient

Venus has been the target of human observers for millennia from now . According to records , from 1600 BC , the ancient Babylonians had tracked the orbits of planets in the sky . Greek mathematician Pythagoras who first discovered that the brightest star in the early morning and late afternoon is a fact – Venus .

9 . Planetary wind

The winds blowing through Venus at super speed , can reach 724kph on the middle cloud layer . The winds on Venus faster than the strongest hurricane of the Earth .

9 interesting facts about venus .

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interesting facts about neptune planet

interesting facts about saturn

4 interesting facts about neptune planet

4 interesting facts about neptune planet

Neptune is the eighth planet and farthest from the Sun in the Solar System . It is the fourth largest planet in diameter and the third largest in terms of volume . Neptune has a mass 17 times higher than the mass of the Earth and the mass of Uranus , is approximately 15 times that of the Earth.  Neptune’s orbit around the Sun at a distance average of 30.1 AU , approximately 30 times the distance of Earth – the sun . It named  the god of the sea of the Romans , it’s astronomical symbol is ♆ , a stylized Neptune’s trident .

interesting facts about neptune planet


4 interesting facts about neptune planet .

Neptune has blue with white and blue spots running through the clouds. chaotic atmosphere with  clouds and light intensity storms . Surprisingly , the fastest winds ever recorded in our solar system have occurred at neptune planet , up to about 1300 miles (about 2100 kilometers )/hour . At high altitudes , Neptune’s atmosphere contains 80 % hydrogen and 19 % helium . There is also a small amount of methane molecules

Neptune has a planetary belt system , though they are fainter than Saturn’s belt . The belt contains ice particles coated with silicates or carbon-based materials , and the main reason that the color red belt . Three main belt is the narrow rim including rim Adams , from Sao Hai United 63,000 km , 53,000 km Ring by Le Verrier , and a wider rim but is fainter Galle Ring , 42000 km from the planet center . Outside the Le Verrier Ring a Ring rim is dim Lassell , and an outer rim at a distance of 57,000 km it is the Arago Ring

Weather on Neptune  is characterized by system of active storms , with wind speeds sometimes exceeding 600 m / s near – supersonic speeds for air flow . Typically by tracking the motion of the eternal cloud , wind speed changes from 20 m / s eastward up to 325 m / s to the west .  in the clouds on high , variable speed wind changed from 400 m / s along the equator and 250 m / s at the poles .  Most of the wind on Neptune blow in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the planet

 4 interesting facts about neptune planet .

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interesting facts about venus

interesting facts about saturn