7 interesting places to visit in new york city

7 interesting places to visit in new york city

Whether you’re a frequent visitor of the city’s most populous country, or just have a chance to come here once in your life, do not ignore the places below.

1 . Statue of Liberty

interesting places to visit in new york city

This is the first place that any visitor to New York should not be missed . Because of security reasons , you must register before visiting this place to the city okay . Or you can stand watching from far away also. For $ 10 you can take a ferry from Battery Park to Ellis Island . ” View” Statue of Liberty on the ferry during the peak .
2 . Central Park

Central Park

Landscape beautiful lush green , beautiful lakes , green grass and a variety of zoos . This is the ideal location of the extrovert . Me do not miss the Metropolitan Museum of Art and zoo okay .

7 interesting places to visit in new york city .
3 . Times Square

Times Square

This is a very impressive place is always crowded with tourists and more of New York City . Today ‘s Times Square has been commercialized maximum . This place is now called the ” old square ” . ” New Square ” a few blocks away , at more tourists but also a lot of theaters , restaurants , and hotels.
4 . Cathedral of St. John

This is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, is being built throughout the centuries. When completed , this will be the church through glass windows and Gothic architecture has never appeared in any similar work in Europe .
5 . Chrysler Building

A building typical of the Art Deco style , and is well known buildings , the most beautiful in the world. Standing in the lobby or corridor building , you will get a panoramic view of New York City . If an accompanying business delegation here , you will have the opportunity to be on that terrace building .
 6 . Carnegie Hall

It is the art roof top artists of the century . Hanging around their picture with the celebrity has to enjoy the art .
7 . Empire State Building : This used to be the tallest building in the United States , and is the highlight of the city is located on Fifth Avenue . The building has the architectural style of modern urban culture and bring the soul of New York .

7 interesting places to visit in new york city .
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